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The Bachelorette Recap: Did Tia Sway Becca’s Decision?

Hi Everyone!! Mindy here!! Let me first give you a warning that there are SPOILERS in this blog post, so if you haven’t yet watched last night’s episode of The Bachelorette then stop reading this post … grab yourself a glass of wine (you’re going to need it for this episode … remember that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?!), watch it, cry a little inside, then come back to read this and share your thoughts!!


Alrighty, for those of you who are caught up, let’s cut to the chase and talk about Colton because I need to vent a little about this whole Tia situation. I absolutely LOVED Colton’s hometown date (to be honest, everyone’s hometown date was PRETTY damn good!) and you all know that I’ve been a Colton fan since day 1! I’m not going to lie, there was a part of me that was unsure if he was all that he was cracked up to be but it turns out that not only is this guy sweet (and smokin’ hot!), but he’s also GENUINE. You could tell that Becca was pretty infatuated with him (how could you not be?!) and while I don’t think they actually were the best fit, I was prettttyyyyy damn shocked and frustrated that he was sent home last night. WTF BECCA?!?!

Ok, I can understand WHY she probably felt obligated to send him home … I mean, if she didn’t wouldn’t she be breaking some sort of girl code?! But FRIG TIA … WHY would you wait until he made it into the top 4 to tell Becca that you still had feelings for him? I know Becca mentioned that Tia didn’t have an influence on her decision but I can’t help but call BS on that. How awkward do you think Becca would have felt the entire time if she kept Colton around knowing that Tia had feelings for him?! And what if she chose him in the end? This is just all sorts of chaos.

Also, isn’t Tia going to be on Bachelor in Paradise?! Who wants to bet that Colton shows up as a surprise cast member in the middle of the show?? Grrrrr … I don’t know why this whole situation fires me up but I sure hope that after Tia spilled her feelings for Colton to Becca that she actually DOES SOMETHING about it now!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


There’s no denying that Garrett is a sweetheart and he is SO in love with Becca … I really do feel like they would make a good couple (and his family was lovely!) but I’m not entirely sure she is as into him as he is with her?? Does anyone else feel this way?? Maybe I’m wrong … and maybe they’re just making it seem that way so when she chooses him, in the end, we are all shocked! LOL!! My gut tells me that Garrett and Jason will be the final two!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


Oooookay … Jason is SO CHARMING. Not to mention, how hot was it when he was playing hockey?! Ummmm … HELLOOOO!! I think Becca’s TOTALLY attracted to him and I honestly feel like they would make an amazing couple. Ps. How flippin CUTE was his brother?! AND I also loved the fact that Jason called Becca “Becster” … I have a thing for nicknames. I gotta say, I’m 100% Team Jason for Becca.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


Blake is a seriously nice guy but I think he falls WAY TOO FAST … don’t you agree?? There is this feeling that I get from him every time I watch the two of them together and for some reason, it sort of puts me off … I’m not sure why as he is really sweet but I think he needs to tone it down a bit?? I hate to say this but I have a feeling he is going to leave with a broken heart … but fingers crossed, maybe they’ll scoop him up for the next Bachelor???

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Alright, now it’s YOUR turn!! Share your thoughts with us below as I’m SO curious to know how you feel about the Tia situation and who you think is going to end up with Becca!!



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  1. Great post! Tia pisses me off! She totally swayed Becca and I feel that was so wrong. She already had her chance with Colton and he admitted he loved Becca. I think Tia ruined something great. Out of the final 3 I do think she chooses Blake. He’s the only one that she admits she’s on the same page as far as love goes. She all but says the word love when it comes to Blake. I think Jason would be a great bachelor. So would Colton. We will see!

  2. Colton is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise! They announced it last night after he was eliminated, so him and Tia will get to go on their second date haha! I still can’t get over the fact that all this Colton/Tia drama came from them only going on one date… ?

    1. Tia may have had feelings of jealousy and decided to play the faux friend card to make Becca feel she couldn’t pursue Colton. Bad form. Tia seems very selfish.

  3. I honestly cannot stand Tia… are you kidding me?? One date and she can’t stop thinking about him? I don’t think Colton is thinking about Tia.

  4. 100% agree with all your points- exactly the same way I have been feeling. Garrett is my fave…but I agree she seems kind of stand-offish for some reason!?!

  5. I defs see Jason as the “tall, dark and handsome horse” that takes the prize at the end. He has “the best kiss” and he’s quietly confident and hugely potentially successful in the career department! Anthropologically a perfect fit!

  6. I don’t think Tia influenced Becca’s decision. If anything Colton’s dad had an impact when he said don’t choose him.

    I am not into Blake. He didn’t handle things well when he thought he wasn’t going to get a one on one date.

    Garrett is a nice guy and always smiling.

