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Jillian and Justin: The Snuggle and Struggle is Real

Well?? What did you think of the second episode of Jillian and Justin?? After watching the premier I walked away feeling so proud, excited and AMAZING but this second episode left me feeling the complete opposite! I almost felt, not really embarrassed but not like I was sharing the best version of myself with you!  I also didn’t think that episode was as exciting as the first episode and it had me wondering WHY and in all honestly it’s because it represented a true reflection of my life at that specific time! It’s not like I didn’t like the episode, it’s just that it was a very uncomfortable part of my life … and an even MORE uncomfortable part of my life to watch back … let alone share it with the whole Country!

I just felt at this point in the filming, I was definitely starting to feel burnt out … I didn’t feel like myself and I really didn’t feel like I was being funny. I had SO MUCH anxiety about going back to work that it was literally consuming my mind. I felt “meh” and I hated feeling this way. I think that one of the things the show missed at this point was the fact that I didn’t WANT to go back to work, I contractually HAD to go back to work because people had literally moved out of their homes and couldn’t move back in until we completed the job. What a time to have a new baby, hey?! Lol. Knowing that I had zero say in this decision made me feel completely trapped and it really hurt my heart as I so desperately wanted to stay at home with Leo!! I was emotionally and hormonally (is that even a thing?? lol) not there. I didn’t feel like a good mom, girlfriend, boss, or PERSON in general at that time.

Jillian and Justin Episode Two Recap

On the drive to work that very first day after having Leo, production wanted the film crew there to capture my emotions but I REALLY wasn’t in the right head space to have them there. I actually remember that time of my life last year and I remember being SO bitchy and cranky with everyone and I’m so surprised production got ANYTHING on camera because I didn’t want anyone around!! But then as I was alone on the drive, my emotions started taking over my body … I thought to myself that there HAVE to be other moms out there going through this same thing and this WAS a part of the story! And that’s why I ended up powering up the Go-Pro. I really wanted other moms and families out there to know they are not alone but at the same time, maybe we can all take this as a sign to reflect on what we’ve got going on in our lives and WHY we are doing what we are doing every single day. WHY are we going to work? WHAT makes us truly happy? For me, it was that particular day that made me reflect on what I had going on and really think about where I wanted to be and how I wanted to spend my time … and maybe that I just couldn’t do it ALL.

I also don’t think the episode showed the true beauty of Leo’s Sip and See … I guess it was a “had to be there” kind of moment … but there were some AMAZING photos of it that were captured if you would like to see them, click here! I should also take this time to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Soha from Countdown Events … she organized and planned this WHOLE Sip and See and without her, I’m sure we would have been eating cold veggie dogs and drinking warm beer!! There are also SO MANY other people who made this such a beautiful success for us, make sure to check out the recap and photos and take a look at all of the amazing companies who made this possible here!!

Jillian and Justin Episode Two RecapJillian and Justin Episode Two Recap

When they aired the part about me finding out about the first offer on our home I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed about my reaction … I felt like a spoiled little brat (especially because I know the new homeowners are they are AMAZING) BUT at that time in my life, I felt very “as a matter of fact” and a little bit of a ball buster!! I noticed we also talked a lot about money in this episode and we often said “we can’t afford this” over and over … I know some of you probably watched that and were thinking “What the hell are they talking about, isn’t she on TV and has her own business and everything?! How can she not afford these things?!”. While we do well for ourselves, we are still very careful with our money, we still want to live within our means and just like any other family we want to keep within our budget. We aren’t the Kardashians and we ain’t no Warren Buffet … yet! LOL!! So yes, we do have a budget and money has been very stressful for us being a new family and renovating our home all the while trying to set ourselves up for the future.

Jillian and Justin Episode Two Recap

Make sure to let me know what you thought about the second episode and how you thought it compared to the premier?? Make sure to tune into the third episode next week (Wednesday, 10pm on W Network!) … omg … now that I think about it, I actually can’t believe that we’ve been filming this for the past year and this docuseries is already half over!!! So freakin crazy!!!

Ps. Swing back later this afternoon (2pm) to read ALL about how we celebrated the premier of Jillian and Justin with the whole crew in Vancouver!! AND … if you missed my recap of the first episode, take a look at it here!



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  1. I managed to sneak away from “life” last night and watch the episode. YOU and everyone in your family is so “real”. Everything about this episode was real life for so many of us. The not wanting to go back to work after our kids are born to the money issues, which hey… isn’t that life regardless of how much or how little we have?

