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Leo’s Journey with Solid Foods

I’ve been getting lots of questions from everyone on our experience (so far) with introducing solids into Leo’s diet and while I’ve been meaning to share this blog with you for a while now I wanted to wait it out so I could get a better feel for what was working and what wasn’t working for us! I finally feel as though I have a good handle on this so I figured now was the time to share our journey with you!

Leo tried solid foods for the first time this past December when we were hanging out with Tori and Max over the holidays. Max was almost 7 months old and was on purees and I was curious to see how Leo would handle them so I gave him some of Max’s leftovers which were pureed green beans, and to my surprise, he did REALLY well with them! I was excited and by the look on Leo’s face, I could tell HE was excited as well, I mean, just look at that photo below! LOL!

Jillian Harris - Leo's Journey with Solids

Lol! Once Justin and I realized we could start giving Leo more solids we really didn’t hold back! I’ve heard that people like to introduce one particular food for one week and then add another one the following week but we totally didn’t do this … as you can tell we’re not really the type to follow the rules … lol! We just kind of ran with it and let him try a TON of different stuff.

Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-3Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-2Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-17Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-4Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-5Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-6

I started making pureed foods for Leo here and there but (yet again) my busy schedule proved to make this a challenge for me. At that point, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give Leo homemade puree all the time so I wanted to find something that was convenient for us when we were on the go! Some friends had introduced me to Love Child Organics and they ended up sending us some to try and they’ve been our go-to ever since!

I decided on Love Child for a few reasons … they’re local, 100% organic and they don’t use genetically modified ingredients … and Leo freakin LOVES it! If Leo could talk he would chime in right now and give props to their banana, pumpkin, pear and coconut puree (yes all of that good stuff is in ONE puree) … he eats it like it’s going out of style! I even had to give it a taste to see what all the rave was about and I have to admit, it’s pretty damn good! Lol!!

I would say at the moment because of our busy schedule and our move that Leo’s diet consists of about 75% products from Love Child Organics, mostly banana, pumpkin, pear and coconut puree and their pear, raspberry, banana and blackberry yogurt. I’ve noticed that the older he gets the more adventurous he gets with his food but the texture thing still throws him off a little. He recently started eating eggs, I scramble some free range ones up for him in the mornings and he found a new love for “Teefies” which are wafers from Love Child. I think he likes the fact that he can hold on to these all by himself and just suck on them for a while. It won’t be long before I try giving him a taste of Love Child’s vegetarian chili and pumpkin risotto, they’re a bit chunkier than the puree so I have to wait until he is ready for more texture but I think he’s going to love them!

Then there are the “meat and dairy” questions that I get … people ask whether or not we’re going to raise Leo on a plant-based diet and while I’m mostly plant based (I’m not vegan … just vegan-ish), Justin and I think it’s important not to restrict what Leo eats. We really want to give Leo the freedom of being able to try anything and everything. Hell, when I was little my parents had me try escargot!! Some of you may remember when we gave him a taste of moose stew and he went bonkers over it! I think it’s important for him to experience all foods and allow him to decide whether or not he will be plant-based. Leo has also tried cheese and as I mentioned above, he loves his yogurt so he certainly won’t be deprived of these foods but we don’t tend to have much of it in our home anyways!

I mean, there are a TON of healthy vegan babes out there but I know that with the craziness of my schedule I don’t always have time to cook proper fully vegan meals that are jam-packed with all of the nutrients he needs so I’m totally okay with him eating meat and dairy to ensure he is getting the proper nutrition his growing little body needs. On that note though, I will always make an effort to make sure he is eating local, free range, organic foods as much as I can. However, I know that won’t always be a possibility so I try not to stress about it too much. I mean … just think about what WE all ate growing up … and we turned out okay, right?? LOL!! Sorry, I’m totally rambling on here because this is such a sensitive topic for me. To be honest, I really have no clue what I am doing but we are doing the best we can!

Jillian Harris - Leo Solid Foods-19Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-7Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-9Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-10Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-12Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-11Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-13

For the mamas out there who are JUST starting to introduce solids to their babies diet, I would recommend giving Love Child Organics a try, they have a wide variety of flavours (yet another reason why I love ’em), from your basics such as apple and pear to blends of fruit and veg, there are plenty of choices for your little one. Oh, and their packaging is actually quite handy too, if you’re on the go you don’t need to worry about bringing a spoon with you because of the capped squeezable package! When Justin and I are on the road, I can just sit in the back seat with Leo and hold the package and slowly give him little amounts of the puree straight from the package bit by bit and it works great!! I should also mention here that since introducing Leo to more solids we have also upped his water intake to make sure he’s getting enough fluids as well!

