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My Bachelorette Recap: Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am

Hi again!! Did the two nights in a row of The Bachelorette mess anyone else up?? Or was it just me?? First of all, I almost completely forgot to watch last night and then as I’m sitting here writing this I keep thinking it’s Tuesday … wtf. Way to mess with our minds!! Lol!!

Does anyone else feel like they literally BLINKED and POOF, she was down to her top 6?!?! Or is it 4?? LOL!! I originally thought this season was going a bit slower than normal and then all of a sudden that happened and it threw me off guard! I guess that’s what happens though when they dish out two episodes in one week with a mishmash of “To Be Continued” episodes!!

First of all. Let’s talk Lee. Holy man. I’m so glad Rachel kicked his ass to the curb, he was really starting to get under everyone’s skin including MINE!! And I hate to say it but Kenny let Lee get the best of him … I honestly think if Kenny had stayed in the damn helicopter with Rachel rather than going BACK OUT to stir up some more sh*t with Lee he PROBABLY would still been on the show. Ugh. Damn it, Kenny.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Ok … can we all agree how effing HOT & SPICY Rachel and Bryan are with each other?! At first I wasn’t SUPER stoked on him but as the time goes on he is REALLY growing on me!! I mean, she wants him. He wants her. They should just ditch the show, run away together, and make babies already. I mean, she said on Monday’s episode that when she thinks of Bryan she “sees forward” … what I heard when she said that was “WAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM … let’s get the f*ck outta here and get married!!” …  LOL!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

As the girls and I were watching The Bachelorette together we had a bit of a split decision amongst us, Shay and Mackenzie were Team Peter and Mindy and I were Team Dean. What do you guys think?? I asked the same question on Twitter last night and there were A LOT of people choosing Team Peter and as I sit here and creepily stare at his picture … I get it. He’s a babe. LOL!!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Why can’t it be possible to take the top FOUR guys or even just the top two guys and combine them all into one EXTREME HUSBAND?! The ultimate man, if you will. LOL … just picture that for a second … you’re welcome.

So tell me, who do you think Rachel is going to pick for her TOP TWO??? Share your thoughts below! I THINK it’s going to be between Bryan and Eric!!!!



Ps. Want to get Rachel’s look from this week? Check out some of the items she wore below! See you next week!!

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  1. top 4 I think are going to be peter, bryan, dean and Eric…
    top 3 dean, peter and bryan
    top 2… this is tricky…. peter will definitely win…
    I would be totally happy with dean or bryan as the next bachelor!!!! <3

  2. If were Rachel, I would have taken off in that helicopter without Kenny since he showed her what was important to him.

  3. Bryan is a schmoozer…..I don’t trust him at all! I’m team Dean! I think Eric is too insecure!

  4. Team Peter! I get a gay vibe from Dean. Maybe he’s just too pretty? I think he has no game because he is too pretty….? Either way, he’s nice to look at but Peter is the real deal!

  5. My two favorite guys these season are Peter and Bryan, both good looking and nice guy, I really like Rachel taste in men and love how she tell it like she see it. Keeping my finger cross that Peter is the next bachelor

  6. I’m so torn!! Top two have been Dean and Peter from the get go. Love them both! Last night I totally saw what she has for Bryan, though, too! I just think that every conversation(and make out sesh!!) between Rachel and Peter has been so effortless and sparkly that he just has to be the one for her! So I’ll go for Peter for the W and then have Dean as next bachelor?!!

  7. Well I like her with Bryan and she tends to be slot like that with Peter also. Coming attraction showed her crying and Peter said the tears were his doing. Bryan is really a together guy.

  8. I think top three will be Bryan, Peter and Dean! They are so sweet and cuteeee! Dean may be a little too young for her. My choice is Peter! I think Bryan is too much of a smooth talker.. too good to be true.

    1. I though Rachel and Eric had a great connection as well. But, I agree, she has a thing for Peter and Bryan as well. Not a big fan of Bryan, and I think Dean is too immature for Rachel. I’m betting it will be between Peter and Eric.

    2. Did the second episode (on Tuesday) even air in Canada? πŸ™ Didn’t get a chance to watch it on tv…waiting for it to be uploaded online πŸ™‚

      Love your website!!

