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My Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Dean Drama & DeMario

Hello loves!! Ok, what the heck is with the two back to back episodes of Bachelor in Paradise lately?? First The Bachelorette is always “To Be Continued” … now this? LOL. How is this mama supposed to get anything done when this show totally just sucks you and your time right in … ¬†anyways …

WHOA!!!! There was so much drama this week on Bachelor In Paradise I don’t even know where to start!!! My heart is breaking for Kristina … I absolutely love her, she is beautiful, smart, funny, and the PERFECT catch. She really truly deserves someone great who can treat her properly, take care of her, love her … oh the list goes on. And unfortunately …. I don’t think Dean is that guy for her. It’s too bad that he has to mess with her heart strings and play games with her to realize that though. He could just leave her and do other things instead like play video games with the use of boosting sites like or others.

Don’t get me wrong … I love Dean but I DIDN’T love the way he was acting this week. It made me take a step back and realize how young he is … especially with relationships. I was actually a little pissed to see him sitting there next to Kristina rubbing her back … then watch as he went to get a “half birthday cake” and deliver it to Danielle … right in front of Kristina!! Wtfffff Dean … NOT COOL!! It reminded me of something that would happen at a high school party LOL!!!

What about Ben and Kristina?? He’s super sweet and seems to be there for the right reasons … lol … literally, EVERYONE is trying to set Ben up … I just don’t understand WHY no¬†one has scooped him up yet?! Is he too passive?? Does he not flirt enough?? Does he talk about his dog too much?? CAN you talk about your dog too much?? Is his dog a girl?? Does she want to be Nacho’s girlfriend??? Does she like long walks on the beach and sticks bigger than her body?? Lol.

Jillian Harris My Bachelor in Paradise Recap

Let’s chat a bit about Diggy now … I was so happy to see him and Lacey go on the date and hit it off but then came along Dominique and HOLY SMOKES I have never seem Diggy light up the way he did around her! He was smiling from ear to ear and being super flirty and cheeky!! This is a side of Diggy we haven’t seen yet but I knew it was there all along … we just had to (not so) patiently wait for it! LOL! I’m curious to see where this goes but I feel for Lacey, that isn’t the best situation for her. Gulp.

I was SO happy with the way the producers handled the DeMario and Corinne situation. I can’t help but feel so bad for DeMario, they HAD to give him a chance to speak out to everyone. He seemed as confused about the situation as we all were … but it’s his name and reputation on the line. You can tell that DeMario is hurting from this and it’s such a shame it was brought to the public PRIOR to getting all of the details. In a perfect world I just wish that everyone would get their details straight before making quick assumptions and judgments. I’m really intrigued about what Corinne has to say about this next week.

Jillian Harris My Bachelor in Paradise Recap

Before I wrap this up until next week … can we just take a moment to SOAK IN Danielle and Wells?!?! OMG PEOPLE!!! That was one hot and steamy kiss they had before parting ways! I was really hoping that the van would slam on its breaks and that Danielle would come running out of it … or that Wells would ditch his bartending role in Paradise and run away with Danielle!! I REALLY want to see the two of them work!!

Jillian Harris My Bachelor in Paradise Recap

What do you think is going to happen next week?? I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the big fight is about between Taylor and Derek … what do you think it is?? I was actually a little worried about their relationship because they jumped in with two feet SO QUICKLY right out of the gate! They didn’t take much time to get to know one another … and the temptations keep rolling in … GULP!!

Until next week!



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  1. Ben – really nice guy, way too much dog talk. It is like he has nothing else going on in his life. Dean, very disappointed but agree his lack of maturity showing through. Wells & Danielle – YEA!!! she can go to Africa, he finishes up as the bartender and then they get together. If it is meant to be it will be.

    I think the show has flogged the “scandal/non scandal” enough. Alot of CYA going on – lets move on. It is all about managing the brand.

  2. Great blog! I mean I have to address that kiss between Danielle and Wells! Yasssss! With that said I saw the real immaturity in Dean…he obviously has a lot of growing up to do! That was not a “peck” with D-Lo???!! As much as I love love love Jorge…there did not need to be a third party on the date between Lacey and Diggy. Anywho this all makes for good entertainment…besides watching Kristina cry. That broke my heart. She is invested in Dean and hopeful. It’s never fun to be heartbroken. Until next week!

  3. About Dean: I totally agree ! His immature/inexperienced side really came out this week. His age is a factor, and like we say sometimes age is just a number cuz I do know many guys his age who would’ve behaved better than how Dean was this week. I think we saw a little bit of this Dean on Rachel’s season but it wasn’t as highlighted. Little communication and not much depth.
    Kristina is a real gem and it’s so sweet how all the men seem very protective of her and offer her advice.

