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Girls Weekend Diary

Many of you know that I spent one ENTIRE week this month with two of my besties, Shannon and Karissa … and Karissa’s mini me, Hudson … who ended up hitting it off with the man of the house, Leo. Lol!

Shannon and Karissa have been “my people” since I can remember. So many travels, adventures as kids, picnics in rolling hills when we were allowed to roam the woods till dinner time…heartbreaks, holding hair over the porcelain god, giggles till we pee, shopping beyond our means, living together in our first homes, weddings, babies, breakdowns, learning to drive stick, self tanners, endless love… and EVERY YEAR I look forward to July long weekend when they come crash at my place!!

At first Justin wasn’t a fan of this tradition, in fact, he would always say “The Queens are coming to visit” LOL … and it’s kinda true … I DO like to really “do it up” when they’re here to visit. Typically I start planning for their visit 1-2 weeks in advance, I make sure the house is stocked with food, snacks, wine … tequila … lol … you get the drift. I also like to prepare a little “Welcome Gift” for them as well, these little gift bags generally consist of some of my favourite items … one of them was a romper from Smash + Tess … because no girl should go through life without one of these bad boys! LOL!!

Jillian Harris Girls Weekend Diary-2Jillian Harris Girls Weekend Diary

Massive Swan Floatie | Baby Swan Floatie

This year I was a LITTLE BIT stressed prior to their arrival as I was banking on the pool to be finished and within 48 hours prior to their arrival, the liner wasn’t even in … cue the stress and frantic scrambling for “Plan B” but SOMEHOW the team at Latham Pools freakin PULLED IT OFF! Right before my eyes, everything unfolded and BAM … I had a damn pool that was packed with floaties including a massive swan floatie (plus mini swan floaties for the kidlets) a massive flamingo floatie, beach chairs and towels, and  Grapefruit Rosemary Fros-eh at the ready!! How in the SH*T did that happen?! LOL!

Jillian Harris Haywire Rosemary Grapefruit FroseJillian Harris Girls Weekend Diary

My Sunglasses | My Bathing Suit Top | My Bathing Suit Bottoms | Karissa’s Sunglasses

As Hudson and Leo played with one another we couldn’t help but have a little laugh at just HOW different our get together’s are now … we went from late nights of partying complete with our fair share of shots (even though we still busted out a few shots LOL!!) and sleeping in, to early morning rises and diaper changes! LOL!!!

The weekend turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned it … spending quality time poolside, catching up, laughing our asses off, sipping on cocktails and just being in the moment!! It was nothing short of perfect. We even ventured out with the boys to some amazing local restaurants, and wrapping the trip up with dinner and lots of vino at one of my favourite wineries here in Kelowna, Quail’s Gate!

Jillian Harris Girls Weekend Diary

My Dress | My Sandals | Shannon’s Heels

I can’t even begin to tell you how MUCH I needed this girls weekend. Not once did I crack open my computer and check emails after I play some video games with the help from, I refrained from “talking shop” and phone calls and it felt SO DAMN GOOD!!!!

Needless to say, I’m already counting down the days to next year’s visit … I wonder how different things will be then!!



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  1. Random question but do you guys all whiten your teeth? I’m so jealous of your pearly whites. What brand do you use?

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