It’s actually so INSANE how quickly Leo’s eating habits have developed and it blows me away to think that 8 months ago he was latching on to my nipple, and I was pumping while on set now he’s holding his own bottle and crackers and eating solids?! … What the hell?! Seriously though, each stage is so quick, just as you get used to feeding one particular way, things change on your and BOOM … it’s totally different the next day!

Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-14Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-15Jillian Harris - Leo Eating Solids-16Jillian Harris - Leo Solid Foods-20

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If you’re a new mama, how is your experience so far introducing solids to your babe’s diet?? Any suggestions, tips, or tricks?? If so, please make sure to share them with everyone in the comments section below!! Can’t wait to read through them!







Thank you Love Child Organics for sponsoring this post AND for donating product to some of my favourite charities on my behalf. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I also feed my little guy the Love Child Purée Pouches. He loves them! How much of the pouch do you feed Leo in one sitting? Thanks!

    1. I fed my son the love child organics pouches and we started spoon feeding him about 1/3 of the pouch at a time when he was 6 months. And then one day we let him suck it out and he finished the entire thing in less than 2 minutes. Since then we always let him suck as much as he wants out.

  2. I’m not sure if u remember the presidents choice recall of those pouches. Do you worry about mold or other things when feeding him from a package u can’t see into?
    Thank you

    1. That’s why I hate pouches! They are also currently to much for my 6 month old who wouldn’t eat close to that amount in 24hrs.

  3. I’m with you how convenient those little packages are, a lifesaver when you have a busy day.
    I’m a first time mom to a little boy who was born last May, and the stages go by so quickly. Sometimes I think, it was just easier when I could whip out the boob! LOL
    When my son started eating more chunkier solids, I found baked oatmeal on Pinterest. He loves it and you can make it different every time. Different fruit, regular, almond or soy milk. I cut it in little pieces when he was younger, and now just cut them into sticks!

  4. I’m excited to read Leo is loving Love Child! My daughter Sofia is head over heels for these purées and polishes off one pouch in a sitting easy! Sofia is the same age as Leo 🙂
    I tried the whole home made baby food deal and it ended up all being a bit much for me, new mom, errands, play time, cleaning up after the babe and my husband… lol. So these are a great healthy organic option and I know she’s getting good quality ingredients and easy peasy for mama ! Sofia’s fave is currently the pears carrots green beans and prunes – she loves the teefies too!
    Does Leo like Avocado? I like to smash it up and put it on Sofia’s tray, she loves picking it up with her hands and feeding herself that way.

  5. Hi Jillian!
    I love reading all of your posts! I can really relate to a lot of what you’re saying – I have a just about six month old, Charlotte.
    I have experimented with some solids here and there (so far sweet potatoes, peas, bananas – and prunes because of the bananas) and she has gotten constipated twice now. Have you dealt with this with Leo? If so, how did you help him get through it? I have been giving her water, here and there and like a said, a lot of prunes!!!

    1. Our pediatrician always said to push “P” fruits….peaches, pears, plums etc and cut back on apples and bananas if that happens.

  6. With baby number 2, I’m more free with what and how I’ve introduced solids. Erik will be 8 months on the 12th and loves avocado (cut up small or in a boon silicone feeder), scrambled eggs, tuna, mashed potatoes, puffed rice stars and puréed food from a pouch.
    Life is a lot busier with two and we seem to always be on the go!

  7. My little guy is just about to turn 6 months old and we tried yams this week. I made them myself and added my breast milk to thin it out. He didn’t seem too interested in it, so we’ll take a break and try again in a week or two… We did record him and that was hilarious. His reaction is pretty great.

    1. We love Love Child Organics, they have so many great products. For transition to different textures and consistencies of foods, we break a banana in half and give that to our 8 month old, soft enough that he can ‘chew’ and also learns to eat larger pieces. Scary at first, but they learn so quick to not take big pieces. Also just introduced lightly toasted whole wheat bread with coconut oil instead of butter and he loves it

  8. Interesting! We went the opposite direction and stayed away from puréed food and went with Baby Led Weaning. The baby eats essentiallly what you eat and they feed themselves! It’s super convenient and fascinating to watch once you get comfortable with the gag reflex

  9. Every posting is so inspiring and helpful. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us 🙂 I want this high chair for my little Leo (2 months old) Please send me the company name !! He’s gonna need one soon 🙂 thx so much

  10. Oh my goodness this has been SUCH a journey for us. My little guy was not a fan of “baby food”. He would eat it every once in a while, but I was mostly throwing it away! So, our doctor gave us the go ahead at his 7 month appt to start giving him whatever we are eating, and he LOVES it. It’s hilarious to me what a difference there is in his eating now. I thought he was planning on living on breast milk forever two months ago, and today he had eggs and potatoes for breakfast! It’s crazy how fast these little guys grow and change and learn things.

