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My Favourite Tofu Recipes

Well it’s no secret that I love my tofu and I’ve had MANY requests to share some of my favourite go-to tofu recipes so this blog is ALL about … you guessed it, TOFU! Lol!!

We might as well start with the most important meal of the day here … breakfast! Back in November when we were in Maui I pretty much ate the Tofu Scramble from the Fairmont every single morning, it was so damn tasty and it kept me full all morning! It’s actually sort of crazy just how much the crumbled tofu replicates scrambled eggs! Anyways, when we came home I was craving this meal so I recreated it a few times from memory and it was SUPER easy! There is also a delicious recipe called the Sunrise Scramble in the Oh She Glows cookbook which I also indulge in from time to time.


You can also use the crumbled tofu in other recipes like these Vegan Breakfast Tacos … hell yeah! I’m ALL for tacos, especially when I can indulge in them for breaky!!jillian-harris-minimalist-baker-easy-vegan-breakfast-tacos-30-minutes-healthy-ingredients-so-delicious

Easy Vegan Breakfast Tacos by Minimalist Baker

If you have an upcoming dinner party and you want to bring an appetizer with you that will pleasantly surprise the guests, I would totally recommend this Vegan Spinach Dip, it’s UNREAL! I came across this recipe on Pinterest and I recently brought it to a dinner party where NOBODY was vegan and they couldn’t even tell the difference, it’s that FREAKIN GOOD!!! You can tweak this recipe any way you like, I think next time I’m going to try adding some artichokes!


Vegan Spinach Dip by No Recipes

Another killer appetizer is this recipe for Mint Basil Guacamole by Erin Ireland. It is such a unique blend of flavours but they all work so well together … but I’m warning you … it’s tough to put the chips down!


Mint Basil Guacamole with Tofu by Erin Ireland

This recipe for Vegan Tofuna Sandwiches was recently brought to my attention and I’m SO happy this it was because my recent attempt at “Tuna” sandwiches was a FLOP!! Lol!! Right after this was emailed to me I posted the recipe to my Facebook page and someone questioned how it tastes like tuna, the answer … it’s the lemon and mayo combo that gives it it’s tuna flavour! Bizarre right?!


Classic Vegan Tofuna Sandwiches by Random Acts of Pastel

Ohhhh you didn’t think I was going to leave out the Buffalo Tofu Wraps by yours truly did you?!?! Most of you know this is one of my STAPLE tofu recipes. I freakin’ LOVE these wraps and many of you have asked me know I make them so this is just for YOU! Find the FULL recipe here!


And I can’t end this post without sharing some sweet treats with you! Have any of you tried Vegan Chocolate Pudding?? It’s so good and the secret … it’s made from tofu!! You’re probably sitting there thinking that this doesn’t sound tasty at all but it TOTALLY is!! You can’t even taste the tofu!  Here’s a recipe I recently came across! Try topping it off with some fresh fruit and enjoy!!


Vegan Chocolate Pudding by Yummy Healthy Easy

And how about these SUPER simple (yet shockingly yummy) Cinnamon French Tofu Sticks?! They surprisingly taste VERY similar to the real deal French Toast! Don’t believe me?! Give them a try! I dare you … LOL!


Cinnamon French Tofu Sticks with Chocolate Syrup by VegAnnie

Looking for some more inspiration? Here are a few of my favourite vegan cookbooks that tend to incorporate tofu into some of their recipes!

Do you have any delicious tofu recipes?? If so, make sure to share your creations below in the comments section!!




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  1. I tried making the Buffalo Tofu wraps for the first time last night. OMG!!!!!! I am blown away! So good and full of flavor! …I even got a two thumbs up from my boyfriend!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hello, I love watching all your instagram videos and see what you are cooking up. My boyfriend and I have recently decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle. We have watched a few documentaries, and after watching all your instagram stories I believe it ‘s a healthier way to live.

    Thank you so much for all your recipes on your blog. I think I remember hearing that you are going to come out with a cookbook, and I’m hoping I heard that correctly!

    In the past you have made instagram videos when you get shipments of tofu and other vegan items. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the brands and items you love to use. Is there anyway you can list some, or do some more instagram stories the next time you get a shipment so I can write them down?

    P.S. I also LOVE your fashion and home décor style!

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