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My Bachelor In Paradise Recap: Trouble in Paradise

Hello again!! With all of these two nighters of Bachelor In Paradise, this season is seriously flying by … only two more weeks left!! What the?? I feel like this time around there haven’t been as many connections and solid relationships as I figured there would be with this group … but maybe that’ll change as of next week when things start to come down to the wire but at this point in time I really only see one MAYBE two solid couples. Of course, one of them would be Taylor and Derek and … well, the other one could very well be Amanda and Robbie!! I’m almost shocking myself by saying that because Robbie was trying SO HARD to get Amanda and she really wasn’t caving … I mean, the girl didn’t even want to kiss him at first. Is it the hair, Amanda?? LOL. Either this will turn into something like Carly and Evan ORRRR Amanda just really isn’t THAT into him and it’ll fizzle out fast. What do you think?

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Before we get any further into this, I should address the Corinne and DeMario situation (I know, I know … I’m over it too!!) … it was nice to hear from Corinne last night and it’s refreshing to know (after ALL of this drama) that there are no hard feelings on either end … they got drunk, stuff happened, everything was blown out of proportion and now they are working it out. I think it’s safe to put this to rest now.

Jillian Harris My Bachelor in Paradise Recap

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Alright … moving on to the other drama … boyyyy did Christen come in and ruffle some Jasmine feathers. Holy man. So, to be fair, I can understand WHY Jasmine was so upset over the whole situation, she DID tell Christen that she was seeing Matt so it wasn’t really fair for Christen to ask Matt out on a date but then again … it IS Bachelor In Paradise … do these rules exist here?? I’m not really sure. However, even though Christen took Matt on the date, it wasn’t really fair for the girls to make fun of her so much … I mean, Scallop Fingers is now her title under her name on the show … did anyone else see that last night?! Anyway, I think the whole Scallop Fingers thing is goofy … in my opinion, forks are overrated … I totally eat with my fingers. LOL. You can call me pizza fingers … or pancake fingers … or tofu fingers from now on. LOL!!

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Ok moving on to … Dean. ARGH. This love triangle situation needs to go. He’s literally taking Kristina on an emotional roller coaster ride and WE ARE ALL ON IT TOO!!!! One minute he’s cuddling and playing truth or dare with her and the next minute he’s piggy backing D-Lo around the pool. I get the fact that Dean is younger and probably SUPER confused but don’t string Kristina along … PLEASE!! It hurts my heart to see Kristina so upset. I know that it’s easier said than done but I think what needs to happen is that Kristina needs to completely break it off and start having fun and chatting with other guys. Chances are Dean will end up having his little fling with D-Lo and realize what a mistake he has made when all of a sudden he sees Kristina in a new light. SHINE GIRL, SHINE!!!!

Jillian Harris My Bachelor In Paradise Recap

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And then our Canadian boy (who sounds MORE Canadian than your average Canadian … LOL), Daniel, graced us with his presence last night. LOL. I honestly think someone needs to create one of those daily calendars with all of Daniel’s quotes on it … seriously. Someone get on it. LOL. Anyway, I was excited for Lacey  as we all know she has the hots for Daniel. Actually, at first I was a little worried because he didn’t seem that into her and I felt so bad for Lacey BUT then he gave her his rose and they started flirting and making out … which is a good sign, right?? It’s been a while since I’ve dated … LOL!! But for real, I hope they click and keep this going … if only people (cough … JASMINE … cough) would just leave them alone!!

Jillian Harris My Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Welp. That’s it for me for now … I’m so curious to know what’s going to unfold next episode and a little nervous to be honest … it looks like there’s more trouble in paradise approaching!!

As always, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!!



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  1. How could you not comment on how demeaning and mean Daniel was to the girls? He doesn’t deserve to be with anybody. He called Lacey “scraps” and “leftovers”.

  2. I think Daniel is hilarious! The comment to Lacey about leftovers, I think, was edited in a way to make him come across as a dick. I think Daniel has a very dry (and crude) sense of humor that is not for everyone. Again, I think he is hilarious and love that he is back in Paradise.

    As for Dean, he is very very very immature. He acts like a horny little teenager. Poor Kristina. She should’ve ditched him a long time ago and moved on to someone else. Like Ben Z.

    And Jasmine rubs me the wrong way – ever since her bullying of Christine. I don’t like it.

  3. I agree with you on the Jasmine thing, that was CRAZY, and a little shady of Christen to ask Matt after just speaking to Jasmine..BUUUTT, Matt also went to Christen and told her he was open to other relationships, not completely tied down. So she just listened to her gut and went with what she wanted which is cool. Matt and Jasmine clearly have communication issues lol. And UUUUGHHH is all I have to say about Dean right now, it hurts my heart as well to see him string Kristina along what an a**hole … thanks for all of your recaps I love reading them!

