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The Dirty on My Linens

When it comes to linens I love to go for the ones that are white or neutral coloured as I feel they give off a timeless look and feel! One of the TOP questions people always tend to ask me is how I keep the linens on my bedding so clean with a toddler and a wild boxer (who loves his mud, might I add!), and the truth it, I do a lot of laundry BUT I also have multiple linens that I switch out on a regular basis! Yup, we have backup linens that we swap back and forth!

Having extra linens around comes in so handy when you know you need to give yours a wash but you don’t necessarily want to sit around and wait for them to go through their cycles in the washer and dryer!

Another question I get all the time is where I purchase my linens and I’m pretty excited to let you know that I just discovered eBay’s new bedding line, The Linen Market!! Actually, eBay was another brand that we met up with at the RewardStyle conference and they told us all about how eBay is growing and changing and opened our eyes to how eBay has evolved over the years! Did you know that 81% of the items on eBay are NEW and 69% of the items ship FREE??? That was such a nice surprise to hear!!

Jillian Harris The Dirty On My LinensJillian Harris The Dirty On My Linens

I was excited to hear that eBay was launching its own premium bedding line by Linen Market. Considering how much I love my linens and how often I’m in need of backups, this was music to my ears so I ordered up some to try out!

When it comes to making my bed, I like to start off with a fitted sheet, then a flat sheet, on top of that goes a coverlet! I tuck these three in nice and tight and finish it off with a duvet at the end of my bed. In the summer months I usually just cover up with the flat sheet and coverlet but I have the duvet as a backup in case Nacho hogs all the sheets.

Generally, I like to go with plain white sheets but when I ordered my sheets off eBay I went all wild and got white sheets with grey polka dots … call me crazy. LOL!! Even though it’s a VERY SMALL change from what I’m used to I actually love the subtle pattern on the sheets, they’re super soft and hypoallergenic!

Jillian Harris The Dirty On My LinensJillian Harris The Dirty On My Linens

I didn’t stray away from what I know I love when it comes to the coverlet though … I know what I like when it comes to bedding and I’m particular about my coverlet’s so I stayed true to my trusty white!! Love the fact that this set is machine washable and wrinkle-free … check, check, CHECK!

Lastly, I purchased a … are you ready for it? … WHITE AND GREY STRIPED DUVET!! Normally I don’t go towards stripes but I actually love how different this makes my bedding look and I enjoy the fact that I can swap it out with my other duvet for a change.

Jillian Harris The Dirty On My Linens Jillian Harris The Dirty On My Linens

So, the verdict on the eBay exclusive line Linen Market is a good one on my end, I will give it two thumbs up! Everything I ordered is of great quality and I love the fact that you can mix and match your bedding all in one spot. Plus, everything was super soft!! Normally you have to wash linens a couple of times but these ones were soft and cozy right out of the package!

Have you checked out eBay’s Linen Market yet?? If so, let me know what you think below!!









Thank you eBay for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


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  1. Ooh, I’m going to have to check these out! And why haven’t I ever considered a coverlet? I also do a duvet and then I’m so hot but I’m too cool with just a sheet. Brilliant!

    So in the case of putting your duvet at the end of the bed, do you leave it there while you’re sleeping or remove it?

    Thanks Jillian! Love that they’re affordable price points too!

    1. I leave it there! In the winter I pull it up when we go to bed but in the summer I like to use the sheet and coverlet unless Nacho takes over, then I pull the duvet on me!! LOL

  2. Hi! Do you always use the same layers when making your bed up? Coverlet, duvet, etc.? I love the way all the layers look.

  3. Love the polka dot sheets. Did you do lighter dark grey dots. And what material are they made from ? 100% cotton? A blend?

    1. Click on the link in the blog post and it will take you to the product, if you scroll down near the bottom of the page it lists all of the info for you!! xoxo

      1. I had the same issue. The sheets and duvet will ship to Canada but the duvet cover apparently will not ship to Canada. Darn!

  4. How did you get your duvet cover shipped to Canada? When trying to put it in the cart , it won’t allow it to ship here!

  5. So funny that you posted about this! I’ve been meaning to see if you had anything about your bedding on your blog.
    I have a queen bed but I hate how “queen” duvets and sheets don’t cover the whole bed down along the sides enough. Just bought a king comforter from home sense but needs to stock up on new sheets.
    Do you ever find Justin’s side to be stained or more dirty than yours? Or is that just my gross grubby boyfriend? Lol

  6. Lovely! I seem to say that a lot when I see your posts, Jillian! I will defo check this out! I love linens as well! Thanks xo

    1. I also am having trouble getting the duvet cover to ship to me 🙁
      Not sure why? The seller is the same for all, no?

    1. The coverlet is 100% polyester and while it is pretty, it smells like chemicals! I have washed it several times with natural detergent and I cannot eliminate the strange smell. I am so disappointed. I have a baby on the way in a few weeks and I just don’t feel comfortable having noticeably toxic smelling bedding… I haven’t checked if this is still able to be returned but it is definitely not usable if the smell doesn’t go away. ?

  7. The bedding is amazing as always! I must ask though, where is your dress from or what brand? I love it.

  8. Hey Jillian,

    Where did you get that ‘You are my sunshine pillow’ ?! It is gorgeous and a perfect final touch for my bedroom!

  9. Hi Jillian
    I checked this out and I’m with some others. How do you get it shipped through that international priority? Could you elaborate more please?

  10. Hi Jillian!

    I’m just wondering how you managed to have the striped duvet shipped to Canada? I’m trying to purchase it and it won’t give me any other option for shipping / says it won’t ship to Ontario. I absolutely love this duvet and would love to purchase it in the light grey stripe. Thanks! Xo

  11. Hi Jillian, Was wondering how the sheets fit the mattress. We have a very thick king size mattress and want to make sure they will work.
    Thanks so much!

    1. They fit our king size mattress but I’m not sure how they will fit yours if yours is really thick?? You may want to reach out to them to double check!! xo

  12. So pretty! And the price is so good too! Bring on the great deals!! I just had to order it! The white coverlet you shared wasn’t available anymore, but no big deal because I really loved the square white coverlet too! 🙂

  13. Hello!

    The issue with international shipping to Canada on the Duvet listing has been resolved. For anyone who had a problem completing their purchase, please feel free to try again and there shouldn’t be any complications now. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  14. Love your room and all of the bedding! Is your Sunshine pillow from Sugarboo? Is your 3 piece cover let plain white or print? Thanks for any info.

  15. Jillian – I have a question. I’m always at a crossroads when I want to buy bed sheets. I find myself being overwhelmed because there are so many different types & so many different fabrics. Can you just keep it simple for me? Everyone has an opinion, but I’ve been following you for quite some time now and believe that you know what you’re talking about cause you’ve done the legwork! Just spell it out – cotton or bamboo? thread count? soft or crispy? what washes up the best? Thanks in advance.

  16. I just ordered the gray/white stripe duvet from Ebay. Is the quality pretty decent? I am a all white bed,but for a change I thought it might be nice. Please let me know your thoughts.

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