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My Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Hotties

Wow … last night’s four hometowns could NOT have been ANY DIFFERENT! Right?!?! Each one left me with a new appreciation for every single guy and honestly … left me a little heartbroken and confused!!! How about you??

Okay, before I get all emotional … let’s start off with a little recap on each of the guys and their hometowns!! First off is ERIC!! I have to say, Eric and his family are prettttyyy damn cute and SO WELCOMING!! At first I thought Eric was a little cocky but seeing his family and where we comes from really made him stand out for me … my favourite part of Eric chatting with his mom was when he opened up his arms and said,  “Give me some love. lady” … awwww LOVED IT. LOL. His family looks like so much fun, I mean, who doesn’t love a good gathering around the table with amazing food and wine?! But honestly, I thought his whole hometown date was so real and genuine!!! I think Eric moved up a few solid notches in my books last night!

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Then there was Bryan … am I the only one who didn’t know he spoke Spanish?! Maybe I missed that part in the past episodes?? But … HOLY EFF … I found myself getting sucked into the Brian train when he started chatting it up in Spanish … someone get me a new pair of undies!! Lol!! Too far??

Ok, besides the fact that he can speak another language and it’s stupidly hot … I’m still not sure about him!! I really WANT to believe he is super genuine and 100% honest BUT I feel like he knows damn well just how sexy and charming he is soooooo I feel like if I was Rachel I would be a little bit hesitant!!

Also … was I the only one who noticed that Bryan’s mom had them drinking out of the world’s smallest glasses?! Anyone else pick up on that?? And that look she gave Rachel as she swigged back her vino … lol … omg … I would have been sweating instantly if I was Rachel and caught eyes with her. OMG. Thankfully though, Rachel does REALLY well under pressure and she totally KILLED it with Bryan’s family … GAH!! I don’t know what to think!!! But I do know for sure that Rachel literally SWOONED when he told her he loved her …. guys, what do you think?!??!! Help me out!! I’m SO CONFUSED!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

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Peter, Peter … Peter. I know so many people absolutely LOVE Peter … and I get it, he is smokin hot buuttt I REALLY want to see the goofy, playful side of Peter!! I think it’ll come out eventually but I’m not sure if we will see it because he’s being super cautious right now … which is smart on his part. I like the fact that he is going into this with a clear, rational mind rather than acting on his emotions ….kudos to him, that’s some tough sh*t to do! LOL! But having said that, I don’t like the fact that he’s “not there yet” with Rachel … it makes me nervous and I TOTALLY agree with her when she says she doesn’t want a boyfriend at the end of this … and that is exactly what Peter MIGHT end up being. Eeeekkk!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

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Last but not least … Dean. My god, Dean was so effing cute in this episode (well, and EVERY other episode) and I truly admire his courage to bring Rachel to his dad’s home even though he was sooo worried about it. My heart completely broke for Dean last night heart. I’m talking shattered on the floor in a million pieces and had to pick them up one by one shattered. He is such an incredibly tough guy but you can tell just know how much he is hurting on the inside and how badly he wants to resolve these issues with his dad. Ugh. Dean. I can’t imagine just how difficult that would have been for him to confront his dad like that after all of these years … I’m soooo happy and proud of him for voicing everything … even though it didn’t necessarily go too well.

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

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Uggghhhhh my heart totally broke when Rachel didn’t pick Dean … I mean, I knew it was coming (thank’s spoiler alerts … LOL!) but it still felt like salt on the wound after watching him pour his heart out to Rachel … my godddd I am tearing up just thinking about it. Keep your chin up Dean … we all know your mama is keeping a close eye on you and your dream girl is right around the corner!!!

So now that leaves us with Eric, Bryan, and Peter … what are your predictions for the next episode?! Comment below!!




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    1. I adored Dean as well and googled the likely hood of him becoming the next Bachelor but it turns out we will get to see plently of Dean ? sooner rather than rather on Bachelor In Paradise.

      1. I’m with ya Jill I had no idea either! Hahahaha. We must’ve been too nervous and excited seeing all the dudes come out of the limo, no time for paying attention to what they’re saying!

    1. But they are soooo hard to keep tack of the first day. There were 3 guys that looked a lot alike! I forgot which one was Hispanic

  1. Agreed on being confused! I really liked Rachel and Peter and thought they were the best couple by far, but now they’re slowing down and I’m concerned they might derail. She is clearly very smitten by Bryan, but chemistry does not make a marriage and I think their amazing chemistry may get in the way of determining if they’re a good match. I really like Eric, but I see Rachel showing way more excitement about Bryan and Peter, so in the end I think it’s between those two. I will be very interested to see how this turns out…. I think if Peter was all in it would be him for sure, but because of his hesitancy she may end up with the wrong guy??? I hope not…..

