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Welcome to The Farmhouse: Let The Refresh Begin!

Howdy, folks! Well, if you don’t know this by now, Justin and I have some exciting news … at the beginning of 2021 we bought a farm and now we are going by Mr. & Mrs. McDonald for the foreseeable future! LOL! If you are looking for all of the farm-related details you can find those here, but if you are up to speed, today we are talking all about the construction and design of the farmhouse refresh.

Giddy-up and let’s get right to it!

So, as most of you know, the first project we decided to tackle at the farm was a farmhouse refresh. When we first took possession of the property I wasn’t going to touch the farmhouse with a ten-foot pole, but after a few glasses of wine my mom and my cousins, Sam and Tori, convinced me to give it a shot… and next thing I knew I was picking out paint colours and the demo was underway!

Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto's Farmhouse refresh

Farmhouse Paint Colours

Let’s kick things off with paint colours, because I know many of you are probably wondering what colours we ended up choosing for our farmhouse refresh. I originally wanted a lot of colour in this little character-rich house and Charles (our contractor and Tori’s hubby!) questioned that as I usually lean towards neutrals, light greys, creams and whites when it comes to paint. And, spoiler alert, he was right! As I spent more time in the house and scrolling Pinterest for inspiration, I decided that the walls would be mostly white but I would add pops of colour throughout the space!

When it came to deciding where those pops of colour would be, I already had a vision in mind. The front door to the farmhouse was going to be a classic “Jilly” pink (Benjamin Moore Chippendale Rosetone HC-58), the floors throughout the space would be painted blue (Benjamin Moore Mozart Blue 1665), and I was torn on painting the kitchen ceiling blue as well (Benjamin Moore Mozart Blue 1665) or green (Benjamin Moore Kennebunkport Green HC-123)! Which one would you go for? Comment below and stay tuned for the final reveal to see what we went with! 😉

Farmhouse Paint Colour Swatches
Jillian and Justin's Farmhouse paint colour palette

Farmhouse Furnishings

One of my main goals for this project was to ensure almost all of the furnishings that went into this space were either reused or refurbished which meant shopping at Value Village, Facebook Marketplace, and even dumpster diving (yes, it’s true, I scored some great throw pillows from the dumpster!). I absolutely loved the challenge of finding reused and refurbished items, it was definitely quite the task, but I had lots of help from my mom along the way and I’ll seriously cherish those memories forever!

Well, that’s enough to wet your whistle, for now, make sure to watch Episode #2: Let The Refresh Begin below for all of the details and a few sneak peeks of the interior!



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  1. Absolutely loving this content! It’s so inspiring to just see a “refresh” – feels super attainable. And the farmhouse concept is so dang cute.

  2. You bought my Grammy’s sister’s farm!!

    My Aunt used to live in the farmhouse you are refreshing and she now lives next door at the peach orchard… the minute I saw your little sneak peaks you’d share with views to Kelowna I knew where you were. Love seeing it and what you’re doing with it 💕 💕

  3. Love the color palette and the simple update. Nice to see a reno that is achievable by the average, middle class family.
    PS love the Kennebunkport Green and would love to see it used somewhere, if not the kitchen ceiling

  4. We have used Kennebunk Port green in my husbands office, as he’s a Maritimer! He loves the color and it’s still there after 17 years

  5. I love that you used refurbished items to decorate the farm house. I recommend going blue for the kitchen it’s a nice light colour that would look great on the ceiling. I can’t wait for the final reveal, it reminds me of your Love It Or List It days. Even though I miss when you used to do just interior design, I love how much your brand has grown and evolved. Also, I love your family pictures in this post, your kids are adorable!

  6. I think I’d bead board the ceilings, or do some sort of stained wood treatment to bring back the warmth the wood floors provided 👍🏻 Also, where is your blue puffer from, it is so cute! Love all the updates Jill 💕 Excited to see how it all turns out!

  7. Hi Jillian, I thought of you when recently looking at a property in the Columbia Valley with an old home on it, before even seeing your farmhouse video or this beautiful color palette (Hmmm, I wonder what Jillian Harris would do with this house?). I love the “T&G” on the ceiling! “Love It or List It” has always been a favorite, full of inspiration – love your designs!

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