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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Gail & Mike

Oh my god you guys … I really hope you caught last night’s episode of Love It Or List It Vancouver because it was the FINALE of season 4 … and I’m not sure when we will back!! I started thinking about this last night over dinner with the girls and my eyes welled up with tears. I thought back to when myself, Kaitlin, Todd, and the whole crew first got together on this crazy journey, we’ve shared laughs, stories, and tears, all while creating memories of our own that I’ll never forget. It’s been SUCH an amazing five years with this crew and I really couldn’t have asked for better people to spend my time with … especially my partner in crime, Mr. Todd Talbot.

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver-1. Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver-1.

It’s so bittersweet writing this recap today … I’m honestly having ALL THE FEELS right now!! It just so bizarre to sit here and wonder when the next time I’ll see Todd and the crew will be … such a strange feeling. I would say the same about Kaitlin but I see her FAIRLY OFTEN … she’s probably sick of me … LOL!!!! Just kidding. I’m gonna miss that girl like HELL even though I do still see her on the regular! Alright, I guess we should jump ahead to the recap now … since that’s what you came here for!! LOL!!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver-1.

Gail and Mike have been married for 33 amazing years (hold up, can we just take note of how hilarious Mike is?! This guy had me cracking up! LOL!!) and they, in fact, built this very home that they’re in now 25 years ago!! How awesome is that?! Welp, with life changing and kids flocking the nest, even MORE, changes are in order but the only question now is … do they stay, or do they go?

In order for me to keep Gail’s toosh parked right here in this home sweet home of theirs, I had to refresh the living room and family room and renovate the dining room, kitchen and master ensuite all within a budget of $200,000!

So as Kenny and his team (Oh here come the tears … KENNY!! I’m going to miss you! LOL!!) fired up this project we ran into an immediate problem with the open concept kitchen that I wanted. And that problem was a beam. Yup, a big ‘ol beam that would be a pain in the ass AND wallet to remove. So back to the drawing board for me!  You think I would be used to this by now, hey?! LOL! Nope.

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

Even though that big beam (and a little mold on the side) threw me for a bit of a loop we came out strong with our STUNNING reno!! We installed beautiful new wide plank oak flooring from Shaw Floorss throughout along with new lighting, new furniture and a contemporary fireplace in the living room (thanks, Valor Fireplaces!), complete with a faux marble surround and storage on either side!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

We also created a super fun (and very functional!) bar area in their living room (which actually used to be their dining room) so people can mix and mingle all while stirring (or shaking) up their fave cocktail!

In their new open concept kitchen, we kept the beam where it was and kept the island on an angle to avoid those hefty costs and thankfully this worked out really well for us! Not only is the kitchen completely refreshed (kudos Merit Kitchens!!) but it’s still super functional! We updated their cabinetry and added a gorgeous new backsplash to update the space!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver-4Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

My goodness … then there was the ensuite and that DREAMY stand alone shower and tub (good call, Gail!!) … check out that custom made rod iron enclosure!! GAH!! So freakin gorgeous!! This was all thanks to the handy work of Birdman the Welder and the Glass Doctor!!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

In my opinion, this reno was a HUGE SUCCESS … a bittersweet, emotional rollercoaster, tears of happy and sad all rolled into one, success. And the best part?? They LOVED IT! Sorry, Todd … I just HAD to get one more dig in!! LOL!! As ALWAYS, thank you, Janis Nicolay for the stunning photos!!

I want to send a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to all of YOU out there as well, to everyone who loudly (and secretly) rooted for Team Love It over these last 5 years … and even to those who were in Todd’s Team List It corner, we truly appreciate your love and support!!

Signing off … one last time … for now …




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  1. OMG!! Will miss you and Todd soooooo much!!! Hurry back!! The home reno channels are not the same without you two!! Best Show the HGTV had to offer!!! Lorraine H

  2. OMG Jillian, (Todd and – of course – Justin) why won’t the series continue??????
    It’s one of my FAVOURITES on HGTV!

    Also – will there a Part II of “Jillian and Justin”?
    Would love to see your wedding etc…..


    Anne in Windsor, Ontario

  3. I will miss you Jillian and Todd a lot. I loved your show and will wishing and hoping it will return very soon.
    Also, love little Leo, what a joy!

  4. Love your show Jillian, saw last night’s show, truly a great one. Sure hope you all come back for another year.

  5. My daughter and I love your show!! We watch all the time and really hope you’ll all be back!! Please!!! We may even want our house done one day!!!