    1. I totally agree!! She is falling HARD for Bryan, I think it might be him in the end. Even though I like Peter more and think they’d make an amazing couple. If he doesn’t have a breakthrough and open up though, I think she’s going to pick Bryan.

  2. I heard Dean is on Paradise…. what if Raven (nicks season) and Dean get together…. is it just me or would they make the sweetest cutest couple ever…. but I really hope he is the next bachelor!

  3. I hope she ends up with peter. If not then i guess bryan. I would like to see either peter or dean as the next bachelor

    1. Omg Bryan is a creep, and can you even imagine how much his mother will interfere in their lives, especially when they have a baby! No freaking way, his kisses are nasty, kick him to the curb. Eric went up a few notches last night, so sweet. I love Peter, but he needs to loosen up.

    2. Oh my gosh I am with you on Dean! I was taken in on his visit and crushed with how his Dad reacted to his feelings. I would love him to be the next bachelor!

    3. I love Eric and he was my choice!!! My heart is already broken for him!! They made a great looking couple and had a fun, playful, romantic relationship. Next in line for me would have been Dean. I don’t trust Brian’s sincerity and couldn’t stand marrying into that family. Peter still doesn’t know what he wants.

    4. Oh my heart broke for Dean-I think she made a mistake there.I think it will be Peter or Bryan (heard she picks Bryan) but there will be inlaw issues there. That mother and son aren’t just close–that Mother will be a thorn in her side On any issue EVER–another! bachelorette break up in the near future if she picks him.Its over-she let Dean go

    5. I love her and Brian together. I know he seems a little too good to be true but I like to believe that there really are good guys out there like that. Love Dean and my heart broke for him as well. I am pulling for Brian.

    6. I think she will end up with Brian. She is her most vulnerable with him. As for Dean, they say something good always comes from something bad. Perhaps he will heal himself and let go that of which he cannot control from this airing of his unresolved past. When he has healed, he is going to be great husband material to the core.

      As for you – hope you are breathing in your new, wonderful hectic life. I am sure you have learned gratitude with your new baby, husband and house ?. Enjoy this break from TV xoxo

  4. My heart broke for Dean too! Did anyone else notice that when they sat down before he left, after he didn’t receive a rose, they were sitting in front of a picture of birds. The symbolic nature of the feather and his mother, it was kinda like she was there. Am I stretching it too far? Lol

  5. Could Dean have been any cuter last night? I’m not the suit type but MY LORD did he look extra yummy in his Tux last night. YOWZA!

    He was my pick from the start. From last nights show his feelings and what he’s looking for were the most believable to me. Bryan…there’s something fake about him, Peter…..he’s unsure of what he wants and Eric….well he’s a virgin in the love department, he’s going to be completely heartbroken when she chooses one of the other two.

    As for Dean, he’s an old soul for 25. He had to grow up from such a young age and knows the love he wants out of life.

    My heart was in a million pieces last night too when she sent him home…..Rachel, what were you thinking??

  6. I’m totally with you! Eric’s family was fantastic (I especially loved his aunt!), and I also did not have a hot clue until last night that Bryan was Hispanic! It totally did make him more hot (to me), but I have been convinced since day 1 that Rachel was ALL about Bryan. I still think he is “the one”. On the other hand, I am all about Peter, and hoping to see him as the next Bachelor. Dean was adorable as ever, and I felt super bad for him, especially when things did not go well with his Dad. Was hoping he would at least have some kind of a breakthrough with his family. Like a consolation prize for his trouble, a rainbow after the heartbreak. I was pretty sure he would be the one to go, though I hadn’t seen any spoilers.

  7. I just can’t jump on the Bryan train!!! Peter is so precious, but I can’t help but wonder if maybe editing has anything to do with his spirit of doubt at this stage in the game. You know he’s been so level headed during the process, so what if producers are just showing us one side of his thoughts just to throw us off from him being the one??? Eric is cute and I agree, his family made me like him more, but his constant purring just gives me the creeps.

  8. I ❤️ Dean and he needs to be the next Bach!I can’t believe she kept Peter over him!!He’s so not ready for that next step.

  9. Ok Jill. I’m changing everything I said in the past. I feel like peter is “petering out” LOL! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. He went from charismatic to slightly boring — what’s he doing??!!!! Eric on the other hand jumped way out in front for me after last night – love love love his family too!!! I really could fall for Bryan but I’m afraid he’s a player in mom scares me a bit… even though I have a baby boy and I get it. My husband kept saying that’s going to be you, to me, last night! Okay those are my thoughts!!!

