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The Jilly Academy

The Jilly Academy is BACK for its Fall Semester!

This summer is coming to an end and September is right around the corner, and with one season-ending another is beginning which means it’s a chance to reboot, refocus, and reinvigorate! What does September mean to you? I have always viewed September as a fresh start, a chance to revisit your goals, set new boundaries, and invest in yourself. We are nearing the end of another year, what will you do to make the most of it and finish it off with a bang?! 

I am so excited because, on September 1st, The Jilly Academy is BACK for its Fall Semester! Let’s make September all about finding your WHY and investing in yourself to truly make your dreams come true. It’s time to create a clear roadmap of what you want and take action to get you on the road to success! You are going to want to stick around until the end… we may have something else up our sleeves for September 1st…

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions within this blog post to share with you today so that you’re fully informed of what The Jilly Academy is all about and how we can help support you once you’re ready to take that leap of faith by investing in yourself. Because if not now, when?!

Jillian Harris filming for The Jilly Academy in her living room. Courses set to relaunch for fall semester.

What is The Jilly Academy and how was it brought to life?

Over the years I have learned SO much about the ins and outs of being an influencer and small business owner. There have been many ups and downs, failures, wins, you name it! With all these lessons, experiences, and personal and professional growth, I have been able to do what I love for over a decade! The Jilly Academy is a labour of love, and what started out as a goal and passion project of mine for YEARS quickly became more than I ever dreamed of. It became a thoughtfully curated goldmine of information, inspiration, and creativity that will challenge you, uplift you, and send you on the path to success! For the first time EVER, we’re pulling the curtain WAY back on this business and these Courses are filled to the brim with all of my tried, tested and true systems, proprietary templates, methods, and trade secrets!

With taking on such a BIG project, Team Jilly and I knew we needed all hands on deck and reached out to Angela Osborne and Tarn Herritt, Co-Founders of The Atelier Collective, for their help and expertise to bring our vision to life. Without their help and all of the efforts from Team Jilly, this project would not have been possible! 

Everything shared throughout these Courses stems from my personal experiences and lessons learned. The Jilly Academy is NOT your typical business course, but instead, a direct reflection of what has worked so well over the years for Team Jilly. We share all of our best-kept business practices and you’ll hear exclusive, never-before-told stories from our journey over the past 10 years!

Does it matter what industry I am in?

Absolutely not! We have quite a variety of industries represented among the Alumni!! From real estate agents, bakers, employees, bloggers to retail stores, photographers, coaches, and much much more! These courses are for those who desire to advance their knowledge on brand strategy, content creation, monetizing what they have built, and much much more! Do you want to make an impact with your social media platform or take your business or brand to new heights? Whether you are an influencer, entrepreneur, small business, or even work in the marketing sector of a company, these courses are for YOU! 

What can I expect from taking the Courses?

We have been asked countless times by small business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring influencers, friends, and even some family members “How do we do what we do?”. Well, you can expect to be fully immersed in what Team Jilly has experienced, our insider information, and the magic behind this team and business. These Courses will get you out of your comfort zone and guide you to fully monetize your passion. If you are willing to put in the work, your brand or business can reach new heights. Success may look different to each Jilly Academy Alumni member, but you can expect to advance your knowledge, be inspired, find motivation from within, create your own magic, dive deep into personal and professional development, and have the tools to make your dreams a reality. 

Let’s check out some testimonials from our Alumni members! 

How is The Jilly Academy delivered?

The Jilly Academy currently offers three courses that are all online, go at your own pace, and are yours to have FOREVER. This allows you to complete the learnings when it works best in your schedule and also revisit as many times as you want! Each course features video modules and all have accompanying resources that are digital downloads. 

How long does each Course take to complete?

It’s totally go-at-your-own-pace! Each course is made up of between 8 and 15 modules, and each module ranges from 5 to 25 minutes. In addition to the video content, there’s a comprehensive workbook that enables you to work ON the course material. The time it takes to complete the exercises will range by student.

