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Why I’m Going (Coco) Nuts Over These Products!

Hey everyone!! Do you remember when Team Jilly was in Dallas and me and Shay attended some really amazing brand meetings??!!  Today I’m SO EXCITED to introduce you to a brand we met at the conference and fell head over heels in LOVE with!! The brand I’m talking about is Kopari!! In fact, I think if you go back and watch our Dallas Vlog, I think they make a quick appearance in it!

Anyway, I’m sure many of you have already heard about Kopari as they were quite the hot commodity in Texas and everyone was raving about them! But, if you haven’t, you’re in luck because today I’m going to tell you ALL about them! You can thank me later … LOL!!

Jillian Harris Kopari

First off, I love Kopari for a few reasons. Their packaging is one of my top faves … can you guess why?? Yup, you got it, I love how their products are white with a little pop of colour. The branding is light, airy, and oh-so summery! Secondly, at the beginning of 2018, we met as a team and made the decision that we would partner with more brands that are ethical, cruelty-free, made from ingredients found in nature … and so on! Well, Kopari is just! After meeting them in Dallas we left stocking up on their products and secretly hoping they would reach out and ask us to partner. Needless to say, we were over the moon when they asked if I could feature their products in my blog!! That was a big HELL YES!

The whole team has been testing out their products for the last few months now and we love them and they’ve become staples in our beauty cabinets now!!

Jillian Harris KopariJillian Harris Kopari

Well, I’m sure by this point you’re probably dying to know what these products are all about, right?! Well, let’s take a look then!! Oh, wait … first, I should mention that ALL of their products are made with COCONUT OIL and this mama LOVES her coconut oil! I literally use it for everything!! From a hair and face mask to hydrating Leo’s dry skin and scalp, coconut oil is my jam!!

Also!! Kopari is available at Sephora (in Canada and the States!!). Sephora has given them their “Clean Beauty Seal” which means these products are made without sulfates, parabens, etc. (basically everything you don’t want in your products!) and all Clean Seal products have less than one percent of synthetic fragrances!!

Ok, let’s take a look at the products now!

Coconut Cleansing Oil

This coconut cleansing oil is awesome for removing your makeup at the end of the day! The antibacterial oils in the coconut oil help to break down impurities and unclog pores! This cleansing oil also helps reduce redness, brightens your complexion and helps to purify and replenish your skin!

Jillian Harris Kopari

Coconut Rose Toner

Most of you know by now that I am obsessed with sprays and toners so it’s no big surprise that this coconut rose toner is one of my fave Kopari products! I keep a couple bottles of this toner outside by the pool so I can give myself a little spritz and freshen up my face when I’m soaking up the sun or working in the yard.

Jillian Harris Kopari

Coconut Face Cream

The coconut face cream is nice and lightweight!! It hydrates and nourishes your skin by locking in moisture and it also includes aloe vera extract to soothe sensitive skin! Perfect for those summer days!

Jillian Harris Kopari

Coconut Lip Glossy

This is the girl’s favourite product, I see this lip gloss on the table at all of our meetings!! LOL!! It honestly smells RIDICULOUSLY good and it makes your lips feel so soft and hydrated!!

Jillian Harris Kopari

Organic Coconut Melt

This is what they refer to as the “holy grail of coconut oil” … this is the product that EVERYONE and their dog was raving about in Texas! This coconut melt can be used absolutely everywhere on your bod, from head to toe!!

Jillian Harris Kopari

There you have it!! Those are just some of their products!! I should also mention here that in addition to their branding, values and products, I also love that they are so heavily involved in charity initiative which I LOVE!! For every product purchased they donate $1 to Waves for Water which goes towards their mission of getting clean water to every single person who needs it!!

Have you tried any of these products before?? If so, comment below and let us know which one was your fave and why you loved it!!










Thank you Kopari for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Sephora Canada has a great trial kit called Coconut Your Selfie for $50 which includes some of the products you’ve listed above! Trying it today!

  2. Ohhh I haven’t tried any of their products but now you make me want to head to Sephora and take a look! I also LOVE the packaging… so pretty!!!!!!!!

  3. Team Jilly! I’m so happy to see Kopari on the blog!
    Two years ago I stocked up on Coconut Milk and Coconut Body Glow for a Hawaiin vacation.
    Years later (and lots of re-ordering) Kopari products are one of my go-tos ALL year!
    (When they released that lip gloss of course I had to try it! I love it! No spf in the gloss, so if I’m headed to the lake or pool i just mix in a little SPF to protect my lips.)
    I just ordered the deodorant and I’m so excited to give it a try! I’ve tried so many “natural” deodorants the last few years and haven’t quite found a winner yet. *fingers crossed* !
    A Team Jilly FAN from Oregon, US !

    1. Hey Danielle
      I have been on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant myself and have been loving these two lately – PiperWai & Meow Meow Tweet (grapefruit). I am hoping next time I am in the city to head to Sephora and try the Kopari one!

      1. Alexis! Thank for referring me to some other brands you like! I’ll give those a try too! Baking soda heavy formulas always cause irritation and an itchy rash for me… That’s why I love the Kopari deodorant… smooth, smells like the tropics, and no baking soda! I do have to apply it a second time mid-day, but I don’t mind!
        Happy pits, happy life!…or something like that! 😛

  4. I got the Coconut your selfie kit from Sephora. I wanted to try the rose toner and the lip glossy (full size in that kit) love the rose toner. Cleansing oil has become a favourite. I use the coconut face cream at night

  5. Right now I’m using the deodorant, not too sure if I love it. I’m Going to try the other products out.

  6. I recently purchased the trial kit from Sephora Canada & loved all the products. The coconut cleaning oil amazed me at how good it was at removing makeup. I will definitely will be reordering these products.

  7. The coconut melt is SOOOOO unbelievably, hands down, the best product ever! I use it in the tub or on my skin, cuticles, toesies …… it smells fantastic. We have a girls trip coming up and we each have to bring one of our favorite products for each of us and this is what I’m giving the gals!!

  8. I love Kopari!! They actually have a coconut deodorant that is AMAZING!! I bought 2 when they were first launched (cant remember the exact date) but it was several months ago…and I just finished the first one and will crack the second one tomorrow! So…great value and long lasting! It’s good for your health…doesn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals in other deodorants…smells like a beach vacation annnnnd leaves my sensitive underarm skin super hydrated! WIN! WIN! WIN!
    I am dying to try the Coconut Rose toner! Who doesn’t love a hydrating spritz?!
    Love love love your posts Jillian! <3

  9. Hi Jillian!
    Love following along with your blog. I was wondering if you have come across any really good natural shampoo/conditioner bars, or other plastic container free products? I’ve committed to cutting down our household plastics, especially following the news stories of the waves of garbage down in the Dominican Republic.

  10. I can’t wait to try these product, Jillian! I have their deodorant and it’s the first non-toxic one that actually works 🙂 Thanks! Hit it out of the park again 🙂

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