  4. I find this season is so frustrating!! Kristina is my fav and Dean is stringing her along! I also find Daniel so strange and rude to the girls. He’s so arrogant. They show too much of christen, she’s slightly annoying . Jasmine was way too clingy with Matt. Haha I feel like I’m being harsh but this season has been a bit of a bore/annoying in general!

    1. I feel the same way! Then jasmine pulled Daniel way from Lacy when she could tell they were hitting it off. Esp. With everything that just happens with Matt how could she do that when she didn’t like it? Christen and Jasmine were crushed about not getting a rose when Matt said he was leaving. Not so much about missing him. I feel this season is just about getting a rose and having fun, not about falling in love or meeting someone. Like they just want to be on TV. Kristina will move on and do much better without dean. His conversations or lack of are just extremely boring. Maybe a little harsh but I feel like with the cast I had such highs hopes.

    2. I hope Cristina finds someone. Keep Daniel away from all of them! He says such blunt rude things to people and he thinks he is a sex symbol. Ugh! He is his strange! I really wish Dean would have stuck it out with Cristina, but maybe he is thinking with the wrong head. Although, in a situation like BIP I can see how you would want to get to know all the people that interest you and then decide. Dean does really seem like a good person. Anyway, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

  5. This season is a bit of a dud. I mean, I guess technically if Taylor and Derek end up getting married, it will be just as successful as previous seasons, but there’ not much else happening. Kristina needs to back away from Dean. She needs someone who is really infatuated with her. Jasmine does NOT own Matt. Clearly! He left paradise to get away from her. The whole scallop fingers thing is so petty and ridiculous. Lacey should not be getting her hopes up with Daniel. He’s not that into her. I don’t think Amanda is really into Robby either. I think she’s just basking in the attention for now, but will break away after Paradise. Well, Christen does seem infatuated with the tickle monster, I just don’t know why. Seems to be the degree. Sigh…I’m just counting down the days ’til this one wraps. Keeping my fingers crossed for Derek and Taylor!

  6. Ok!! I’m dying over this Dean thing… I think he’s a total dick after this last week… Really Dean, you’re going to screw over the orphan girl who had to eat lipstick to survive? Like come on… I’ve lost total respect for the guy. I love Kristina.. she seems so sweet and sincere. I agree with you Jilly, she needs to just completely forget about him and start going after someone new and more exciting… if only they’d stop sending in skids like Daniel and tickle monster… send in the studs!!!

  7. I have to say I don’t think it’s fair the way Jasmine flipped out on Christen. I mean we’ve seen two other women come on the show and ask out a man who had been going with another woman. BUT mostly it’s Matts fault, not Christens! Matt is the one who was supposed to be loyal to Jasmine! I hate that women always blame the other woman when it’s really the mans fault!

  8. I don’t think Christen did anything wrong by asking Matt. He was the one who approached her and said he was interested in going on a date with her. Clearly he wasn’t into Jasmine the way she was into him and that has nothing to do with Christen, she was just a scape goat.

  9. Why isn’t anyone JUMPING on Ben Z?! I loved him on kaitlynns season and figured he would be he most in demand in paradise! WTF! Kristina and Ben Z should get together!

  10. This season is not my favorite. But truthfully I’m glad Corinne and DeMario are not on because I think the season would totally have focused on them. Hope Taylor and Derek stay together; they are the cutest couple. Dean needs to date a lot more before settling down with any special woman. He is just not ready. Jasmine is a bit too much for me. Don’t see choking as a way of flirtation! Boy, she sure thought Christen was slimy, didn’t she? And it seemed like Mean Girls Paradise style with the scallop slamming. Have to admit Wells comments and even his puppets make me laugh. He is so cute and hope eventually he finds his way to Danielle. I guess I’m glad Lacey was able to be with Daniel since she was waiting for him. She literally did throw herself at him didn’t she? Not quite sure why though since I find him insulting and arrogant. Like the Diggy and Dominique connection too. Got a different opinion on the Tickle Monster now. Too bad he chose or was given that title. It kind of makes you cringe just hearing it and yet now we are getting to see a nice guy.

  11. I am very disgusted with Daniel….is this the best Canadian they could come up with,,….he is rude, arrogant and not the least appealing. As for Dean…..he is too immature to be on this type of show…..he thinks it’s like a candy store and is hurting the young ladies…..lost my respect…..dump him ladies.

  12. Daniel needs to stop talking about girls the way he does. I am not proud he is canadian and the way he started to treat lacey is gross. she needs to see that and not be blind. Dean has lost everyones respect. this happens but not on TV – sorry his reputation is over
    PS your the best

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