This Is What Happened When Team Jilly Took On Ontario (Without Me!)

Last month Team Jilly and Tori headed to Niagara-On-The-Lake for their VERY FIRST public speaking engagement at The Atelier Conference!! Originally I was asked to speak but I knew I couldn’t make it, as I was away in Vancouver that weekend filming Love It Or List It, and then attending the Melanie Auld event at Nordstrom! However, even though I couldn’t go, I thought it could be a pretty cool opportunity for Team Jilly to take on … even though it’s not normally something they would do and I’m fairly certain they all have a fear of public speaking!!! LOL!!

When we approached the ladies organizing The Atelier Conference about having Team Jilly go in replace of me they were thrilled about the idea!! I shared it with the girls and they were eager to take this on … all while crapping their pants about getting up and speaking in front of 300 women!! LOL!! Hey, what doesn’t kill ya, makes you stronger, right?!

Jillian Harris Team Jilly and the Atelier Conference
Jillian Harris Team Jilly and the Atelier Conference
Jillian Harris Team Jilly and the Atelier Conference
Jillian Harris Team Jilly and the Atelier Conference

I made sure to send along a little video introducing each of the girls and pass along a few thoughts of my own to share with the crowd before the girls took the stage and I also made sure to give them solid advice before they left … have fun, drink lots of wine … and RECORD EVERYTHING!!! LOL!!

I really wanted to see what went on behind the scenes and what they got up to without me (turns out they went to early morning yoga and waited to sip on vino until AFTER they started speaking!! What’s the fun in that?! LOL!). So, today we are showing all of YOU exactly how their weekend went and how amazing they did up on stage!! I mean, you can’t even see the nervous sweats and pit stains, can you?! LOL!!

There you have it!! I’m so so proud of you girls for taking this new experience on and running with it!! Thank you so much to The Atelier Collective for trusting Team Jilly to deliver words of wisdom to the incredible audience of powerful women!! We were so honoured to be asked back again this year, read all about it here!



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  1. You girls are amazing! Congratulations on the Atelier Conference. You should all feel so proud of yourselves for kicking butt and conquering your fears!

  2. It was such a great event! Thanks for all
    Your wisdom and we would have never known you were this nervous if not this video 🙂 Great job ladies! So happy I got to meet you and I see our pillows make a short appearance too! Yay! Xoxo Agnes (@jujuandjake #knotpillow)

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