  10. I loved Dean so much! He was the cutest!!! I have to admit that I liked Eric a lot more after last nights episode… but I think it’s going to come down to Bryan and Peter…and I think she’s going pick Peter. Well I hope at least!

  11. I hope she picks Eric. His family was perfect, he’s cute as hell, and even though he’s a bit younger than her, I think he’s her perfect match. If not him, then Brian. I do not think that Dean is mature enough. He has a lot of issues to get past and some growing up to do.

  12. Dean…No 🙁 like most of the comments below and of course your re-cap Jill, I am also heartbroken that she sent Dean home!
    And yes, agreed next Bachelor please!
    My hope is Peter till the end, hoping he can open up more. I find Eric a little reserved and boring and well Bryan, I think he knows what he’s got with his charm and is perhaps not totally honest and also being a mommas boy can be very difficult in a relationship even if the girlfriend/fiancé is accepted and loved by the momma, there can still be very tough times ahead, I’ve lived it!

  13. My guess is it will be Eric. I think she is concerned that he’s never been in love. I LOVE Peter but he’s clearly not ready to be engaged. She has been 100% into Bryan and the editing this season has been horrible at best. They clearly spoiled it for anyone and everyone who has watched this show since Season 1. (did I just give my age away?) LOL She’s still happily engaged per People so she picked the right guy.

    I cried my eyes out for Dean. What a catch he is. Will never judge people now that I am older and wiser, but his dad was not at all kind to him. Ugh, my heart broke.

  14. Ya I am totally confused too. Poor Dean my heart is broken. I love him he is awesome. I hope he is the next bachelor. Ya Peter seems shady to me too. Oh and not too far on the undies comments. I almost spit my wine out, this has happened quite a few times after reading your funny comments on your blogs, you keep this up you are going to owe me a bottle ot two. Lol

  15. I loved Dean!! ?????? Peter is SO analytical! I used to love him until this episode. Scared that Bryan is a player. Eric is ok, but he doesn’t have much chemistry with Rachel.

  16. Brian is too much a momma’s boy, this relationship won’t last. Peter won’t marry her, so i think Eric is the one for her. He is a remarkable young man with a strong backbone, exactly what Rachel needs. Her big mistake was letting Dean go. He was the perfect one for her!

  17. I don’t think peter in to rachel like the way she in to him… from the first date together until he spoke out about his last girlfriend and he start tearing up .I thought he still stuck there with his memory in the last relationship . Eric hometwon was really good .my heart broken over Dean and I wish Bryan to end up with Rachel ?

  18. I completely agree with you!! I don’t trust Bryan, and his mom, run Rachel!! love Peter, but he needs to be there, disappointing that he’s not there yet and hasn’t said I love you 🙁
    Eric, good guy, Dean, love him and my heart broke for him last night 🙁 I thought they were great together, but maybe age was the biggest factor 🙁

  19. I just know she is going to fall for Bryan, whether that is good or bad who knows but man he is hot !!! So I guess I have been out of the dating scene for a long time but I guess now you have to run and jump and straddle the guys around the waist with your legs…. Seriously this turns me off so bad. I must be turning into an old fuddy duddy but I just cant stand this !!!

  20. My heart broke for Dean too!!!! He looked so sad when he didn’t get the rose. Especially after the rough night he had to face with his family FOR Rachel! Bryan and Rachel seem so be physically attracted to each other but it wouldn’t last. Eric’s family was nothing like I expected but they were so sweet and welcoming. Peter is my choice from the start. I feel like there’s no secrets with him and he’s the most honest and real.

    1. I dont think anyone in Dean’s family have dealt with the loss of the mom/wife.
      His dad hasn’t handled it – obviously. The sister is still upset and they all think Dean is tough and handling it so well! Hello, can we find a councillor?

  21. I think Bryan really is sincere. I think that some of his “too good to be true” kissy, kissy face might have to do with two things: his culture and being an only child. In general, Latin people are very warm and passionate. From the looks of it, his mom and dad were probably very focused on him, because he was their only child ( best schools, after school activities, lots of nurturing and encouragement). I would think that having all of this would make someone grow up with quite a bit of confidence. I mean he’s a doctor for pete’s sake!

  22. I actually like Peter more because he’s not there yet with Rachel – because I don’t think ANY of them are actually in love, this has felt like the shortest season ever and I feel like she’s only seen each guy a handful of times. The fact that Peter is taking it seriously and isn’t getting all wrapped up in the fairytale of it all makes me think he’d have longer term potential than the other guys who are in “love” after a few weeks. That said, I agree that Eric won me over last night! And I also think the show went too far with Dean – he clearly didn’t want to go home to see his dad, I don’t understand why (other than ratings) he couldn’t have just gone to where he lives, had her meet friends etc instead of subjecting him to this. I just felt like they exploited his family and went too far. And then she goes and tells him she’s falling in love with him and then sends him home! Ugh! So many highs & lows this week!