    I laughed (when Nacho reluctantly got off the bed), shed a tear with you (in the car saying you didn’t want to be there), giggled with the way you were trying to convince Justin to propose and shook my head “YES” to so many other things that happened!
    I’m not a reality tv watcher but wanted to watch this one! SO glad I did… will be sad when it’s over.

    Congrats on everything!! Keep on being real!

  2. Hi Jill, my husband and I had a very similar experience to you last summer and fall as we sold our house, bought our dream home, and had a new baby (we had an almost two year old at the time too!). I also had to go back to work really early and leave my baby. It was so stressful and I felt hormonal and crazy and overwhelmed and cried all the time. I related to this episode so much! Thank you so much for sharing such a real insight into your lives! It definitely makes me feel like I’m not the only one on this crazy journey.

  3. You are amazing Jillian. That is too much in one year for anybody to take on! I can’t believe you worked, packed up 2 houses and moved while having a new baby. That’s crazy. It would’ve be easier if you’d waited a year or two when you weren’t so sleep deprived and could just concentrate on Leo when you weren’t working. I think that was way too much for anybody and yet you did it and still looked amazing and Leo is healthy and happy! I’ll miss you on love it or list it but I’m glad you’re not doing all that driving anymore. I would’ve had a meltdown in the car too like you did

  4. Such an amazing episode last night! You’re like such a great mom Leo is a very lucky baby!! My favorite aspect of the show is that you don’t try to be anyone you’re not, thanks for keeping it real xx

  5. Dear Jillian,
    Honestly I think it took courage for you and Justin to be filmed with all the things going on in your life. First off it shows everyone what a real, true, hard working momma you are, like the rest of us. So don’t be hard on yourselves, I am so grateful you have shared your life with us. You are a tremendous joy to watch. You are so kind, talented, amazing friend, boss, worker, partner and mother. I look forward to your IG stories everyday. Watching you and Justin and baby Leo is a beautiful story. You have worked damn hard to get where you are, so be very proud hold your head High. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to epsoide 3.
    One more thing, you have helped me with my transition of plant food base. It was not by choice at first, do to digestive issues. Feeling so much better about myself. I do eat some chicken, turkey still but from our butcher.
    Thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful family and your momma and daddy raised a fine young lady, as did Justin’s parents raising a fine young man.

    Teresa Gale
    Toronto, Ontario

  6. You are full of fire and tenacity! I love you! I love you and Justin and you are an adorable couple!! One day I’ll ask you to come and decorate my house in Kelowna!!!??

  7. I really liked the second episode! Me and my mom were giggling at some points when you were frustrated and emotional, but only because we can relate, I probably said like five times “I’m sure I would react the exact same way if I was her”, it’s nice that you show not everyday is perfect and everyone has their own “stuff” going on! I’m sad it’s half over! I’ve been loving Wednesday nights!

  8. Jillian this episode was so real and I personally appreciated every moment you shared. I got emotional when you filmed the day you went back to work because it was so raw and I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to what you were feeling. We’re so obsessed with how perfect celebrity lives are and never think that they go through struggles too. I also liked how you did mention at the end that you had are good life because you do! Your and Justins relationship seems very strong! I could go on and on but I love you and thanks for sharing!!

  9. I LOVED this episode. I think more than the premier, because it was so real, and totally relatable. I was literally laughing out loud through lots of it because it reminded me SO much of me and my guy – even down to the marriage jokes!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. You were such an inspiration to me before this series, but even more so now!

    Lots of love to you and your beautiful family! Can’t wait for next week!

  10. Thanks for letting us into your lives! You guys are awesome together and make a great team. Watching it, I think you two are even more lovable and relate-able after the second episode! Your dad is actually my favourite part of the episodes- WHAT a sweet dad you have! And Nacho!!! Thanks again for sharing and can’t wait for the next episodes!

    1. Hey – Wish we could see this in the U.S. but from all I’ve read, or heard you say on Instagram – it sounds like you are very real and very brave – thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. And let go wanting to be perfect – right? Xoxo

  11. I absolutely adore you and your gorgeous family. I’m in Australia and am dying to watch your show. Being a new mum is the toughest job you’ll ever do so don’t be to harsh on yourself. Your amazing and doing an amazing job.

  12. I sobbbed right along with you during the scene of you in the car on your first day back to work. It brought back all the emotions of my first days with my daughters. I was lucky to take full advantage of our amazing year long maternity EI and that first day was still so, so hard. I can’t imagine just a few weeks in! I am enjoying your show and seeing real emotions not just a pretend reality show.

