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My Doormat Favourites: Messy Weather is Back!

It’s that time of year again everyone!! Time for the sloppy mud puddles … the leaves that stick to the bottom of your shoes … wet footwear … and soon … SNOW!!! Eeeepp! Messy weather is back and with messy weather comes messes front entrances!

I always try to do what I can to prevent that nasty weather from getting tracked inside and one of the steps I always take are DOORMATS! These babies are outside my front entrance, garage entrance, and back door … I’ve learned quickly just how fast dirt and muddy foot AND paw prints can spread throughout the home (cough … Nacho … cough). This spring I bought the CUTEST “Hello” doormat from Wayfair and I shared it with all of you in a post on Instagram and I got so many questions asking where it was from so I thought I would share details of it here with you today among a few other of my favourite doormats from Target to Etsy!!

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Door Mat | Rubber Boots | Leo’s Boots | Wreath | Wall Lantern

Hello Alternatives

The Hello Doormat tends to sell out so quickly from Wayfair, they DO restock them but it takes a bit … and you really have to keep your eye out for when they are back in stock because they go FAST buttt in my latest doormat research I found SO MANY cute alternatives!! Check these out!!

Ps. For those of you who want to know what size Hello doormat I have, it’s the 3×6!!


Doormats are a really cute (and simple!) way to decorate your home for any holiday! Take a look at these spook-tacular mats to dress your front step up for Halloween!!


You all know by now how much I love my cheeky jokes so it’s no surprise these goofy doormats caught my eye … I mean, your front entrance is the first thing people see when they come to your house … might as well set the tone!! LOL!!!


These mats are just downright freakin cute! The one with the little heart reminds me of the framed tea towel I have in my home that says “Wild At Heart” … you know what one I mean?? Yes, that’s a tea towel!! Crazy right?!

Jillian Harris Doormat Favourites Jillian Harris Doormat Favourites

Top | Jeans | Doormat | Wreath | Wall Lantern

What’s your favourite doormat from the ones I’ve shared above?? Comment below!!



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  2. You have such great taste! LOVE following you and your sweet family. Still hoping for the Wayfair Hello Mat. It’s always sold out, but I’m determined to get it!

  3. Your ‘Hello’ mat and ‘We Hope You Brought Wine ‘ 🙂
    P.S…. i hope everyone brings wine haha!

  4. Has anyone found this Hello rug in in the U.S. lately? Amazon Canada doesn’t ship to the U.S. 🙁
    And this rug is amazing !!!

  5. Hi Jillian,
    Love your front entry! I absolutely love the double doors. Can I ask where you purchased them? I’m looking for a similar style for a new home build.

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