My Favourite Place to Stay in The Okanagan: The Lake House!

I love living in the Okanagan, and we love hosting! Every Summer, we love getting our entire group of friends together for an annual weekend visit, but since we had to cancel last year, we made sure to sneak not one but TWO visits in this year! Now that our families have grown and our kids are all around the same age, we love bringing all of our families together for this annual Summer visit, but our house isn’t big enough to host everyone, and we all like to stay together. So, this year we lucked out and rented The Lake House at Quails’ Gate for our second trip. It’s one of the nicest accommodations in Kelowna. Not to mention, it’s walking distance to my favourite winery and it comes equipped with a dock if you want to rent a boat. But, most importantly, it is big enough for ALL of our families.

The Lake House Quails Gate Winery

This year I was so desperate to have my girlfriends up to Kelowna to visit with their little ones and significant others in tow. With so many of us to accommodate, I was looking for a big enough place to host all of us, and I struggled to find any accommodations due to COIVD. Luckily, I had already pre-booked The Lake House at Quails’ Gate for our wedding (which has been postponed again!). So, since I already had it booked, I asked the Quails’ Gate team if we could use it for a friend’s trip instead. For full transparency, this was a gifted stay, and this is a sponsored post, but those of you who have been following me for a while know how much I LOVE working with Quails’ Gate. It is no secret that I don’t promote or talk about things unless I am very passionate about them, and as you know, I am very passionate about Quails’ Gate and their wine, of course! 😉

The Lake House Quails Gate Winery

The location of The Lake House is absolutely gorgeous, it is nestled right in the vineyard, has the most stunning sunrises and sunsets, and it will always be one of those places that are our go-to when we need a larger space to host our family and friends. While it may seem like a pricey place to stay at first glance, you can easily fit four families in The Lake House at Quails’ Gate. When you do the math, it is quite reasonable after you split the cost between each family. Not only that, but you have the entire place to yourself; it’s equipped with a big and beautiful kitchen so you can buy all of your own groceries and cook your own meals, has access to a private beach, dock, and fire pit. If you think about it, this accommodation is similarly priced if everyone rented their hotel rooms, but this is SO much better!

The Lake House Quails Gate Winery

If you are visiting Kelowna with your very best friends, something I love about The Lake House is that you are all under the same roof. So if you need to put your kiddos down for an afternoon nap or bed, you can continue to spend quality time together after they go down for the evening. On the other hand, if you are staying in separate hotel rooms, your night is pretty much over as soon as you have to put your kiddos down for bed. Staying in a bigger house is such a game-changer and will elevate your next get-together, trust me!



This is a sponsored post, but please note that all of the thoughts and opinions within this blog are my own!

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