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Let The Jilly Academy Alumni Inspire You This Fall Season!

It is nearing the end of September (I know, I can’t believe it either) and so far it has been such a beautifully busy month! I got on a plane for the first time in a loooong time, Leo started Kindergarten, and we have some very exciting projects ahead of us on the business side of things! I wanted to tackle the fall with a new found energy and motivation to truly get after my goals, and I feel like I have found a nice balance coming off a summer that was filled with lots of time off! How are you all feeling with all the change in the air? Have you found that beautifully busy balance in your routines and schedules? 

With this new season, I wanted to check in with the Alumni community to see what their agendas are for the fall and offer some inspiration! This community has been working so hard and has grown with the relaunch of our Courses for the Fall Semester! We see you out there making amazing content and launching new businesses! 

If you missed our announcement of the Fall Semester with all of the most frequently asked questions about The Jilly Academy, visit our blog post HERE! Now, let’s check in with two hardworking Alumni members!

Rachel Keirstead, a featured Alumni member to inspire you this Fall season.

Our first featured Alumni member is Rachel who owns a small business in Prince Edward Island, Canada called Rural Route Creations. Check her out @ruralroutecreations.pei!

What are your goals this Fall?

My goals this fall include 1) Surviving the rush that is the Christmas season, 2) Developing my first 2022 collection and 3) Keeping the focus on implementing what I have been learning in The Jilly Academy. My business is seeing a boom in holiday orders already and I think that is in part due to what I have been learning so far, which is exactly why I need to keep on focusing on that goal! By staying on top of my branding, creating engaging content for my followers and potential customers and really nailing down what I want to do with my business I should be able to really push for exceeding these goals!

Which Course has been the most impactful for your journey and why?

Without a doubt Course One: The Brand Strategy. It is the perfect way to not only start The Jilly Academy but also really get you thinking about what you want to do with your business and ultimately your life’s goals. My small business started as a side hustle because I was having a hard time getting a quality product from others and has grown organically from there, and that is it… it has just grown with no clear focus until I found The Brand Strategy. The course really makes you dive deep into your goals, aspirations and the WHY of what you are doing. It really solved what I was missing in running the business and gave me a unique clarity on what I wanted, and needed to do going forward.

Which Campus Store product is your favourite?

The Customizable Brand Guide has been my favourite product so far because it can be used in so many ways. It is something I can keep coming back to when I am unsure of what to be posting on social media, what products I want to showcase and how I can stand out compared to other brands selling similar products. It also is something I can use to make sure that if I am partnering with someone else, or advertising on a larger scale,  that those displays will match my identity as a brand.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

Don’t mistake inexperience for inability.” I love this one so much! Just because I haven’t done something before does not mean that I am not going to do it one day – and it really doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. We can do anything we set our minds to.

Do you fill in your Workbook digitally or prefer the printed version? Why?

I always prefer the printed versions of things. I am such a pen and paper version, it took me three years to go digital doing the accounting books for my business instead of using a pencil and a paper ledger! Things just feel more concrete when they are written in ink on a piece of paper, like I can’t go and hit backspace on that goal, once it is written, I have to do it!

Jennifer Taylor, a featured Alumni member to inspire you this Fall season.

Our next featured Alumni member is Jennifer who is a Director of Marketing and Client Strategies in Alberta, Canada. Take it away @jennifertaylor129

What are your goals this Fall? 

Ah, Fall always brings about change. As cliche as it sounds, my goals are to always learn and get better at new experiences. Looking and concentrating more on fine-tuning what a brand looks like and educating those to understand that your brand goes far beyond just logos and font colours – it’s the experience your business delivers; the relationships you build. I also look forward to the relationships I’m building with my colleagues and clients. I think that taking time to just understand and listen is so important.

Which Course has been the most impactful for your journey and why?

So far I would say it’s Course Three: The Growth Accelerator. It’s the business side of things that most seminars/webinars do not cover and I love that it gives me insight into how I can help further my partnerships with my clients and my team. I love that it’s a real-world experience that Jillian has endured and she is quite insightful so it’s been a joy listening to her teach! To be honest, I’m also loving the fact that there’s a Facebook group to network and connect with the other Jilly Academy Alumni as well. I look forward to seeing what courses you guys come up with next!

Which Campus Store product is your favourite?

The Templates! I love getting new ideas and seeing resources on how to improve certain forms (I’m very type A so organization is my jam).

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

My favourite one is: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” from Winston Churchill. I love the fact that it reminds me that being present is important – nothing lasts forever whether it be success or failure. Your experiences and what you learn is what matters (and also to be kind!)

Do you fill in your Workbook digitally or prefer the printed version? Why?

There’s just something about putting pen to paper. As the majority of things I do are digital, I love the fact that I’m able to write down answers or reflect by jotting down notes that only I may understand!

Jillian Harris' Workbooks for The Jilly Academy, ready for the Fall Semester.

This Alumni community is absolutely crushing it and it’s been so fun to see all the new faces that enrolled for our Fall Semester! Will we see you in class this fall?! Enrol in The Jilly Academy today! 

Don’t forget to also check out The Campus Store for the much anticipated Jilly Academy Workbooks that are available NOW for PRE-ORDER as a bundle or individually! These are perfect for those wanting a guide through their own transformative journey or Alumni members wanting a professionally printed paperback version delivered right to your door! You can also get your hands on our valuable RESOURCES! We started things off with a few Alumni favourites – Brand Guide, Media Rate Card, AND Media Kit! All are customizable templates that you can download and get started on right away! Check out our Jilly Academy Preset Bundle and curated Stock Photo Collections – we added our seasonal Fall Collection to pumpkin spice up your content! 

Stay tuned for more Campus Store news, VERY SOON! Could this mean… more resources coming? Stay tuned because I mean, VERY soon! Don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter so you don’t miss out on any announcements!



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