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My Mile High Style


As it starts to cool down here in the great white North America, I’m sure many of you are planning vacations away in the coming months. Well, I’m with you!! I’m getting geared up for a trip that I have been planning and looking forward too for sooo so long and one that will possibly be the most special I’ve ever had: I’m taking my moms and pops to Ireland, Scotland and England with me and Justin!!

Ever since I was a wee little brat, I’ve wanted to do this with my parents who have been so incredible and supportive throughout all my highs and lows my entire life. The time has finally come!!! Weeeee!!!!! Just think of all the pubs, the history, and the vintage shops we’ll find! Charlie Ford is gonna get some European goodies, for sure!

So, I’ve started packing this week and it’s made me realize one of the outfits I think THE MOST about is what I’m going to wear when I travel. When I was young I would always see my mom get so glammed up and beautiful for any travel, so when I see women wearing those horrid velour tracksuits I admit it makes me cringe a little…. But, I should say, I TOTALLY get what they’re thinking: comfort, cozy comfort!! So how do you feel airport comfy without looking like a sad little stuffed animal? There is a way, people!! Here’s a travel get-up that I wore earlier this year and I was soooo cozy all day – and I think it’s pretty cute too, right??

The key is layers. I don’t know what it is about planes but it’s always too hot or too cold, so make sure you can easily adjust. Also, a couple other things I always make sure of: comfortable shoes & a big bag! You never know how far you’re going to have to walk in those massive international airports, and the big bag MUST carry all the necessities to keep you occupied and in case (knock on wood) they lose your luggage.

Simple, right?! Now, time to ditch the velour for a more classy form of comfort 😉 Maybe I should start a manual for flyers???

xo Jilly

Comment below & let me know what you love to wear when you travel!



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