    1. Hi Ashley, I really want to try BLW but my son just puts everything in his mouth at once. And does it matter that he only has two bottom teeth? I’m always afraid he’ll choke.

  11. Skipped the puréed foods and went right to table food doing Baby Led Weaning. My daughter is 2 weeks older than Leo and pretty much eats whatever we are having. I highly recommend this method to all my friends and other moms. I love watching her eat and explore food at her pace. Tonight she couldn’t get enough pasta!

  12. I’m a second time go round momma with a little boy born in November. I have loved watching Leo grow along with my son. I breastfed till recently where stress has intervened and I get worried about what I’m doing is wrong. I remember when you bf and now he is on formula and he is as happy and healthy as can be! It’s good to see other moms and their experiences!

  13. Will give Love Child a try! Just curious Jillian, what formula are you giving Leo? Going to start my little guy on it soon and would love to know.

  14. We love the sqeeze tube options… so convenient!! My little one (8 months too!) has a milk protien allergy but has no reaction to soy. We found that out when we experimented with tofu in case he reacted. And to our surprise, he LOVES tofu!! It breaks apart so easy and is the perfect consistency. He is loving pears, watermelon and oranges cut into small segment too. His choice on meat is changing every day…

    One 1st time Mom to another… you are doing great… trial and error!! Cheers Jillian and Leo!

  15. He is such a cutie!! So I couldn’t help it, but I’m a speech pathologist (feeding/swallowing specialist) and wanted to just say, it’s totally awesome that he’s doing so well with purées so far! It’s common for kids to have issues with different textures of foods, having a uniform consistency helps with that as opposed to having surprise lumps in a smooth purée, as well as letting them play with/explore their food. Also, some cool trivia, it can take up to 17 presentations of a food for a kid to acquire a taste for it, so don’t be afraid of the veggies!!!

  16. I have a 6.5 month old boy and I introduced solids to him when he was 5 months and he loved it. I started out with the cereal, and then the veggies. He doesn’t like carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes…. but he does love peas, and green beans. For fruits he loves , pears, bananas, avocado, and apples. And he also loves pancakes, and cheerios. So far it’s going great.

    Love hearing about how Leo is doing….. he’s soooo darn cute.

  17. This post came at just the right time for me! My little girl is going to be 6 months in a few days and we are starting the process of introducing solids. Love Child sounds like a great brand and will definitely try it! I also travel lots between Kelowna and Vancouver so the pouches sounds perfect for this! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  18. Hi Jillian!
    I have a little girl named Isla and she’s the same age as Leo (born August 9) and I was wondering about the baby led weaning. I thought at one point that’s what you were doing with Leo! I watched your snaps where you cut things up for him and even gave him toast! I’m terrified to give things of that sort to my little one so I was wondering how it went and if/why you stopped?


  19. We love the Love Child Products. We tried veggie casserole last week and that one didn’t go so well. It’s one of the strongest of their flavours I think and the texture threw him off. I am vegetarian but feed baby meat and I found blended up chicken is a good starter for texture. Baby mum mums are also a big hit around here.

  20. Chia seed pudding is a great started food for babies! Full of protein, fiber and omega 3’s. Make it the night before, fridge over night, mix in some puréed fruit and he’ll love it!!

  21. Avacado mashed with Banana is a great combo! I try to have a container of cooked quinoa in the fridge to easily add to meals too. One of my favorite accessories is a hand held grater from ikea.. easy to grate up raw fruits like pears or apple. Greek Yougurt with ground almonds makes a nice snack too! Or blended Chickpeas!

  22. We started baby led feeding after rice cereal at 6 months. He loves to gnaw on different foods all textures and tastes, best decision ive made! He can eat with me for breakfast and have family dinner. He really enjoys it and it’s improved his dexterity.

  23. When my son Theodore was ready for a chunkier consistency I started mixing quinoa into his purees. The grains are small enough that they didn’t make him gag and it added just enough texture to get him used to eating something not totally smooth. I cook up 1/2 cup quinoa at a time and keep it in the fridge to mix into his meals! Also adds some plant based proteins to the meal and goes great with sweet and hearty purees!