  23. I so wanted Dean to be there, I think he is the most raw and real. Who knows we may be looking at the next bachelor we can only hope ?

  24. Jillian, every time I read something that you’ve written , it’s like you jumped into my head and wrote down my thoughts! Ha! (Maybe that’s why you are one of my faves in life lol)
    There must be something you can do to get Dean to be the next Bachelor 😉 LOVE him! Oh and am I the only one who thought Rachel should have at least acknowledged that Dean has dealt with so much loss/rejection in his life and that she was now contributing to that. I was waiting for her to talk about it and she didn’t :/

  25. I was all for Bryan at first but I think he will always be a mommas boy. Didn’t she say she would kill Rachel?

  26. I think Rachel made a very very bad mistake keeping Peter and sending Dean home. Peter won’t marry not for a long while. It breaks my heart that she sent Dean home. ?

  27. I’ve gotta say… after that episode I totally sympathize with Bryan’s ex for leaving him after meeting his mom. I’ve seen clingy moms… but this one takes it to another level and I was screaming at Rachel to run for the door every time Bryan’s mom rolled her eyes at something she said!!

    I honestly like Eric the best, especially after this episode! I think he’s the most emotionally mature and grounded guy of the bunch. Maybe the way he talks comes across as cocky but I don’t think that’s his personality at all!

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  28. Bryan was on a show called “The Player.” He is a self proclaimed “fan” of the franchise and dated one of the much younger previous contestants. Add that he approached Rachel with “GIRL…you in trouble,” on the first night. Would he have taken that approach if she were non African American? He has played this game well, and kudos to him. He even changes his tone of voice when talking to her. None of the guys chosen for this season were great picks and Rachel has made it so obvious (matching watches?!) that she wants Bryan if I were Peter, Dean or Eric I wouldn’t be so quick to open up to her either. I will take boring and unsure over fake and rehearsed. I’d rather be in a committed relationship than a temporary engagement…but it is obvious that he is the winner, especially since the watches. Eric is too immature and Peter is well,not demonstrative enough for her. She made a great choice for what she is looking for. Shame on the show for all the manipulation and exploitation that has gone on. My heart breaks for Dean.

  29. My favorite is Eric, i had my doughts but after last night, i like him. As for the spanish guy from miami, run, dont look back, run from that latin possessive mother, trust me.
    Can’t wait to see who she picks.

  30. I’ve watched ALL the shows from the beginning and am a self-confessed addict, however I’m not a big fan of this season for a couple of reasons. I think the producers have too much say and alter what people would normally do – oh right, it’s ‘reality tv’ – but those of us who love these shows actually do want more real life situations. I’m way past the ‘running to meet the guy and wrapping your legs around his waist’ procedure – is Rachel told to do this for audience effect? it’s pretty cheesy! Rachel is a lawyer? a grown up independent career woman and I suppose I hoped for really classy behavior as I feel she is a classy gal and the producers are portraying her as a coquettish bimbo and the false eyelashes/eye makeup is over the top and really takes away from her natural beauty. The sad thing about the fast paced agenda of these shows is that the real men who are normal and solid good guys are let go because they don’t jump on the love band wagon – I’m talking about Will. Yes, we get that Rachel wants to be married and have children and the time line of the show pressures everyone to decide ‘now’ – and she might just be a little bit star struck with all the attention like most of the guys
    are – but seriously? why don’t the producers think outside the usual ratings box and live on the edge of our reality where a marriage proposal doesn’t have to be ultimate end to the show – this is 2017 aren’t we all past the Cinderella Prince Charming fantasy?…how about a finale that actually doesn’t end, but continues as a dating show for the 4 choices for home town dates? not televised continually but allowing the couples to be real in real time, and then after 6 months do a reunion show of sorts and reveal if any one ‘couple’ wish to continue exclusively. I’d be watching! lol

  31. I think Brian seems great, but his mother would flip out if he moved to Dallas (or anywhere outside Miami). He can’t even get a haircut without her commenting. Rachel has to decide if she can live that way. I honestly think it’s normal that Peter isn’t 100% able to say he’d propose! I would need to see how someone interacted with my friends and family and if I could see them sharing my lifestyle before saying I could marry them. I’m rooting for Peter! Or, I’d date him myself ?

