Love It or List It Vancouver: Gordo and Nicholas


Did you watch Love it or List It Vancouver last night???

I have to say… I don’t get to see the house options that Todd shows the homeowner until I watch the show on TV, and last night, I was really surprised with the beautiful places Todd showed Gordo and Nicholas.

Anyway…. it doesn’t matter because I am obvioulsy #TeamLoveIt all the way!

EP10190600 EP10190617

I hate to sound like a broken record but apart from the amazing Eco Floor Store feature wall in the bedroom, it is the accessories that really rounded out and filled with personality the space. In this collage learn how to group accessories to really steer a design.


It was such a pleasure designing for Gordo and Nicholas. They are true gentlemen and I was mainly inspired by them to create the updated concept in their home. The design team and I made a plan to work with the warm colors and various textures that the home already had, but with an overall clean look and a touch of modern. EP10190668 EP10190673 gentlemanshome

Deer Antlers | 1930s Clock | Brass Helmet | Brass Barometer | Brass Vase | Trophy | Pair of Books | Globe | Wash board

Check more images and “shop the show” over on the W Network website

So… would you have Loved It?

New episodes of Love it or List It Vancouver air Mondays 10pm pacific on W Network. I will be featuring my favorite rooms from the show right here!

xo Jilly

Photo credit: Janis Nicolay

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    1. they listed it on the show. But as it has been proven recently, the producers film them saying both love it and list it so they can decide which ending looks better. However it’s also put out that most of the homes the couples are shown aren’t actually for sale.

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