  24. Our little girl just turned 6 months and we’ve decided to give baby led weaning a go starting this week! I’ve pretty much just let her grab things off of my plate or out of my hands so that she’s in control of what and how much. Mostly she put it to her mouth, gives it a lick, makes a face and moves on. I’m glad she’s getting used to some texture!
    No water over here yet though! Don’t forget it’s not recommended to give too much water to babe a day as they are still getting plenty of water through nursing/formula and there’s such thing as “water toxiscity” (sounds crazy and most people will think “but how can water be bad!?”
    I found this a helpful guideline 🙂

  25. Hi Jillian!

    I’m totally going through this right now with my 8 1/2 month old son! I totally want to make my own puréed and homemade finger foods for my son, but sometimes I just don’t have the time! I was hesitant in trying pouches, but I’ll definitely look into love child. Does Leo like to be spoon fed? For some reason, my son doesn’t like it and likes to eat the puréed food off of my finger! At this age are you also feeding him 2 or 3 meals a day? Any snacks?

    By the way, I can’t believe Leo sleeps from 6-6!! My son sleeps about 8 hours a night without waking up in the middle of the night.

    Thank you!

  26. We went the baby led weaning approach with my now 2 year old and plan on doing the same once our 4 month hits the 6 month mark. I think it’s important to introduce real food at textures from the get go. I will add that I used some of the love child and baby gourmet pouches as well to get more nutrients in while we bridged the gap from playing with real food to actually eating it. My trick was to mix in some ancient grains with the purée to add iron.

    1. Natisa,

      Did you give your baby foods that you were eating or did you make special food (when you did the baby led weaning approach.) I was just wondering because I’d like to try that too, but I think I put too much salt in my cooking! My son is 8 1/2 months old right now. Thanks!

  27. Jillian I love, love, Love Child as well! I am a new mom and my son is 10 months old! I really think it is amazing how they have so many different veggies and fruit combined together!

    My son as well loves the teefies! They are great snack or dessert! I don’t feel bad either since they are filled with great quality fruits and veggies! I loved this article and really love reading the rest of your blogs! Keep up the great work mama! You are awesome!

  28. My little guy loves love child too! Now that he’s a bit older I’ve been making him banana egg pancakes and tearing them into pieces and he loves them! 1 banana mashed, 1 egg. Mix together well w cinnamon and then I heAt coconut oil and pour the batter when it’s warm to make pancakes! Just cook on low-med heat. You could add cut up fruit to it or oats etc. 🙂

  29. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and have just discovered your website — finally curiosity got the better of me and I just HAD to see your little guy. WOW – seriously, Leo is SO cute. Very handsome –good genes, I would guess!!
    Very nice to see you looking so good & happy (& able to drink wine again!! lol) –I know you have one incredibly busy life right now……..always remember-these are the days you’ll want to look back on. Everything changes so quickly.
    All the very best to you, always.

  30. I just wanted to tell you that I’m a huge fan of you and your little fan jam! I never watch anyone’s Instagram stories except for yours! They are so fricken hilarious , and real and genuine and awesome. You guys make me laugh on a daily basis. That’s all . Just thought I’d share that lol. Keep up the awesomeness.

  31. Just wondering if you’ve talked about your experience breast feeding Leo while going back to work? And wondering when you stopped breast feeding? I know this is a super scary topic when you’re in the public eye because people have intense opinions about breast is best and breast feeding for a long time! However, I think it would be kind of great if you talked about what it was like going back to work and when you chose to stop breast feeding (if you have) 🙂 Thanks Jillian!

  32. hey jillian!

    I believe it was on your insta stories you posted about a book that was all about baby food … of course I figured I would just remember the name but with a 5 month old and a busy life I forgot!

    Which book am I thinking of!! do you remember?

  33. Thank you for sharing. I haven’t thought so much about feeding solids to my little one, he’s only 3 months old, so we still have time, but it’s good to know that there exist products that are organic and local.
    Right now I’m feeding breast milk and formula. It was hard for me to decide which formula I should take, but I got the tip to use European formula, which is more regulated than here in the US. I normally order it from

  34. I was excited the first time I introduced solid foods to my baby. I also didn’t follow the rules of eating the same food for 1 week lol. I would love to try that love child organics pouches to my baby. I hope that he will like it though. Thanks for your tips here.

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