Team Jilly Takes on Dallas!

Remember when all of Team Jilly (plus one ?) took off to Dallas last month?? We were there for a blogger conference which also I presented at in three classroom sessions! My topic was “Finding Your Why” which basically dug into the importance of brand core values, mission statements, what we have learned so far as a team, where we want to grow and some of the challenges we have faced along the way.

We sat in on some awesome speeches, networked with awesome bloggers, meet up with some pretty cool brands, took part in classroom sessions, squeezed in some photo shoots and ate some tasty food!! It was a pretty jam-packed weekend and we left feeling excited, energized and exhausted all rolled into one but it was so worth it! LOL!!

Jillian Harris Team Jilly Trip to Dallas Jillian Harris Team Jilly Trip to Dallas Jillian Harris Team Jilly Trip to Dallas

While we were there we tried our best to document EVERYTHING because we really wanted to share this trip with you and let you experience a little glimpse into what it’s like for us when we attend these conferences. We shared quite a bit of our time with Dallas with you over on our Insta stories but there is so much more that we still have yet to share! In fact, I’m certain we sent Mackenzie a combined total of 150 videos to sort through and piece together!! Eeekkk!!

So, needless to say, this vlog is a little longer than normal but we’re so excited to share it with you today!! We were able to take you behind the scenes of our photo shoots (yup, this includes the footage of me falling over with the bikes and cleaning up my bloody legs lol!!!) … it shows my fierce hankerin for carbs during lunch (who just eats salads anyways?!), glimpses of my presentation and sooo much more!!

Jillian Harris Team Jilly Trip to Dallas Jillian Harris Team Jilly Trip to Dallas Jillian Harris Team Jilly Trip to Dallas

Are you ready for this?? Grab yourself a drink (preferably wine … it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!) and press PLAY!! I should also mention that if you’re curious about any of the outfits that I wore in Dallas, I shared all of the details and links, here!!

That’s it for now! I hope you loved the vlog as much as we do!! Please make sure to tell me what you think in the comments below!! What was your favourite part?!?!





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  1. Loved seeing behind the scenes of how you guys always capture amazing Instagram worthy pictures! I laughed out loud when jill fell over the bikes ?

  2. Loved it! You guys killed it as usual. I really enjoyed seeing what goes on behind the scenes of what you do. And you kept it real as you always. Keep doing what you do, we love it!

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