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My 8 Best Travelling Tips

With all of the traveling I’ve done lately (and still have coming up!) I thought it would make sense to share my 8 best travelling tips with you while they are VERY fresh in my mind! These tips include some of my favourite products to travel with and necessities from Saje Wellness!

Plus, I’ve shared even MORE details in the video below so make sure to check it out too!!

Let’s get right to it!

Jillian Harris Travel Tips Jillian Harris Travel Tips

Tip 1: Bring a Big Bag

That’s right, I’m not a carry on bag kind of girl … in fact, I like to OVER pack for fear that I might not have everything with me. My favourite suitcase of all time is the Briggs & Riley suitcase because it’s so massive and they come with a lifetime warranty!! When it comes to packing for the kids, I like to use CINDA B bags! I was first introduced to Cinda B bags when I was on The Bachelor over 10 years ago and have been using them ever since!

Jillian Harris Travel Tips

Tip 2: Be Prepared for Anything

I like to make sure we’re prepared for ANYTHING when we’re travelling (hence the big suitcases and overpacking lol!!) so not only do I bring a toiletry bag for myself but I also bring a separate one for the kids to make sure we all have our essentials! Plus, I also pack a travel toiletry bag for the kids that I carry with me in the diaper bag.

A few staple items I like to have with us at the ready is the Mini Mender from Saje Wellness (this is a nice lotion for the kiddos, another great one is the Mini Moisture!), the Fortify Nasal Inhaler (or the Immune Mist!) and the Chest Cold soothing balm for myself and Justin (to ward off any bugs!). I like travelling with both of these as it’s an easy way to get your dose of essential oils and you know they won’t leak!

Tip 3: Bring a Diaper Bag (If Needed)

If I’m travelling with the kids, I make sure to have a diaper bag with me at all times! My favourite diaper bag is from Fawn Designs! I love to fill it up with the necessities such as diapers for Annie, a change of clothes for both kids, wipes, soothers, a couple of toys to distract Leo … etc!

Jillian Harris Travel Tips

Tip 4: Bring Sickness Remedies

In addition to the Mini Mender, Fortify Nasal Inhaler and the Chest Cold soothing balm, I also like to make sure we bring along a few other key items from Saje Wellness to help us ward off germs such as the Immune Remedy, and the Safe Hands lotion which is a  100% natural topical antimicrobial lotion!

I also like to bring the Aroma Fairy Children’s Blend roller for Leo (this is the best to use once he starts getting restless), the Sleep Well roller for myself, and the Energy Nasal Inhaler to give me a little pep in my step when I need it most!

Jillian Harris Travel Tips

Tip 5: Don’t Forget the Scrunchie

Never forget to pack your Chelsea King scrunchie! LOL! My hair is generally up in a messy bun 99.9% of the time when I’m travelling!

Jillian Harris Larsson Jennings 12 Days of Christmas

Tip 6: Minimize Where You Can

I feel like I’m contradicting myself here when I tell you to OVER PACK then to minimize where you can! LOL! What I mean by this is, when it comes to my toiletry bag I make sure I only have a specific size of case and anything that I CAN’T fit in it, has to stay behind. I have a trick on how to achieve this below …

Tip 7: Mini Everything

You got it. MINI EVERYTHING. When it comes to the items in your toiletry bag, pack the travel size of everything you need if you can find it. My face serums from SkinCeuticals come in travel sizes, plus my Lavender and Rose mists from Saje come in a smaller size as well. You can easily find travel size deodorants, shampoo, and conditioners, toothbrushes, etc.

Jillian Harris Travel Tips

Tip 8: Pack as Much as You Can

My theory is, pack as much as you can with as much as you can carry as one person! LOL! If you can pull this off, you’ll have everything you need (and probably more!) for the entire trip!

Jillian Harris Travel Tips

There you have it! What are some of YOUR best travel tips? Share them with everyone in the comments section below!











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  1. That’s funny! I am the total opposite! I like to travel very light and don’t like waiting at the carousel for my bag and if I forget something necessary (almost never happens mind you!), it’s a good excuse to go shopping for it! Of course it depends where you travel, but it is usually safe to assume that I’ll find what I need in most big cities! I love mini cosmetics too and will bring enough to fill a big Ziploc bag!

  2. I always pack a snack bag mix that I make and it usually has almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans and raisins – you just never know how long you can get stuck on the tarmac for.

  3. Do add me to you mailing list. Searching for the subscription option, I could not find any (Correct me if I am wrong).

    Keep posting articles of these sort and don’t forget to send us the reminder. Thanks!!

  4. I too travel quite often so am quite well versed in packing. I now leave quite a few things in my bags so I don’t have to pack them each time for a trip. It saves me so much time and energy for the rest of my packing. I have a separate little bag for undies and socks and I have my large laundry bag left in my case, it can always be used as an extra bag as well if I’ve picked up a few items on my trip and they don’t fit in my suitcase. I breeze right through security as I have everything in a large carry on bag on my shoulder and just pull out my laptop and bag of liquids. I have Nexxus so I don’t usually have to take my shoes and belt off or I won’t wear one. I like everything to move smoothly.

  5. You might dread your next solo trip. Don’t. It could really be one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever have. Sure, it’s fun to make memories with your friends and family, but, solo travelers have plenty of fun too. You just need to have a positive attitude. And, it doesn’t hurt that technology has made the world a lot smaller than ever before.

  6. Not totally related to the blog post but my husband and I are flying to Kelowna for a few days in June to celebrate our belated 10 year (almost 11 now haha) anniversary. Which hotels do you recommend that our romantic and on the lake.? Also, what would be your top 3 things to do and see 🙂 When we first got married we were living in Kamloops so this area is near and dear to our hearts ♥️

  7. It’s refreshing to see someone say they do not live out of a carry on. Too many act like it’s a badge of honor or something to pack super light. I am a perpetual over packer, having hardly ever regretted it especially now with 2 kiddos. I appreciate your useful advice, as always. Fawn bags look amazing. Thank you!

  8. I also love to pack what I may need for every scenario!! I am way more stressed trying to downsize than just bringing it all. Also, who can commit to their outfit choices by only bringing one option per day!? LOL

  9. My my kiddies were little ( still do for myself) I keep/kept our toiletry travel bags packed and ready 24/7. Travel size everything from deodorant to toothpaste & tooth brushes , q-tips, floss etc..
    that way when we travelled the hardest part was already done. I had 4 kids within 5 years.. I know.. I’m crazy..!.. but it was perfect and fun.. when they got older I had individual ones for them all.. when they had school trips.. etc.. I wasn’t having to sort it all out.. when I go visit my kids I see they have kept it up.. it makes life so easy..
    I even have a travel make up bag that is kept up and set aside with my travel bag.. it’s filled with size make up brushes, and a second set of my favourite things.. blush, highlighter, eyeshadows ( I like to buy individuals and pop them in one interchangeable palette ) a couple travel lipsticks.. one nude, a red and a neutral. Color.. it’s easy to mix them up and make your nude not so nude. 🙂 cover up, etc.. when I travelled often I kept mascara full sized mascara etc.. but now that it’s less it dries out., so I throw in the minis.. and change them often.. makes packing so easy when even your make up is ready to go. I sometimes just throw in that fun color .on the spot.. happy travels.. 🙂

  10. My favourite thing while travelling is to ditch the purse and diaper bags and use a back pack. Yes it screams tourist but it’s so much easier!!

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