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Business and Self-Care with The Jilly Academy Alumni!

Have you been enjoying this fall weather as much as I have? There’s nothing like putting on a cozy sweater or getting into a hot bath after smashing out your to-do list! And I can’t WAIT for Halloween, it’s right around the corner!! Halloween is also a great excuse to escape from reality and have some FUN with your friends and family! Allow yourself the time and space to nurture your soul while you’re working hard to achieve your dreams! 

We are nearing the end of another fall month and in turn, getting closer to the end of another year. Have you thought about what you want your year-end goals to be? Have you been taking care of yourself to ensure you protect your energy heading into the colder months? We wanted to check in on how The Jilly Academy Alumni community was navigating their way through business and self-care, and we’d like to introduce two members who have been finding that balance! 

Don’t forget to check out our previous Alumni blog post HERE to keep that inspiration flowing! Now, let’s check in with our featured Alumni members!

Jilly Academy Alumni member Katherine Jean posing near a lake wearing a blue dress expressing her creative side that lends to her self-care.

First up, Alumni member and goal-getter Katherine, @thekatherinejean!

How/why did you get into your career? 

I currently work as a full-time real estate appraiser, as well as a part-time lifestyle and wedding photographer! Both careers are high paced, challenging, and ever-evolving. After graduating with my commerce degree, I decided to continue my education to become a residential real estate appraiser, and have been working in this field ever since! While working in the real estate industry, I decided I needed a creative outlet for myself and decided to pursue my photography hobby, and turned it into a successful business! 

What is one exercise in our Jilly Academy Courses that has helped you the most thus far?

An exercise from The Jilly Academy that has helped me the most has been writing out my SMART goals, this is in Course One: The Brand Strategy, Module One: Understanding the YOU Behind Your Business. I’ve always had a general idea of where I wanted my business, and life, to go but I never took the time to write it down, and to make a concrete plan on how to get there. Seeing it on paper, and having to dig deep with realistic goals, can be such an eye-opener – and one that I needed! 

Is there a goal you want to achieve by the end of the year?

My goal for the end of the year is to create a lifestyle blog while closing my photography business. As much as I LOVE photography, I decided I want to focus on creating personal content I love and can relate with, and can share with my community! While this is closing a major chapter of my life, I feel it is needed and will bring me one step closer to my SMART goals!

A self-care tip that you love?

A self-care tip that I love is to try something new – something you’ve always wanted to do! I’ve recently started taking dance classes and it has been the best thing for my mental health! It can be intimidating to start something new, but the sense of accomplishment and the fun you can have can’t be beaten!

What is your favourite Stock Photo Collection from our Campus Store?

My favorite Stock Photo Collection is easily the Floral Collection! Each and every photo in this collection is perfection!

Next up, Alumni member and self-care queen Tamara Maria,!

How/why did you get into your career? 

At the age of six, my son asked if we could please become vegetarian as he was certain there was no difference between our pet cat, a cow and a kangaroo and felt it wasn’t right to eat any of them. This motivated me to enroll in an online nutrition school so that I could take care of my family the best way I could. A few weeks after starting those courses, I decided to quit smoking (after 16 years) and started running (a switch of addictions). A short time after that I took a stress management course and knew that was to be my focus. Ever since that moment, I’ve been obsessed with helping other overwhelmed busy stressed-out women find a better way to find happiness through self-care and nutrition.

What is one exercise in our Jilly Academy Courses that has helped you the most thus far?

I’ve done my share of courses! From a quick course on specific topics to expensive ones that promise you’ll have your entire business figured out in one weekend (lol). Although I’ve learnt something from them all, The Jilly Academy Course Bundle has been better than all of them combined. I almost didn’t get the bundle to be truthful, I thought Course One: The Brand Strategy would be too repetitive, but ironically that’s the one that turned me around. Learning about values and mission statements was a huge eye opener for me and my business. The way that Jillian laid it out and explained it was perfect for me! I especially appreciate how Jillian gives examples (her examples and other business examples) as they were super helpful!

Is there a goal you want to achieve by the end of the year?

I have HUGE goals, I always do!! My big hairy personal goal is to make it across the finish line in one piece and give myself the space and time to cross the year off without any more stress. The last almost two years have really taken a lot out of me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, changed my perspective, forced me to look internally all while working more than I normally would. My big hairy business goal is to have my blog and Instagram page EXPLODE! I want to show as many people as I can that self-care really is so simple and needed daily. Being consistent and engaging with my community is going to be key for me. 2022’s goal is to start bringing in a full-time income from my hard work in 2021.

A self-care tip that you love?

Self-care is my jam! The one thing I consistently do is move… the endorphins really take me from exhausted to refreshed and ready to tackle anything that life throws my way. I always recommend to my community my set of 7 Steps to Happiness, which include things like movement and BREATHING! Being conscious of our breath and coming back to it to destress and get centered is essential! But then again, a guilt-free glass of wine at the end of the day is a 100% valid self-care tip too!

What is your favourite Stock Photo Collection from our Campus Store?

Oh my, the Stock Photo Collections are FIRE! I especially love the Floral Collection and can’t help but love the Summer Collection (the bonus image is WINE)! I like to post flowers (and wine) as part of my self-care practices and the colours and shades of the collections are so on-brand for me! As a busy single mama balancing a full-time job and my blog/consulting, the convenience of having these collections at my disposal is awesome!

Bouquet of beautiful fall flowers on Jillian Harris' kitchen counter, an image featured in the Stock Photo Collections in our Campus Store and will be sure to make you smile for some self-care.

Speaking of Stock Photo Collections… Did you know that our Campus Store recently launched Volume Two of our Fall Stock Photography Collection? Between the leaves changing colours, the cozy outfits, and pumpkins galore these photos will fit effortlessly into your social feeds, marketing materials, website, blog… YOU NAME IT! 

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