  9. I think top 4 will be Peter, Bryan, Eric and Dean. Then she’ll say goodbye to Dean(because he is so much younger(that’s ok I’ll take him!) ). And then Eric will go, he seems a bit too in his head and clingey? And then she’ll pick Bryan and Peter will be our next Bachelor! Oh my gosh if I’m right!!! Love your recaps Jillian.

  10. Dean, Peter and the love is Bryan. I love Peter, I think he is the real deal. I am concerned about Bryan, I think they “Im” falling in love with you was WAY too soon and that scares me. The way he kisses kinda freaks me out too, I wanna wipe my face when they are done. Eww, my preference only, some love sucking face, I am not a fan of it. HAHAHA- I wish they had edited a little better, it’s so obvious who she picks, and you are right, ditch the show, run off to the sunset, Marry, have babies not necessarily in that order.

    Until next week.

    As always, Luv ya Jilly

  11. I agree Bryan and Eric. Its been Bryan since her got out the limo. Eric is a cutie but too young. Eric for next Bachelor!

  12. First off what a random and awesome group of guys she got… all so different!

    Dean (dreamy) so happy and amazing like seriously weirds me out he is single!

    Peter, super hot, not my type, a guy more into fashion than me turns me off and intimidates me. Lol he always looks ready for a shoot

    Alex! Seriously what a character, his sense of humour really gets me… I understand why him and Rachel didn’t have the connection she’s looking for but sure hope he stays big in the bachelor nation!

    BRYAN! Agreed Jillian they should run off together because they are made for each other and it’s so refreshing to see two people that have just got it together and will definitely be another forever couple which we really need about now!

    Not sure what it is for me but I am majorly not a fan of Eric… can’t find anything that’s attractive about him… although he was very open with her on the one on one I still feel like he is far from ready and far from being with a strong women like Rachel… hopefully one day he finds someone that works not sure he fits bachelor world in my opinion!

    Kenny and lee who? Serious filler on the show… Kenny had a classy exit and seems like a super sweet dad which I admire but again not bachelor world material!

    I lOVE bachelor nation

    As for next bachelor omg DEAN all the way! Although heard he is on bip

  13. Okay I am team Bryan for who Rachel ends up with.. but I am 100% team Dean for next Bachelor, he is the sweetest! There’s something about Peter that I can’t warm up to. I’m thinking right now top two will be Bryan & Peter.
    Also loved the first two episodes of J&J! And I wasn’t “disappointed” in you at all last night! I think you had a TON on your plate- brand new baby, still working & trying to build your dream home! I don’t know how you do it- you rock!

    Sending love from Ontario πŸ™‚

  14. I can see she likes Bryan, but he seems a bit cocky. And I can not STAND the way he talks to her. It’s way too slick and schmoozy. I don’t buy it.

    I love that Peter is a bit more reserved – makes it all the more meaningful when he does express himself. Just wait for the look on Rachel’s face when he says he’s falling in love with her – it’ll be that dopey, melty, “I WANT TO SAY IT BACK!” face. Lol.

    I LOVE Dean, but I don’t think he and Rachel will end up together. And Eric isn’t even on my radar since he let his emotions get the best of him. Based on how Rachel has handled drama so far, I’m pretty sure if she sees that side of him he’ll be gone preeeetty quickly. I think 4 – Eric, 3 – Dean, 2 – Bryan and the ‘winner’ is Peter.

  15. Bryan and Peter….. I go back and forth on her finale pick but right now Bryan (but I would prefer her wih Peter)

  16. Does anyone else find Eric a bit creepy??? I don’t know.. I’m just really not into him!
    I’m team Peter all the way. I think he is moving JUST fast enough and is JUST confident enough. Bryan is a bit much for me and Dean is ADORABLE but just too young.

    I can’t even remember who else is left at this point… not a good sign for them I think.

  17. Lee is totally a bitch! Glad she saw through his lies. I think the top 2 will likely be Bryan and Peter and she will pick Bryan (which would suit me just fine because Peter would make a fantastic Bachelor! Loves me some Peter). Dean is also adorable, but I don’t see the sizzle. She does also seem to really like Eric, and they did make some progress last night. I think they will be in the Top 4.

  18. I was just talking to my sister the other night about the top 4 and whoit possibly would be! I mean she has a great connection with so many of them! My top guy is Peter — I like that they are taking it slow and really getting to know each other! I think Bryan and rachel’s relationship is only physical it won’t last! I think the last two will be Peter and Bryan!!! ?

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