Mastering the Gingham Trend

Have you guys noticed how popular GINGHAM is this season?! It’s literally everywhere I turn, from shoes to shirts, to swimsuits, to home decor, and it’s in every colour, every where … I’m absolutely LOVING it! It reminds me of my clothing from when I was a little girl … dressing up in little gingham dresses for tea LOL am I the only one!?!?!? Anyways, I’m starting out small this season and have been incorporating it into my closet to spruce up my every day classics and TRYYYY to be on trend with the rest of the girls these days. I recently just purchased the CUTEST yellow gingham button up (pictured below). Now that I’m a mom I’ve been leaning towards more practical clothing and one of the reasons I love this top is because you can easily dress it up or down (if you’re breast feeding … these button downs are a life saver!). Pair it with some jean shorts and sandals and you’ll be set all summer longer …

Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-1 Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-2 Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-3Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-5 Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-6 Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-7 Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-8 Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-9photo credit

Yellow Gingham Shirt | Clutch | Jeans | Heels

If you’re wanting to hop on board the gingham trend with me I’ve gone through some of my favourite sites and picked out my favourite gingham items. Start small and incorporate it in your closet in replace of last seasons basics. Get creative and mix and match with items you already have … I hope this helps!!!!  ….


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Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-11


Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-13


Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-13


Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-14


Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-15


Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-16


Jillian Harris - Gingham Trend-19


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What are your thoughts on the gingham trend?? Do you love it or hate it?? Share your thoughts below!!




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