    I want Becca and Jason to be the couple at the end of all this. I am glad he opened up to her and expressed he was in love with her. Team Becca and Jason all the way!

  7. I say Jason hands down should get the final rose! As for Tia I am not sure where her head is but just hope she isn’t planning to break Colton’s heart. Thanks for the recap!

  8. I gotta say that Tia most likely heard he was a virgin and was like I want him now!! Def swayed Beccas desicion and im sad, cause i really like him!
    Team Jason all the way!! He is such a nice guy ( not bad on the eyes lol) and a BANKER ? He is a catch and i wanna see Becca with him!!!
    As for Blake, not my cup of tea! He kinda reminds me of Elmos Fire lmao But seriously tho, i dont want my man to be an emotional wreck, i mean, not OVER emotional like a woman lol
    As for Garrett, he would be the runner up! He has great energy but im not seeing it in Becca! It looks too forced, but idk thats my insight!

  9. Can someone just introduce her to the old bachelor, Ben Higgins, and call it good? I’m not sure any of these guys are totaly right for her and I think her and Ben would be great together haha.

  10. I vote Colton for the next Bachelor! I agree that I feel like she made that decision based on Tia’s conversation with her. I’m thinking she is going to have Garret and Blake in the final two. At this point, whoever she chooses will be a great fit for her.

  11. Finally somebody else team Jason!!! There is something definite off or missing with Garrett. But I do think she has super strong feelings for Blake. Maybe they just aren’t showing what she says about the other guys.
    Colton- I think he was going home anyway. They didn’t really have a whole lot of depth. I think it was mostly his inexperience that she was worried about him being ready to settle down. Not so much the virgin thing but lack of relationships. Maybe him and becca Tilley should get together. Maybe the producers made tia confess like it was a bigger deal to cause drama.

  12. I never had warm fuzzies with Colton so I’m glad he’s gone and I think him and Tia will for sure end up together on Paradise! I think Garrett is the one Becca chooses in the end, they seem to align really well together. Jason has been a surprise for me and just on my radar the last couple episodes, he’s so cute and seems like a genuine guy. And Blake, I’ve been a Blake fan since the beginning, but I think Becca really likes him but it’s more of a oh this is fun for right now like. If that makes sense? I really hope he is the next Bachelor because he’s a total cutie!

  13. I’ve never rooted for a contestant more on this show than I am for Garrett! SO handsome and genuine and sweet and reminds her of her dad! ?☺️❤️ I hope he gets the girl!!

  14. Frig Tia is right! Didn’t I call that?! I’m upset she ruined things for Becca (because that absolutely factored into her decision) and I don’t want to see her dating Colton. Jason keeps getting better and better but I still think she’s going to chose Blake. What was up with his black/red outfit at the rose ceremony?! Not a good look!

  15. I like Tia, but she really picked the wrong time to tell her. It wasn’t fare to Becca, and it was pretty obvious that the producers told her she should same something, which kinda sucks.
    I am 100% team Jason, non of my other girlfriends are, but he is so sweet and you can tell that he is truly in love with Becca.

  16. I think Colton is nice and sweet but he is too innocent (almost an immature) and doesn’t seem to have any life experience. I agree Garrett and Jason – final 2! I love Jason!!

  17. Tia was out of line! She had her chance to tell her feelings and she didn’t. She is not on Colton’s mind at all! Oh Jason baby! He is the total package. I want him lol! He and becster would have a fun filled, very exciting life together. Great recap Mindy!

  18. I definitely think that Chat with Colton’s ex swayed her decision! Her loyalty to her friends is paramount. She shouldn’t have led him on. Should have let him go at the start. They wanted to showcase him because he’ll be the next Bachelor!

  19. I think it will be Blake and Garrett for the final two. I don’t think she feels that strongly towards Jason. I think she’s more just attracted to him. I was SHOCKED that Colton went home. I didn’t think he’d be the one down on one knee but I thought he’d make it through one more week. I personally think Tia had nothing to do with it. I mean come on, if that guy was her soul mate she wouldn’t say no because of a girl, friend or not. That just doesn’t happen. I think she just wasn’t in lifelong love with him. I love Blake for her and think he could be the one but also think the producers are playing down Garrett so it’s a surprise. I think they’ll be the final two. I personally don’t get the physical attraction to Blake but Garrett is such a cutie!!!

  20. I agree completely that is why she sent Colton home!! Tia still has feelings for him but does he ha e feelings for her? And there is something about Blake that has bothered me from the beginning. I dont know what. I really hope he is not the next Bachelor. I wasn ‘t crazy about Jason until home towns and we saw a different side of him and know I am all team Jason

  21. I hope it was Colton’s Dad with the most influence cuz I don’t think he would be the Last Man Standing. Hopefully, it works out in BIP for Tia & Colton. I don’t like Jason, he doesn’t seem sincere to me. I’m just not into Garrett. I am Team Blake & Becca ❤️ but I’m usually wrong ?