  32. Whoever gets Dean will be one lucky lady. He seems so real. All he is looking for is someone to love him unconditionally.

    Brian, when his mom said that he has dated A LOT of women, something clicked in my head that he is a ladies man and he is definitely not for Rachel.

    I would have a hard time picking between Peter and Eric. I think either man will be a great hubby.

  33. Glad Dean is gone… his lack of maturity was apparent when Rachel asked him why he hasn’t reached out to his father in two years.
    Peter is my choice,, he seems to be the sensible one that isn’t just swept away by the glitz n glam of the show.

  34. Ha ha ha.!! Busted a gut over the panties part LOL so very true though!!! Spanish, great looking, and I think you called it right that he knows it. I don’t want him to be a player, for Rachel’s sake. Her having her heart broken is not an ending that I want to see after her journey.
    I hope Dean finds love on bachelor in paradise. Peter allows himself to fall, My guess would be on Bryan until I see how meeting her family goes with the remaining ones.

  35. I’m hoping Dean will be the next Bachelor. I agree with everything you said and I think it will be Bryan in the end

  36. I agree with you about Bryan. Don’t think he’s genuine, tries too hard, whereas the other 3 are totally genuine. I still like Peter for her. (And I liked his friends!) As for Dean’s hometown, I also felt sorry for his dad, but it would take a bit of time for me to elaborate.

  37. I was super disappointed in the show… not Rachel when Dean wasn’t chosen after dragging him down that horrible emotional path. He seemed so torn up. Made my heart hurt

  38. Eric…All the way! Peter…not ready. Bryan…kinda scary and who’d want the mother-in-law from hell? Dean? Cute, but a lot of baggage. I think he could use some counselling. He was too young for rachel, I think. Next bachelor? Maybe…if they give him a year or two to mature a little. Just my opinions.

  39. Truly I had the final two picked since the first night. It’s pretty simple really.

    Ryan and Peter, Eric I’m all little shocked by but I don’t mind him. Ryan’s always been my go to but I think since I’ve found out he’s a born again player, he may have slipped to second.

    Peter, well who doesn’t love a man with a distinguished look of grey going on. But this I’m not sure if I’m ready to get married…why are you on the BACHELORETTE? The grey should mean he knows better, no? I think he’s coming around, who knows it could be an act playing hard to get? I still like him…

    Eric, I’m not really sure she likes enough to want to Marry…

    Dean, she was curious about. I didn’t like how his personal life was aired on tv, when she knew she wasn’t going no where with him!

    I think ultimately her family has so much pull on who she picks, this we will we next episode…

  40. I am having a hard time getting on Team Bryan… and now there’s the mother…Jillian – maybe you know better than me since you’re in a relationship, but she’s a part of the package and she seems like a NIGHTMARE. What happens with wedding planning, when they have a baby,..eeeek.

  41. Well I love your blog on all of those men. I think Dean leaving was a good idea but I think she should of let Peter go first and then Dean.
    Peter is not ready for family and children which is where Rachel is, so don’t try and change his mind let him go. Dean I think needs to sort out his family issues, I felt sorry that Rachel had to go into that situation and it must of been uncomfortable for her. I was not an Eric fan either and I did see a different Eric come out for sure and his family seems wonderful. But my all time favourite is Brian and I thought at the beginning what is wrong with this guy and Rachel has said that many times. Now I think what you see is what you get he is truly and beautiful man and I think if she picks him they will have a absolute wonderful life. His mother was a little overboard but most mother’s are protective and he is an only child so she is going to be even more protective. I love that she was upfront with Rachel and said if you break his heart “I will kill you”, funny most mothers would think it but won’t say it. My pick Brian and live happily ever after.

  42. Okay, she’s clearly smitten with Brian but I’m not feeling it with him, seems like it won’t last a lifetime. Eric however feels like home for her, she even said that! Please pick smile worth ERIC!!!
    I had high hopes for Peter but seems he’s hesitating and there should be no pull back feelings or second guessing and questioning. It just means she is not “the one” for him. So I’m guessing she have a fun but not forever ride with Bryan so she should just pick forever Eric! I bet she won’t… so just tell me the end already. ?

    1. How can I go back to correct my grammar and spelling !? Ahhhh -sorry guys! I hope you can read between the lines. ?

  43. She belongs with Bryan… PERIOD!!! Race is an issue, especially when it comes to starting a family! Underneath the fake false eyelashes, and the fake weave hair, she is what she is!! ( a black girl!) I think the make-up is fine, but, in her natural state, she needs to be with her own race…. It’s the normal, natural thing to do, especially with Bryan being a very cute, and nice black man!! They look good together!!!!

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