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My Go-To Wallets, Bags & Clutches!

Good morning everybody! Today I’m going to share some of my favourite bags with you! As some of you know I’ve never been big on name-brand things, especially when it comes to bags, clutches, and wallets! If it’s cute and does the trick it’s good enough for me.

Also, having two little babes with me all the time has made me realize that if I have a purse, chances are it would be FILLED with Leo and Annie’s items or, it will get overloaded with things that I accumulate throughout the day and then I won’t be able to find ANYTHING in it! Lol!! Does that happen to anyone else?!

The only time I ever carry around a bag or a backpack is when I’m headed out to a business meeting or if I’m taking the kids out of the house for a few hours! Other than that, you can normally find me flying around with my Matt and Nat wallet in hand!

Below, I’ve put together a variety of different styles of bags that I’ve been using on a day to day basis that I absolutely love, so check them all out below! Starting with my trusty go-to …

Matt & Nat Wallet

I could not imagine how my days would go without this little lifesaver right here! The WEBBER Vegan Wallet allows me to store everything I need when I leave the house! It’s not too small or too big … in fact, it’s the perfect size to ensure you won’t lose it and trust me, I’m the PERFECT candidate to test that out! LOL!

Jillian Harris Fav Bags Jillian Harris Fav Bags

Matt and Nat Wallet

Matt & Nat Tote Bag

This SCHLEPP Tote Bag is the perfect tote for business meetings outside of the house! It’s cute, stylish, and suits any outfit, plus, it fits my laptop perfectly! In fact, I love this tote so much that I have it both, Black and Chili Matte Nickel!

Jillian Harris Fav Bags

Matt and Nat Tote in Chili

Jillian Harris Fav Bags

Matt and Nat Tote in Black

Summer Clutches

As you can probably tell, I’m not a purse person! It’s so much easier for me to just grab my wallet and go, Mom life! LOL! So, as I mentioned above, I love using my Mat & Nat wallet but when it comes to events or fancy occasions I love a good clutch! I prefer clutches over purses simply for the fact that they’re basically a fancy wallet, they’re practical, small enough to take anywhere, and can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

Leo Envelope Clutch

I love the colour and style of this!! This would be so cute with a white dress!

Jillian Harris fav bags

The Canvas Pouch Clutch in Painted Spots

This spotted pattern is so cute and is very similar to one of my all-time favourite clutches that I purchased YEARS ago!

Jillian Harris fav bags

Mini Ark Handbag

This is one of my faves!! I have a very similar one to this in pink from Shopbop which you can find, here!

Jillian Harris Fav Bags

Summer Clutches

My Everyday  Go-To Bag 

If there’s one backpack I couldn’t live without, it’s The Original bag from Fawn design! I have this in a few colours (grey, blush, and black!) and they’re not only perfect to use as diaper bags but they’re also the best for traveling thanks to all of their pockets to keep things organized! It can be worn as a backpack and also has a strap for your shoulder.

Jillian Harris fav bags Jillian Harris fav bags

Duffle Bag

If you’re looking for the BEST duffle bag search no longer! The Grant Weekender from Sole Society has it all going on! This is perfect for a girls weekend and is the best carry on bag for the airport! It has so much storage and little compartments, and comes in a variety of colours to choose from!

Jillian Harris Fav Bags

I found another adorable duffle from Nordstrom that I’m currently obsessing over! This is the Standard Duffle Bag, and you guys it’s pretty inexpensive for such a good quality bag! And how perfect is the colour?!

Jillian Harris Fav Bags


Shopping Bags

Most of you probably know that I’m on this journey to reduce as much waste as possible so I try to stay away from all plastic grocery bags and instead use The Market Bags or reusable bags, and I have to say, the switch was super easy and so cost-effective in the long run! No more paying 5 cents per plastic bag anymore!

Jillian Harris Plastic Free JulyJillian Harris Plastic Free July

Lifestyle Bags

The one bag that I always get so many questions on is my French Market bag from Dreamy White Lifestyle! I use this bag for literally EVERYTHING! It’s perfect for travel, the beach, groceries, photoshoots, and heck the other day I used it to pick peaches and its sitting in my fridge full! LOL!

Check out this bag from Nordstrom, the Franka Straw Ring Tote Bag … it’s VERY similar and is listed at a lower price-point!

Jillian Harris Fav Bags

Market Bags

There you have it guys, I hope you found something you love!! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite go-to bag is!



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