  13. Jillian

    You have no idea me & my mom we look forward to the show every wednesday. I religiously follow your instagram stories. I’m literally obbessed with you and your style (not in a creepy way ) . We are moving to our house in october and I just can’t wait to decorate it. Thank you for all the tips & products you share.

    Lots of Love


  14. I seriously can not get over how much i love your little family (Nacho included)!! The honesty and the reality in that episode is so relatable for so many couples….it took balls to let everyone in on that part of your life Jill, thanks for sharing girl!!! XO

    1. LOL I really did LOL when Jillian said Nacho should get a job and then Nacho opened his eyes and gave that look

  15. You are your little family are amazing! I think it takes a lot of courage(!!!) to air honesty, when we’re all caught up in a world of perceived perfection that’s really, really perpetuated by social media. There were moments in the episode when I thought, “Jeez, wouldn’t it be nice if their smallest problems were my biggest problems?!” But that’s so hypocritical!!! I’m sure there are others out there that would say the same about my life – anyone’s life. We’re all entitled to feel ups and downs about what’s going on in our own worlds. Thank you for sharing yours!

  16. I think it’s pretty common to not feel or act like yourself after having a newborn. I know I didn’t and i certainly didn’t have as much as you did going on! Stop being so hard on yourself. Everyone has those days an no one’s reality is perfect all the time!

  17. i thought the episode was truly raw and honest. we’ve all been there feeling the hormones and the general overhelming feeling of being a new parent and trying to juggle your past life with your new. i can barely stand to hear my own recorded voice there’s no way i could watch snippets of my past self at a trying time without cringing from time to time! i still found you to be genuine and charismatic, and as always, congenial. your family is an absolure pleasure to watch.

  18. Yep, that was an emotional roller coaster! But hey, that’s life sometimes. I’ll bet in the next episode you’ll have your feet under you again?
    Yes, there was lots of talk around money issues, and my first thought was, “I really think you could probably find a fantastic dining table for well under $8K!” LOL

  19. Oh Jill you are so freakin normal..give yourself a break. I found myself actually thinking to myself while watching wow this is awesome. It doesn’t matter who you are how pretty you are how much in the public eye you are everyone is the same. The same insecurity’s the same ups and downs. It was the best episode! I loved it. Leaving your baby the first time is the worst. I was forced to leave my baby to go back to work as well. I was a single mom. I travelled on the bus across the city to take him to the daycare where my sister worked so at least he was with family. Took me 2 hours each way. It was a very hard time for me. I struggled a lot. My job was a dishwasher in a cafe for minimum wage. My son is now grown and has kids of his own. It all worked out. Watching you sit in your car and cry brought all those feelings back and how hard it was. I was sitting on bus crying though lol! Keep your chin up! Your doing great! Xo

  20. I finally got around to watching the episode this afternoon. When you were talking in your Instastories about how you didn’t like yourself in this episode I was expecting a LOT worse. You honestly handled yourself with an incredible amount of dignity and rational thought for someone who had just had a baby and has crazy hormones and so many things going on in your life. I loved how you said to Justin “we need to stop, this is not how we talk to each other or treat each other”, for you to see that in the moment is not something everyone can do. Bravo!

  21. I pvr’d the second episode but just tried to watch it and it ended up being the first episode all over again. So I missed the second episode ? Is there anywhere online that I can watch the second episode?

  22. Jillian,
    I agree with the other comments, this episode was so real! I think a lot of reality TV is hyped up to focus on only the positive. It was refreshing to watch you, and your family, be so raw and in the moment. I am a new mom, baby is 9 months old, and I am currently getting ready to set out on a new journey of going back to school. ‘Mom guilt’ is such a real thing, it is so hard to leave them when you feel you have spent so little time with them. Someone once told me, the best way to teach your kids to reach their dreams is for them to watch YOU achieve yours. Sad the series is only 4 episodes – loving it!

  23. I could relate more than ever in this last episode.

    I welcomed a baby girl into the world last year as well over thanksgiving. It was a very traumatic experience.

    Our beautiful girl was colic, and allergic to dairy.

    Moms make so many sacrifices for their babies and the toll it takes on our bodies and minds is insane.

    You were so real in this last episode and it helped me feel a little more “sane” in all of my meltdowns and mix of crazy emotions.

    You’re a rockstar mom and Baby Leo is a lucky little dude (also the cutest little dude.