    1. I watched this episode and my PVR’d episode of Jillian & Justin – the proposal. I loved them both and I thank you for pulling the curtain back so honestly. My kids are all grown up and I have one piece of advice for you: You will never regret turning down opportunities or putting things on hold in order to focus on your parenting and your marriage. It’s a golden time and it goes way too fast. Remember, “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson Keep on being true to yourself and follow your joy compass.

  6. I love this show as it is my fav HGTV show. You both are such awesome hosts! The network would be crazy not to continue this show. Wishing you all the best. Will really miss my Jillian and Todd fix.

  7. The ONLY way I will accept this is if Nacho and Leo get their own show to hold us over! HAHA! Thank you for everything, this show is my fave and I’m just praying hiatus is short but very sweet.

    I am truly happy you’re getting a well deserved break Jilly. Soak up the sun and some Leo time. Your instagram and website are going to be swarmed daily with those of us who love to follow you Jill.
    Hurry Back.

  8. I’m so sad ? I can’t believe its over!! I love your makeovers Jillian! Hope to see you on again soon ??❤️❤️

  9. While we understand you have families to consider, we sure hope this is not the end. You two and your crew have been one of the most enjoyable home shows on TV. Enjoy your summers and please, please don’t let this be all! PS: Jillian, I lived in the peace country for 20 years – can’t find better people than Northern Alberta !

  10. Thanks for providing a great entertaining show. Learned a lot in renovating & when buying things to think about. You guys & your team were fabulous! Hope to see you back soon…PLEASE. We are in Ontario looking to move to BC and this show provided a lot of great insight, scenery, restaurants (where you meet), etc to make us want to move now!

  11. You are so awesome and I will miss you, Todd and the show so much! Thank you for the last five years of beautiful renos and awesome ideas. Enjoy your new home, your gorgeous boys, Leo and Nacho and plan that wedding!
    All the very best❤️

  12. My husband and I are going to miss the show so much!! You, Jillian, and Todd were always welcome in our living room wether it was a new show we hadn’t seen, or a repeat performance. We are soooo going to miss the fun banter between the two of you and we will miss Kenny also!! Looking forward to some more Jillian and Justin!! The best of luck in future endeavours and we will see you again, they have to bring back Love It or List It Vancouver. Too many people will miss it!!!

  13. Love you Jilly and Todd!! You guys have the best chemistry! HGTV won’t be the same without Love it or list it Vancouver!!
    Hope the hiatus is a short one ! Hopefully you do a season 2 of Jillian and Justin! You guys are so down to earth with your crazy schedules! Gonna miss Leo and Nacho too ?

    1. I can’t believe they aren’t renewing for another year you and Todd are amazing together. Seriously Jillian you are an amazing designer. Loved watching you both hope to see you back❤️

  14. I cannot believe not seeing my best friends …..I was so anxious to see the next episode….
    You guys are so awesome together… Go figure why they decided not to do season 5….
    Also was very happy to meet your family on Jillian and Justin and my sweet Leo…….
    I hope they will reconsidered in a near future another season of Love it or List it,,,,,

    Love you so much !!!!!!

    PS: I was team Jillian
    Don’t tell Todd. Lol…..

  15. Please return in a new series we absolutely love the show here in Australia. I have my whole family addicted to your show. My daughter and grandsons [twins 12 yrs] and myself visited your lovely city in June last year and were very much taken with the people and scenery and all the attractions. Watching your show has been so enjoyable especially the interaction between you and Todd and Kenny. Please come back. I hope Foxtel telecast your Jillian and Justin show here in Australia would love to see it. Thank you for your humour and knowledge . Regards Denise Carpenter

  16. Oh no!!! Please say you and Todd will be back sooner than this sounds 🙁 Your show is the best on HGTV !!!

    My family and I watch your show all the time we even guess at who will win the challenge ;0 .

    You both are very funny and enjoyable to watch.

    One question, about last nights episode, where can we find more information about the Faux Marble facade on that surrounds the fireplace across the kitchen? I work for a fireplace company and very interested in this look for our showroom.

  17. I obviously LOVE all the renos you did but I am a realtor myself and I always wanted people to start fresh! So team Todd is where I stood BUT there was not one single renovation you did that was not mind blowing. There are a lot of shows of interior designers but none compare to your style. You honestly can transform any space into a dream space!! I need you guys back on my tv 🙁

  18. LOVED your show. It IS the BEST! Hurry up and get the network to sign it on again. Wishing you, Todd and all the crew the best….hopefully it is just a short break. Congrats on a very good series.