  22. Becca should never have listened to tia that’s so uncool of her to tel her once he made it to 4 plus she already told her she didn’t care it’s super annoying tia had no right plus Colton was the best out of all of them I’m team Garrett in the end

  23. I agree with this recap! What Tia did was selfish in my opinion and left me confused as to why she gave Becca her blessing in the first place. Publicity? Denial? I think Garrett is sweet but I want to see OTHER sides of him besides giddy/laughing/enthusiastic. Blake also happens to rub me the wrong way and I’m surprised she likes him. Did anyone catch Becca’s ITM after he said the L word to her? She said the feelings are reciprocated! I was shocked by this confession. Jason- I just loved his entire hometown date. He seems so genuine, mature, and overall quite the catch!

    Thanks for the recap Mindy! #teamjilly ❤️

  24. I absolutely think Becca sent Colton home because of Tia. Tia should have kept her mouth shut because Colton is not interested in her. I don’t believe Becca’s excuse at all. Tia just didnt want Becca to have Colton, so she made sure to ruin it for Colton. Shame on you, Tia.

  25. I agree with you! Even though Becca said that Tia didn’t sway her decision, there is no way that she didn’t have some sort of influence. I really liked Colton and I feel bad for him. I really wish things would have went differently. I also feel upset with Tia. I feel like she had her opportunity to tell Becca the first time this situation was brought up and she didn’t! I know everyone is human and I am sure Tia has a reason for waiting but i don’t think it was fair to Becca or Colton.

  26. I agree with a few things. Certainly that Tia’s chat with Becca influenced her no doubt about it!! All the hometowns were great! I thought that Jason would’ve been sent home however Colton was & I wasn’t happy. My 2 top contenders are Blake and Garrett.
    I feel that Garrett is the best one for her I can see he’s so into her and in believe she’s into him but not showing it much!! Look forward to next week. Jason next one to go.

  27. Nope, I’m not feeling it with Garrett. He’s out. I liked Colton, but he’s out, and they weren’t meant to be. So it’s down to Blake, who she’s said twice now she’s in love with but hasn’t told him. And Jason, the best kisser. Hmmm….if I had to guess, it’ll be Blake, but could be Jason. They’ll be the final two. And Tia gets my vote for most selfish friend ever! One date!? Really Tia?? Come on, she was probably pissed since she was slated to be the Bachelorette until Arie dumped Becca. Just sayin’! ?

  28. Hope she picks Garrett. What’s with the greasy hair on Jason? Complete turn off. And what Tia did? Totally shady. Totally agree with you on Blake.

  29. I’m a hockey fan so yeah that was sexy. She seemed to light up when she talked about him

    I like all three ok –
    But I don’t think it’ll be Garrett.

  30. Blake is too intense i think she is into garrett but worried about prev marriage i love her with jason she has a huge crush on him why didnt tia express her feelings before the show even i dont think he was for becca in the end though

  31. After watching the first three dates, I have to say that Colton felt like the one who was going to be going home anyways… I’m not convinced that Tia changed anything. And how uncomfortable was that Chris Harrison/Colton conversation?!

    More importantly…. I am SO with you. 100% Team Jason!!

  32. Don’t like Tia! Curious to see what happens on paradise and I hope someone calls her out on it! Loved the top 4 and Garrett is by far my FAVE! ?

  33. Okay, here is my two cents worth… 😉 ~ The stunt that Tia pulled was a real stinker on calling dibbsies on Colton in the eleventh hour after having given her blessing to Becca at the beginning and I truly believe that this whole trio of Tia ~ Colton ~ Becca is just another stunt being orchestrated to drum up the drama by the producers. I see the best connection with Blake and Becca. Jason is coming along but he’s been a real slow starter with Becca and their relationship is just beginning unless there are real fire works coming in the fantasy suite. Garrett is cute and he’d be loyal and good to Becca but there’s something missing from this relationship compared with what we’ve seen with Gavin and Becca and her chemistry with Jason. I think it’ll be Blake and Becca in the end. He fell fast but it only takes one look to recognize our soul mates!

  34. Jillian can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Bachelorette is allowed to have contact with outside people during filming. Tia may have very well reached out to producers trying to talk to Becca and been shut down to make it more dramatic, or it may have been all staged/planned to begin with. I think what we saw was part of a MUCH longer conversation. And let’s be honest, how often do girls get confused over their feelings? It’s certainly also possible that Tia didn’t know she still had feelings until she did.

    Regardless, Becca posted an Insta story the other day asking people to stop hating on Tia because they’re still great friends. I’d also add that we should stop taking what we see at face value and try to give people the benefit of the doubt that they’re not just being awful. There’s almost always more to the story.