Are there a limited number of spots?

No, enrollment is unlimited!

During the Courses is there a way to connect with other students for discussion? 

BIG YES!! With the purchase of ANY of the Courses or The Jilly Academy Course Bundle, you will have access to our private Alumni Facebook Group and it is the BEST place on the internet! Here you can connect with like-minded students in a supportive and positive environment!

How much are the Courses?

We’ve included an overview of all course prices for you below for one-time payments and our 3-month payment plan. Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE (including taxes):

Jillian Harris on a plain backdrop with a Jilly Academy workbook ready for fall semester.

Are payment plans available?

Each Course (as well as The Jilly Academy Bundle!) offers a payment plan option. Payment plans are spaced out over a 3 month period, and the first payment is charged to your credit card immediately upon purchase. The remaining payments will be charged the following months on the same date as purchased. So if you purchased on September 1st, your next payment will be October 1st, then lastly November 1st. 

Are there any taxes and fees?

Pricing for The Jilly Academy is ALL INCLUSIVE, regardless of where you live. This includes taxes and there are no additional fees. And remember, these Courses are yours to have FOREVER and you are welcome to revisit the Modules as many times as you would like! 

Do you offer group discounts?

If you’re a business looking to sign up multiple employees for The Jilly Academy, we have group pricing available! Send an email to [email protected] with the name of your company, the number of employees you’d like to register, and the courses you’re interested in signing up for and we will send you additional information!

I want to try one Course to see if it’s for me, but do I have the option to Upgrade if I want the others?

YES! We now have an Upgrade option that can be found within your Jilly Academy account! You are welcome to choose the one-time payment or the 3-month payment plan for the Upgrade as well. 

Do you offer scholarships?

YES! We understand that The Jilly Academy may be out of your budget and still want to be able to provide you with the ability to learn! We have a Scholarship Program available and you can find additional details here. And if you want to hear from some of our Alumni that received a Scholarship, click here!

Jillian Harris in her car completing The Jilly Academy Courses on the go for fall semester.

Can I purchase the Courses as a gift?

At this time we do not currently offer gift cards or have giftable options. However, if you are interested in gifting them to someone special, you could purchase any or all of the Courses under the recipient’s name and email, and set up a password for them that can be changed by the recipient later. Just keep in mind that the recipient would receive an email upon registering so if it is a gift, please make sure you spill the beans ahead of time so the confirmation email doesn’t ruin the surprise!

Do I receive any proof of completion?

YES! Each course has its own Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to the email address on your Jilly Academy account upon completion. Don’t forget to upload your Certificate to your Linkedin Page! View instructions here!

Will you be adding more Courses after the first three?

Team Jilly Academy can’t wait to add more Courses in the future! At this time only the first three Courses will be relaunched in September for Fall Semester.

Is there a support team where I can ask questions?

There sure is! If you have any questions or inquiries, please email [email protected]. If there are any troubleshooting or customer service-related questions or issues please reach out to [email protected].

Do you offer the resources separately?

We recently launched The Jilly Academy Campus Store which currently offers collections of Stock Photography curated by Team Jilly and The Jilly Academy Preset Bundle! Stay tuned for more valuable resources available in the future… they may just launch sooner than you think! Want to know more about The Campus Store? Read our blog HERE

Jillian Harris' office with a desk all ready to be used for The Jilly Academy Courses during the Fall Semester.

The countdown is officially ON for Fall Semester, are you ready to enroll?! Sign up for our Jilly Academy Newsletter so you don’t miss out on any important announcements! I promise you will definitely not want to miss out on all the big news happening on September 1st, there may be some new things launching over at The Campus Store too!! Should I give you a hint?! ONE of the items launching may or may not be one of the most anticipated products and let’s just say, you asked… and we listened! And in case you missed it, there have been some exciting things happening on our Instagram account leading up to the relaunch, head over to our Story Highlights to see the start of our Takeover Series! 



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