  19. This is heartbreaking!
    They cannot take away our show, it’s the best reality—I mean, it’s the ONLY great thing reality tv has ever brought anyone! This show is pure gold!!
    The funny thing is, at first, my husband and I only watched it to see the houses and renos, but suddenly the cheesy puns became just endearing and we could not get enough of you guys. We really love the show and watching you guys make fun of each other, congratulate each other… Share buy-one-get-two bubble tea!! They cannot take you away from us! No no!!

  20. Awesome season finale and $200 budget ?wow! Love love love the shower and would like to know where the dining room lighting is from? See you in the fall ?

  21. I love your show. Not all the seasons have been shown here in Brazil yet, but I’ve become a huge fun of you guys from the beginning. I ‘m really sorry to hear you don’t know for sure when the show will be back.
    I hope the channel will reconsider.
    I’ll miss you.

    All the best .


  22. Hi Jill .. just love your show and the decor you do .. oh and Todd also..!! Was telling my Friend about your doggie in pocket doors for her kitchen Reno and what a fantastic idea. Not sure if you’d be able to forward me a photo to show her but in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy looking through your blog to see if I can find. So enjoy your dramas and always the wonderful finished product.. often think wish you were in Australia I’d use you for our Reno’s .. keep up your fantastic work and hopefully you’ll have many more seasons to come .. Dianne

  23. Jillian, I love so much about this reno, especially the amazing dining room table and light fixture above it. Where did they come from?? Inquiring minds need to…recreate this space in their own home!!

  24. Going to miss you and Todd. But I’m wishing you both the best in your new aventure. Thank you for 5 years of great tips and entertainment.

    1. This is my favorite program on HGTV. Don’t know why they show only on occasion and so early in the morning here in northern California. Please renew the show and show it more often!

  25. Hi Jillian and Happy New Year. I was wondering if you can help me out. I love the over-the-john cabinet you designed for Gail and Mike (last episode on love it or list it vancouver) however I can not find a picture of that cabinet … do you have one that you can post or even share with me. Thanks for your help.

  26. Just saw an episode where you made a storage area for the homeowner’s beloved wines at the top of a cabinet. Heat rises. Wine spoils in heat. Wine must be stored where it is cool, dark, and experiences no vibration. Do a little research before you ruin a person’s home and waste his money!

  27. I´ve loved to watch your show here in Finland! I really hope there would be many more seasons coming for all of us who love to watch you and Todd. Together you two make me smile or even laugh, you are so positive all the time 🙂 And the changes you´ve made in homes shown in TV are amazing!! Wish you all the best in the future and as I said, hope to see you many, many times more in this show!!

  28. love you guys. I live in New Zealand and am crazy about Love it or list it Vancouver. Jill and Todd have a great funny banter. Hope to see you again xx

  29. Hi there! I was watching Love it or list it too. S6 episode 2, “It’s not easy isn’t green”. And my husband and I love the wood slab dining table and the chairs you chose for that project. Could you please tell me where you found them ? Thanks!!!

  30. This is a shot in the dark but I’m wondering if you can share the name of the restaurant(s) that you and Todd visit for wine after the shows? Particularly back in 2015, season 3, episode 3 Julie and Bernard.

    Would love to include these places in my destination plans!

  31. Kia ora Jillian,

    I’m 26, living in New Zealand, and Love it or List it is the BEST home renovation show out there. It’s me and my dad’s (who’s 57 FYI) favourite thing to watch. I am staunchly team #LoveIt, he is team #ListIt because he and Todd share the lame-dad-jokes vibe.

    That being said we haven’t been able to view your episodes here in NZ for ages, and can’t watch it on HGTV as we have to be in Canada, so it feels like we lost you even before this post you’ve put up!

    Dad and I are crossing all the fingers and all the toes that you guys get another season and that it makes its way back to NZ. And if it doesn’t, thank you so much for being a part of this awesome show and always having flawless taste.

    Lots of love, nāku noa, nā

  32. Nooooo!!!! please don’t go!!!! Seriously my favourite show of ALL of them and there are a lot of others out there. But you and Todd and crew are the BEST! Will miss all your beautiful designs even when the homeowners “list it” it’s still a great show. Thank you for the wonderful five seasons and all the best and hope to see you back on HGTV or another network soon.

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