My 2015 Goals

Now that I’ve shared what I LOVED about 2014 here are some of my aspirations for 2015!!….

1. Keep doing what I did last year. But keep trying to turn my brain off more, chill a little more and work a little less.  Be more present and put my phone down more. I have a busy little mind. It is hard for me to just focus on ONE thing, and my phone doesn’t help. I LOVE what I do and so I’m constantly reaching for that little black device, or thinking of the next perfect photo opp.  As much as my career is dependent on this to a certain extent, I want to be even more present this year and take MORE breaks from technology.


2. Drink more water. Plain and simple.

3. Educate myself about WHERE my food comes from, the products I use and wear. Last year I learned that a lot of the products I use, food I eat, and clothes I wear, support animal testing and cruelty. While I am not a vegetarian and am ok with ‘consuming’ animals, I am NOT ok with the abuse of animals while they are being raised for my benefit. Visiting more farms, learning more, and reducing waste is important to me in 2015!


4. Spend Less. I mean… I do my best but with so many pretty things!!! One of my BIG goals in life is to own a little place on the lake. Another pair of heels simply will not help me achieve that, SO… time to tighten up the purse strings!

5. Floss. I currently do not do this (yelp!). Don’t tell my dentist!!!

And you… what are your goals (or I guess you could say resolution’s) for 2015 ??




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  1. Hey Jilly- Great things to think about. I would love for my husband and I to start a family this year. I just can’t wait to have a baby! I’m not getting any younger(38 in June). And I will be enjoying our new house to !!

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