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My Favourite Necklaces

Morning everyone! Today I want to share some of my favourite necklaces with you! I actually don’t wear too much jewelry but when I do, I like simple and delicate pieces but there are a few qualities I look for when I choose my necklaces and they are …


I love things that MEAN something, especially when it comes to jewelry. That’s why you’ll often find me wearing my little L necklace! I get asked on a regular basis where my L necklace is from and mine is actually from Minichiello Jewellers in Vancouver and while most of you probably don’t live in Vancouver, I’ve scoured the web and found a few online that are pretty similar to the one I have!

Ps. The other necklace in this photo is a collaboration between Pyrrha and Atticus Poetry! They designed a talisman with the words “Love Her But Leave Her Wild” and a portion of the proceeds from the necklace and Atticus’ book will be donated to an incredible charity called To Write Love On Her Arms. An organization dedicated to offering hope and finding help for young people struggling with anxiety, depression, and self-injury.

Jillian Harris Favourite Necklaces


I love dainty necklaces of different lengths because sometimes it’s fun to spice up your look and layer some necklaces together! I’m a big fan of the lovely little pieces from the JH x Melanie Auld Summer Love Collection, most of which are perfecting for layering. Don’t be afraid to layer a super short necklace with a really long necklace! There are no rules to layering so just have fun with it!

Jillian Harris Favourite Necklaces

Little Pops of Colour 

I generally stick to either silver or gold when it comes to my jewelry (sort of how I like everything WHITE in my home … LOL) but I do like to add a little pop of colour in the mix from time to time and the stone heart necklaces are perfect if you’re looking for a small dash of colour to compliment your outfit.

Jillian Harris Favourite Necklaces

Where are some of your favourite necklaces from? And what do YOU look for in your jewelry?? Make sure to share your thoughts below!!



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  1. I love the necklaces made by Hilary Druxman here in Winnipeg! She has done a couple of costume pieces for me that mean so much and her philanthropy pieces are always beautiful as well! Highly recommend!!

      1. I love the jewellery designed by Leah Alexandra in Vancouver. Her pieces are so versatile. You can layer them up or wear just one piece. You can also just wear them with jeans or when you’re dressing up. Highly recommend!!

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