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My Daily Routine as a Mother of Two

Hi everyone!! I can’t believe my maternity leave is officially over and I’m already back to work!! How does time fly by so fast?! Over the last six weeks that I’ve been at home with Annie … and officially being a mother of TWO (well, three, if you include Nacho! LOL!), I found that I had the best daily routine happening which also incorporated some of my favourite Saje products!

I was able to not only be productive during the days (catching up on emails and running errands!), but I also made sure that we got lots of R&R in as well. I’m going to miss having these loosely structured days and I’ll need to rejig a few things now that I’m filming again but it certainly was something I could get used to.

Jillian Harris Daily Routine

Our days always started off with a little snuggle in bed … Annie loves being held by me (which I’m making sure to make the most of!), Leo always found his way in the middle to snuggle up with his big bro, Nacho, and we would hang out there for a bit until it was time to grab Leo (and myself!) some breakfast.

Once we all crawled out of bed, I got into the habit of immediately turning on my Saje diffuser in the kitchen along with some Saje Orange essential oil (their Citrus Dream Diffuser Blend is also amazing!!). Ever since I was pregnant with Annie I found that I was obsessed with the orange essential oil, it leaves me feeling invigorated and energized and it has such a fresh scent to it that it makes me think my entire kitchen is SPOTLESS (until I see Leo throwing his breakfast on the floor and Nacho lapping it up) … hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Jillian Harris Daily Routine

Speaking of Leo tossing food around … typically after we’ve all had breakfast and when Annie is catching some more z’s I start cleaning everything up. This is the time I can quickly get our counters wiped down, swap the laundry, and spot clean any area I see that may need a little TLC. As most of you know, my favourite cleaning products are from Saje. I started using them earlier this year when they were first released (check out my post, here!), and we haven’t stopped since!

I was previously pretty conscious about what we were using to clean our home with but I find I’m even MORE particular about it now that I have two kids which is why we’ve continued to use Saje’s 100% natural cleaning line in our home. I don’t have to worry about the kids (or Nacho) coming in contact with it like I would other cleaners which makes me feel good!

Jillian Harris Daily Routine

Generally, from here the day would be a mix of Leo heading off to daycare or gymnastics and Annie and I hanging around the house, well, she would sleep and eat and I would be getting some emails and tasks done, or Annie and I would be out and about grabbing groceries, popping in at Mamas for Mamas, etc. I would pick Leo up and then start dinner once I got home. This is about the time Justin and I would sneak a glass of wine in. LOL!

Then it’s on to Leo’s bedtime duties! Leo still has a bath after dinner every night and Justin will read him his books! Before they both pop into his room, I like to get his Saje Diffuser going with his Aroma Fairy essential oil blend to help him relax.

Jillian Harris Daily Routine Jillian Harris Daily Routine

Once both kids are sleeping, I like to get into the bath for a good soak every night. I turn on some music (will most likely grab a second glass of wine) and pour in my favourite Saje Goddess bath salts. I find this is the absolute BEST way for me to completely reset and relax my entire body before jumping into bed.

Normally I would use my Sleep Well roller at night to help me fall asleep but let’s face it, I have a newborn … once I hit the sheets, I am out like a light …  well, until Annie wakes me up! LOL!

That’s basically what my routine has been for the last 6 weeks and I’ve come to fall in love with it. I know that it’s going to be an adjustment going forward but that probably only means adding more Saje products into my routine to keep me feeling fresh and ready to take on this working, mama of two, life.

What are some of your daily routines?? Do you incorporate Saje into them as well like I do?? Comment below!











Thank you Saje Wellness for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. First off, I’m surprised you only get 6 weeks of maternity leave! Why only 6 weeks?
    Secondly, I love Saje! I’ve already asked for it for Christmas this year. I have 3 diffusers in my home; 2 of which are from Saje. It’s not running constantly but whenever I feel I really need it I know it’s there for me. 🙂 After seeing this blog about the citrus essential oil, I just may have to try that one!

  2. Jillian! I have been following you for a little over a year now and I have come to really enjoy watching and listening to your tips and tricks about being a mom. Especially of a newborn as I just had my first baby 3 weeks ago:) I know this may seem like such a silly question but I was curious what your take on drinking wine while breastfeeding/pumping is? I am breastfeeding and pumping throughout the day but I do miss my glass or glasses of wine. Just curious what your thoughts on this topic were? 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your routine Jillian! My routine with my 9 month old is similar as it involves a bath and reading. I’m actually looking forward to incorporating the Sage essential oils in the routine as I wasn’t sure if the oils are safe for babies! I was sad as I had to put my diffuser away!

  4. Hi !!
    I too am a new mamma of 2. I believe our kids were born a day or two apart! My routine is very similar to yours as I have my first in school so our day begins with some cuddles and feeding the babe then breakfast for my daughter and I. Lately weve all has a cold so I throw in the allergy oil along with tea tree and eucalyptus! My favourite oil is the liquid sunshine, so delicious. Love following your posts !

  5. I am absolutely addicted to Saje’ Immune. It has a wonderful clean fragrance that helps me breathe through these colder weather times.
    Highly recommend it.
    Sleep Well is my other best relaxing Saje’ product.

  6. I wish I had a routine. I have zero routine and no kids yet… I can’t even imagine once I have children how my nonroutine will really be a non routine… or maybe it will do the opposite and make me have one, ha ha. I will say I use my sage products daily though, from bath salts to oils <3 Sage is always apart of my day now, thanks to you!

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