    About Wells & Danielle:
    LOVE THEMMMM. Bottom line.
    i was totally waiting for that van to stop and her run out and have some Notebook moment where Well’s yells ‘I WROTE YOU EVERY DAY FOR ONE YEAR’ *sob* …unfortunately no Nicholas Spark moment lol

    About Taylor & Derek:
    They just seem to fit. Both similar in that quirky/nerdy/attractive kind of way. But I agree they haven’t come up for air and even looked around them. I feel like on BIP, when u start day one and u just click with a person, it’s like you’re so relieved you didn’t end up being that person week one who’s got nobody. So you get so wrapped up in that first person. Especially if you’re really insecure. And Taylor’s voiced many times how she just felt that she’d be that person who’d be excluded right from the start. So let’s hope her feelings are genuine and not just a security blanket. I adore them together.

    About Ben:
    He seems like a catch right ? The dog talk is just a tad much right off the bat in a conversation. He’s got all the goods, i think he’s just missing a bit of … mojo?…flavour ?…swag?…. I can’t quite place my finger on it lol

  4. I tend to agree with you about Dean, and believe me, typing this hurts my soul. I love him, but he’s 25 and as much as it breaks my heart to watch, he should be dating and having fun. This is not the environment to do this, because feeling to develop. Kristina is a catch and she will find her person. She seems ready, that’s just another reason I love her.

    I eel really bad for Lacey, she wants it so bad and it’s just not there. I think she will go home next week.

    Taylor and Derek… EEKS, talk about jumping in with two feet, they didn’t even wait until their 1st drink was consumed. Can’t be mad, but expect arguments when it’s this fast.

    Wells.. Oh Wells… I LOVE Wells. If I were 25-30 yrs. younger (I’m 53) I would be in Nashville getting my sexy on and finding him. OMG- this man is a head spinner. that kiss blew my mind, period. I was praying he ran after the car and stopped her. BUT I give him and her credit for going in for the kiss, both loving what it felt like but were grown up enough to follow her dreams and he not stop her. I pray that after Paradise they come out together and tell us all they are together. They seem too mature to aww, hell, let them be engaged. I wouldn’t hate it other than me being 25-30 yrs. older. god am I really putting myself out there like this? Embrace your age, live vicariously through you young beauties. this show and the bachelor is my guilty pleasure. heehee

    Until next week, as I say, you are the best and I look forward to your re-cap.

    YOU ROCK JILLY, Justin, Nacho and of course the cutest Leo on the planet. xo

  5. The producers never said what it was that actually happened bewtween Demarco and Corrine that made them shut down production. I think that it’s all manufactured for ratings. There is no evidence that anything legitimately happened to shut down production, I think it was all set up to hype the show. If I’m wrong then show me..

    1. Couldn’t agree more. So frustrating that they did that whole segment to explain what really happened, and DID NOT explain what really happened!

  6. Definitely a mixed bag of tricks on these episodes of BIP. You are right there was a lot of drama but I guess that is why people tune in. I was hoping that Danielle would find someone and maybe now that she has left her and Wells might get in touch at a later date. Lacey picked the wrong guy to go on a date with, I so would have picked Ben. Taylor and Derek might not make it as he was making comments about the different women coming on the show and showing some interest in them. Looking is one thing making comments is another. Raven, I hope she finds someone but that might not happen. Amanda should just go home and spend time with her girls before they grow up. Children are precious and I personally put my daughter first when she was little. Corrine what can you say about her, she jumped into that pool with both feet and caused some controversy by not thinking through how her actions might be perceived. Demario, I feel for him. He was portrayed as a bit of a jerk on Rachel’s season because of his “not really a girlfriend” came on to the show to confront him and Rachel for ratings. Bring a bit of drama to the show. It doesn’t make him a bad person it was blown out of proportion and now with this incident with Corrine, it makes it worse for him. I feel for both of them. And yes I am curious about what Corrine will say. As for any possible other love connections, I guess we will see about those in the coming weeks. Thanks for your synopsis of the show.

    1. I wouldn’t say Lacey picked the wrong guy, there just was no right guy, at least not one that was interested in her. He was literally her last choice, so it was surprising that she was so disappointed he was interested in someone else. Totally agree with you about Amanda. I think she needs to find a plan B!

  7. I have to say that I was NOT happy with the way the producers handled the DeMario situation. They did not address WHO the producer was that made the allegations in the first place, and WHY they felt that step was necessary. That is still a big mystery. My second problem with it is that it was foolish to send everyone away and make a spectacle of it. There was no reason they couldn’t have kept everyone there (possibly separating DeMario and Corinne from the group) while they sorted things out, which could have been accomplished in a couple of days, without destroying DeMario’s reputation.

    I was happy that DeMario got to tell his story because he totally got thrown under the bus. I’m hoping when we hear from Corinne next week, she’ll be apologetic about the statements she made during the investigation that she was a victim, and that she didn’t remember anything. Talk about throwing gasoline on the fire!

    I hope the 2 night format won’t continue. Too time consuming!

    Dean is a boy. A cute bot, but a boy nonetheless. Ben talks about his dog waaay too much! As in, he talks about it as though it’s a baby. An 8 month old baby, apparently. I’m hoping at the end of this, we will get an update on Wells and Danielle! Surely they are going to hook up when she returns from her mission?

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