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Fall Decor Must-Haves

I absolutely LOVE everything about fall but I’m not one of those basic girls because I hate those pumpkin spice lattes but I DO love pumpkin pie … and of course, all things Fall decor! LOL! The other day I tossed on a big cozy turtleneck with my Lulu’s and told Justin to take a look at my uniform going forward because that is literally all I will be wearing this Fall. I also love Fall for the fact that time just seems to slow down more in the cooler months, more time is spent inside, cuddled up, watching movies and you don’t feel guilty going to bed early because it’s dark out!! LOL!

Not only do I get super excited about being able to wear comfy clothing again, I also am fully aware that when the air cools off it means Fall is approaching which also means I start planning for Thanksgiving, Halloween and … ready for it?? CHRISTMAS!! Eeeepp!! I’m especially excited for Fall this year because we finally have a nice big yard and I can’t WAIT to have hot chocolate outside with Leo and jumping in big piles of leaves with him!!

When it comes to Fall decor I don’t usually switch up my decor TOO much … well, because financially it doesn’t make sense but my house is always neutral which makes it pretty easy to decorate it while still being cost effective. This includes adding accents and pops of colour and texture here and there to cozy things up.


Jillian Harris Fall Decor

1. Pillow | 2. Mini Match Bottle | 3. Wooden Heart Prayer Beads | 4. Wreath | 5. Copper Bowl | 6. Marquee Sign | 7. Bread Bin | 8. Candle | 9. Basket | 10. Urn | 11. Wreath on Stand | 12. Glass Dome | 13. Throw

Jillian Harris Fave Fall Decor

When it comes to decorating your home for Fall,  you’ll want to add vintage accents and mixed metals to your decor … along with a few of my favourite things … let’s take a look at them!!

Wreaths: A fun fact about me is that I LOVE wreaths!! I love hanging big wreaths on my doors or above my fireplace and I love swapping them out with every season!! The one thing I love about a faux wreath is the fact that you can use them every year which is a great decor investment! Also, it’s always fun to do your own DIY wreath,  invite some gals over, have some vino and get crafty!! You can also buy a real wreath from a flower shop, they can be a bit pricey but they tend to smell amazing!!

Faux Sheepskin Throws: I bust out my faux sheepskin throws as soon as the air gets that crisp chill to it. I like to put them over my dining chairs and they also look cute as accents on the floor, specially now that the linoleum flooring helped me out renovating the floor!

Big Knit Blankets: As most of you know, I have a slight throw and pillow addiction so right now while the weather is warm they are all tucked away but soon my knit blankets, faux fur, and plaid pillows will be sprawled all over the couch and chairs!!

Candles: I loooove candles but I haven’t been lighting them lately because it feels weird to light a candle when it’s 35+ degrees outside!!

Bubble Bath: Nothing says “Hello Fall” than a hot bubble bath with a candle lit, a glass of wine poured and your favourite tunes on! Oh and speaking of wine … with Fall also comes the switch from rosé to red wine! LOL!!!

Jillian Harris Fall Decor Faves-2v

What are your favourire ways to decorate for Fall?? Make sure to comment below!!





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  1. I feel you with the throw/pillow addiction! Sometime will you share some of your music playlists? I always try and listen when you have background music in your Insta stories but I can’t always catch them. You had some real bangers last week… and by bangers I mean Paul Simon, etc. I love it. SHARE SHARE SHARE!

  2. love all these items! Can you provide a source especially for items 3 wooden heart prayer beads and 9 throw?
    Thanks, Louise

  3. Jillian, I have been obsessed with that wreath since you first started featuring it! I LOVE it. But its super far out of budget, have you seen any lower priced items that have a similar look and feel?

    1. I linked a few different wreaths on the blog but I would keep my eye out for wreaths at Winners and HomeSense too!! XOXO

  4. For sure all fall I’ll be drinking PSLs.
    I want to have more wreaths around the house. I love how you decorate with them outside of Christmas!

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