    Me and my little watch your insta stories of him daily and she’s constantly smiling at him! (He’s stealing hearts already)


  24. I can appreciate how it would have been hard to watch those moments back from a hard point in your life – but what I appreciate even more is that you chose to share it with us! I love the realness of your family and the fact that you guys do always end up reflecting back on how lucky you are. Can’t wait to keep watching! And by the way, I laughed at some of your “bitchy” moments, so you still managed to be funny! Hahaha

  25. Hi Jillian,

    I live in the US and I don’t have cable. Is there any way for me to watch the show? The link you gave in your post won’t allow me to watch the video.

  26. I really loved that episode .. I guess it offended some people .. the money that you had planned to spend on decorating … I know myself .. I cant afford a new couch .. mine is 30 yrs old and sagging .. but hey I think there is a lot of jealousy !!! cant wait for the next episode.. just stay real and never change .. you are perfect .. faults and all xxxx

  27. I understand your reseverations about the episode but you are your own worst critic, I’m sure!

    I thought the episode was WAY BETTER episode in terms of flow and ‘storyline’. The first one I found a bit all over the place, way too much happening!

    1. I know that you were a bit nervous about this episode, but quite honestly it made everyone love you even more❤️ It was raw and honest and everything I could relate to after having a baby. I loved the first episode but loved the second one even more. Keep your head up, don’t work too hard!

  28. Hey Jill!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVED this episode! There was so much raw emotion attached to it. It was defiantly different from the first one but NOT in a bad way. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Although I’m not a mom myself..yet.. I think that every working mom out there can relate to how it feels to go back to work so soon after having a baby. It has to be one of the hardest things to do, I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster you went through.
    I think that episode really showed you and Justin in a very real way. Many people forget that just because you have this platform to do AMAZING things? have stuggles just like everyone else!
    Can’t wait for episode 3, so sad it’s half way finished!
    ❤️ From Ontario

  29. Watched the second episode and thoroughly enjoyed it! You are so natural and real and it is so nice to see little Leo he is just the cutest and hate the thought of only having two episodes left!! You must think about another set of shows later on – you, Justin and Leo are a lovely family and and it’s been a real pleasure to get to know you a little??love watching Love It or List it Vancouver??????????

  30. Jillian, it takes a mighty strong woman to go back to work so quickly after having a baby! With my first baby, I went back to work a year and a half and even then it felt so weird and unnatural. With my second child, I went back to work a year after and again felt the familiar pangs of guilt and heartache. You are so amazing! You certainly deserve a long break!! This is Canada; the land of great maternity leave/parental leave benefits!

    Thank you for being authentic and for continuing to inspire. Blessings to you and your family.

  31. Hi Jill, I’m not a mom (I feel I have to say this because so many people relate to you as a mom, while I just relate to you as a person) but what I love about you is how you let us into your life with honesty. I am a fan of Love It or List It because I think you are so funny and very talented as a designer. But this show of you and your family is much more real and fun to watch. Thank you for letting us into your life so intimately and for letting us watch your beautiful family be born.

    I have terminal cancer and there isn’t much to watch on tv that puts a smile on my face or lets me be honestly emotional, thank you for that.

  32. The second episode was sooo good because it was real without being overly hyped on drama like most reality shows. I like in this show that you got to see Justin more as a person and see him stand his ground and how he helped ground Jillian and helped her see a broader perspective on the reno and life

  33. PLEASE tell me where you got the blue with white polka dot dress you were wearing at dinner with Justin! I NEED IT!

  34. I literally cried when the commercial announcement aired!. I love watching your little family, you are so inspiring to me and a lot of women and mamas out there! I’m so sad that the show I already half over! Please make a season two with more episodes ❤️❤️ I dudes histarically at how nacho got off the bed when he woke up!

  35. I just wanted to say that I recently had a baby (in December) and I too look back at that newborn stage and think about how much I disliked my attitude towards other people, especially my husband. I think it’s a hormones thing and probably pretty normal. Mom life is hard! I think you just need to be a little easier on yourself when looking back at that time. Hormones are so intense but those babies are so worth it!!

  36. Your son is a precious little guy, congratulations. I love his nursery but may I please offer a wee bit of advice? As a NICU nurse, I ask that you please consider removing those bumper pads, stuffed toys and excess bedding from Leo’s crib. I know they look cosy and sweet but the are a SIDS risk. A safe sleep sack and fitted mattress sheet are all that is recommended in a crib. Babies should be put on their backs to sleep for safety. You have a beautiful family. You make me laugh. I appreciate your honesty so please don’t mind mine! It comes from a pure place of goodness. All the best!

  37. I actually loved this episode! I thought you were very real. I hate when reality tv is so scripted! I felt like that is how it really would have went down as a new mom with a little baby and that much on the go! I love
    Your show and hope to see some more episodes in your future!!!

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