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My Instagram Interior Design Faves!

Good morning everyone!! I hope you’re feelin’ fine this Monday morning!! I know sometimes Monday’s can be a little rough and typically they’re everyone’s least favourite day of the week (Monday’s certainly got the short end of the stick) buuuut I like to take advantage of Monday’s and get myself excited for the week ahead! So, with a LARGE cup of coffee I hunker down (after some snuggles with Leo) and pop onto Instagram to get my morning fill of inspo … whether it’s fashion, food or decor … I LOVE that everything is RIGHT at my fingertips!! Yesterday I was visiting the Chicago interior designers at Marshall Erb and got many good interior design ideas that I will share.

Lately I’ve been keeping a close eye on my interior design faves (even more than normal … I don’t even know HOW that’s possible … LOL!!) but with our new home build, I’m constantly on the lookout for new and creative ideas for our new home. Having said that, I know many of you are ALSO going through your own renovations and are on the hunt for quality inspiration so I figured I should share my favourite design influencers with YOU!! In the past, I’ve shared my Fashion Faves and Food Faves (make sure to check them out!!) but this time around I would love to give kudos and applaud the following women who are killing it in DESIGN!!!

In no particular order, the ladies below have inspired me in some way, shape or form and I encourage you to check them out! Here we go …


Jillian Harris - Monika Hibbs-1Jillian Harris - Monika Hibbs-2Jillian Harris - Monika Hibbs-3


Jillian Harris - Arianna Belle-1Jillian Harris - Arianna Belle-2Jillian Harris - Arianna Belle-3


Jillian Harris - Kristy WicksJillian Harris - Kristy Wicks-2Jillian Harris - Kristy Wicks-3


Jillian Harris - Sabrina Soto-1Jillian Harris - Sabrina Soto-2Jillian Harris - Sabrina Soto-3


Jillian Harris - Erin Sousa-1 Jillian Harris - Erin Sousa-2 Jillian Harris - Erin Sousa-3


Jillian Harris-Francesca Albertazzi-1Jillian Harris-Francesca Albertazzi-2Jillian Harris-Francesca Albertazzi-3


Jillian Harris - Joanna Gaines-1Jillian Harris - Joanna Gaines-2Jillian Harris - Joanna Gaines-3


Jillian Harris - Amber Interiors-1Jillian Harris - Amber Interiors-2 Jillian Harris - Amber Interiors-3


Jillian Harris - Gillian Segel DesignJillian Harris - Gillian Segel Design-2Jillian Harris - Gillian Segel Design-3


Jillian Harris - Oh My Dear Blog-1 Jillian Harris - Oh My Dear Blog-2Jillian Harris - Oh My Dear Blog-3


Jillian Harris - Studio McGee-1 Jillian Harris - Studio McGee-2 Jillian Harris - Studio McGee-3


Jillian Harris - Becki Owens-1Jillian Harris - Becki Owens-2 Jillian Harris - Becki Owens-3


Jillian Harris - The Cross-1 Jillian Harris - The Cross-2 Jillian Harris - The Cross-3


Jillian Harris - Dreamy White Lifestyle-2 Jillian Harris - Dreamy White Lifestyle-3 Jillian Harris - Dreamy White Lifestyle


Jillian Harris - 79 IdeasJillian Harris - 79 Ideas-3Jillian Harris - 79 Ideas-2


Jillian Harris - SSwansonDesign-1 Jillian Harris - SSwansonDesign-2 Jillian Harris - SSwansonDesign-3

Oh my goodness, I feel like I could go on and on as there are SO many amazing accounts out there but I have to end this blog somewhere!! I hope you enjoyed it and took the time to head on over to their Instagram pages to see what they’re all about!!

Make sure to comment below and give a shoutout to the Interior Design pages that inspire YOU!!



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  1. Thank you for sharing, I just love it. ❤️ You should check out my page for inspiration: @etsy.estela I hope you like it. ?

  2. What’s up with the first pic and you holding your stomach like you’re knocked up? Odd picture choice, may want to retake that one. Did you post that so people click on the blog thinking you were preggo again like I did? #clickbait

  3. Can you remove the #ads from these blog posts? Every time I read a post peppered smack in the middle or along the side is a picture of Ellen kissing a guy, a giant pimple or ingrown toenails. WTF? You really need to put these somewhere else – so disgusting. Like we all get you want to make money on ads, but can’t you put them in a better location instead of peppered throughout your posts?

    1. Hi Shaylene! I didn’t put these ads here, they were populated via a website, we are working on removing them!! XOXO

      1. You run your website, no? I assume you are aware of these being put here – I have not heard of ad’s populating on a website without you actually putting them there. Cheers tho.

  4. Always looking for design inspiration so a big THANK YOU! My husband and I purchased our first home just a little over two years ago and everything we touch seems to be a renovation. A big surprise to us but very much welcomed, who doesn’t love to pick out exactly what they want?! Speaking of, I need some inspiration so I can select the finish color of our new interior door hardware. HELP!! Flat black is bold and trendy…satin nickel is subtle and light. I’m very much a neutral girl but I’m so hung up on making a bold decision or going with something that will transition nicely over the years. Any thoughts?

  5. As I mentioned to you already this morning… I almost dropped my coffee cup from excitement when I saw this… 😉 You made my week so much brighter sweet girl. You know how much I adore you and your style… your beautiful family and always your incredibly fun lighthearted attitude.. (Thank God!)
    To be included with this incredible group is just a complete honor for me. I adore all and I can’t wait to follow you on your journey with your new build. XX

  6. Three Birds Renovations in Australia is my new fav to follow! So summery and light, major Spring inspo.

  7. This is great inspiration! Thanks Jillian. I have followed added these people to my Instagram. As we prepare to buy a new home (just sold our other one) I’m constantly looking at interiors to get ready to renovate again.

  8. Hi! I really love all your posts. I have a question would you be able to find out the paint color of the double vanity in the bathroom picture … dark gray blue color? Thnanks

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