    It’s already been announced that Colton will be on BIP so I’m sure they’ll go on a date at least!

  35. I was unimpressed by Tia. But I think Becca did the right thing. I think Colton has a lot of growing to do. Blake is honestly intense and off putting. Love that Garret is a mans man but still really sweet and I love his voice. Jason is tall, dark and handsome and honestly worried me for her long term in first impressions but after the hometown I can see why he is such a catch. Garret or Jason would be my pick for her ?

  36. Team Jason all the way. Yes Colton was adorable but too sweet maybe. Garett is terrific but maybe a little to country boy for Becca. And yes, I’m a little off put by Blake-/ too immature , too much the jock—something undefinable! Jason-perfection.

  37. I disagree a bit… personally I think Blake is the most genuine guy on the show and I think Becca is head over heals for him. They have the best communication and they will last the long run. Just my prediction. #teamblake all the way!

  38. I don’t think the Bachelorette has ever had so many STAND up guys in the top four and I feel they all have really good relationships. It’s so hard to pick the front-runner and who she will send home next. I love Colton but I agree, I think it was a good choice sadly bc of the whole Tia thing. It would annoy me is ABC had something to do with this because I know Tia is getting SH*T on for it. Colton has already been announced for going to Bachelor in Paradise, so needless to say… Tia Colton will be hooking up.

    Jason is also my fav!!! I love all the guys but Jason just stands out to me so much, they have such passion and you can feel the feels when watching them together!!! THANK GOD HE OPENED UP!

    Garrett is amazing and would make an awesome Bachelor and same with Blake! Ughhh, I have a hard time. They all seem so AMAZING!!!

    1. Colton was announced?! That is disappointing. I sooo wanted him to be the next Bachelor. Not feeling inclined to watch it now, but we’ll see who they choose?

  39. Colton was worried about the fantasy suite, and made it quite clear that he wasn’t ready to be intimate with Becca, so if that was the case, it’s obvious that he wasn’t totally in love with her.
    I believe that the Colton/Tia thing was just overdone. I’m sure that Colton will be pissed when he watches the show with Tia telling Becca about having feelings for him. He’ll probably feel that she ruined his chances.

  40. It’s like you watched with me and my bestie – we were saying the same things… when Jason started skating I literally said, “Oooo that’s hot”! I kind of hope she picks Jason in the end only because Garret would make a phenomenal Bachelor & id love to watch a full season of him!! That said Garret is my favourite & im hopeful he wins her heart! I wonder if she’s stand-offish because he does give off a bit of a “To good to be true” vibe & that might be a bit worrisome to her! …. Blake is so nice and I loved him from the start but I’m a bit over it now & I don’t know why! All I have to say about the whole Colton/Tia thing is… thumbs down Tia [Not Cool] – if she’s going to get all jealous and act spiteful then I don’t think she’s worth Colton’s kindness!

  41. I am 100% on the same page as you about every guy. I think that Blake will be the next to go home and unfortunately be leaving with a broken heart. Just watching his interviews from previous weeks you can tell he is way more into Becca than she is into him. I think in the end she is going to end up with Jason, but you never know. I’m definitely upset Colton was sent home, I think they would have been a good couple but the Tia thing for sure messed that up.

  42. Tia – you’re not the bachelorette! Pissed that she would take her aside now after hometowns to tell Becca…Becca is the bacherlorette – I was really angry to see Colton leave. His time with Becca was interrupted too early, the overnight date would have been very telling…Damn it! There’s no guarantee for Tia that Colton has feelings for her so I think Tia took advantage of that moment intentional or unintentional – she did it….Becca didn’t want anymore drama and she sent Colton home…I wouldn’t trust her again either as a friend…

  43. I was totally NOT impressed with Tia! It was not her place to get in the middle. Colton chose to leave and join the show, so maybe he’s just not that into Tia? Last night was the first time I felt like Garret may be going home. But he didn’t. All the home towns were great and these guys are fantastic, but I still think Blake is her number one.

  44. I could not believe Tia would do that to Becca so late after the hometowns! She had her date with Colton and it didn’t work out. All the hometowns were great and after Tia saw handsome attractive, genuine Colton it got her heart flickering again. It wasn’t fair to Becca after she already told her there were no feelings or problems in the beginning. I felt so bad for Colton, as he left not really knowing why Becca let him go. I mean maybe he wasn’t the one for her but at least let him know Tia her friend admitted she still had feelings for him and she didn’t want to be between it all. He did tell her he was falling in love with her! Tia is trouble and it seems like she will do anything to get a man like she put the other younger becca under the bus with Arie.

  45. Colton was too emotionally young – and I think his dads comments affected Becca. I love Jason but I think she’s going to end up with Garrett. Blake is out because he’s too nice – kind of big brotherly !

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