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My Journey with Breastfeeding as of Now

When I first had Annie my goal was to breastfeed her for at least 9 months to one year depending on my supply (check out my very first breastfeeding update here, which I shared shortly after we had Annie)! Well, if you follow along with me on social media you’ll know that Mother’s Day of this year was my last day breastfeeding her, while I didn’t make it to my minimum goal of 9 months, we were just shy hitting the 8-month mark.

My Supply

It was difficult to make the decision to stop breastfeeding Annie as I LOVED being able to provide my own milk for her and have those precious moments to bond. But, unfortunately, my supply (or lack thereof!) didn’t make it easy on me to reach my goal! Even when I was breastfeeding Leo, I had issues with my supply. I tried EVERYTHING to get the breast milk flowin’ but with my hectic schedule and running off of fumes my supply was also running on empty!

With both Annie and Leo I noticed a drop in supply as soon as I went back to work! Shortly after that, I made a visit to my Doctor and that’s when she provided me with a prescription for Domperidone.

While the Domperidone certainly helped with my milk supply it wasn’t always easy to remember to take it! Sometimes I would forget it at home or forget to take it in general (you have to take it every THREE hours!). So, depending on how regularly I would take it would impact my supply. I fact,  my supply was always a rollercoaster … it would peak and then it would crash and then the inconsistency would stress me out resulting in even LESS of a supply.

Jillian Harris Breastfeeding Update Jillian Harris Breast Pumping Tips Jillian Harris Breast Pumping Tips Jillian Harris Breast Pumping Tips Jillian Harris Breast Pumping TipsJillian Harris Annie Sleep Schedule

In addition to taking Domperidone, I made sure to incorporate as many things that would naturally boost my supply, such as the following:

How I Kept My Supply Up

  1. LOTS of water
  2. High-fat diet (such as avocado, high grain bread, nuts and seeds and lots of nut spreads (cashews for the win!), coconut milk, lentils, peas, peanut butter, and olive oil)
  3. Lots of grains (such as oatmeal, flax, quinoa)
  4. Happy Planet Coconut Pineapple Smoothie (this is one of my faves and Leo starts his day with it EVERYDAY, so high in fat with the coconut milk!)
  5. Fenugreek Supplements
  6. Calcium Supplements
Jillian Harris My Journey with Breastfeeding as of Now


While it was difficult for me to come to terms with the end of breastfeeding Annie, I was so proud of myself for being able to stick it out for a solid 8-months as I know that some mamas don’t even have the opportunity to make it that far. I was grateful and happy that I was able to nourish her for as long as I could.

It’s been two months since I stopped breastfeeding Annie and since then we’ve started her on Earth’s Best Soy formula which she LOVED but they’re no longer making it so we’ve switched to Nestle Good Start Alsoy formula and she seems to be enjoying this one as well! For those that may ask, both of these formulas are soy based … we DID try Annie on a milk-based formula to begin with but it seemed to make her so gassy so we swapped formulas right away.

When Leo was just a little babe we had him on milk-based formula and he loved it … in fact, he still drinks milk here and there but since we have transitioned to a heavier plant-based diet we won’t be getting Annie started on milk and dairy products because by the time she is off of formula Leo will be weaned off of cow’s milk.

Jillian Harris My Journey with Breastfeeding as of Now

I think we put so much pressure on ourselves when it comes to breastfeeding, but we should make sure to remember that no matter how long you’re able to breastfeed for, whether it be 1-2 years or not at all, we are always doing what we can and what our body allows us to do. Either way, as mamas we’re giving our babies the best nourishment we can, just do what’s best for you and your heart and soul!

If you’d like to check out my previous breastfeeding blogs and fave tips, tricks, and most-loved breast pumps, check out my previous post, here! Also, here is a blog I posted shortly after having Leo which might also provide you with some valuable insight.

Stay tuned next week as I plan on sharing Annie’s NEW journey with solids and what she is LOVING!



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  1. Definitely. be proud of the journey you took in breastfeeding, as some mothers do not have the same experience. I went through PPD with both my kids and the only thing that helped me get my head on straight was to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula so that I could get back onto birth control and take meds.. I literally tried every formula under the sun for my babies, even the expensive brands due to gas, reflux, etc etc and we stuck with the Nestle Good Start Soy formula as well. No issues whatsoever with it! Fed is best. Glad you found something that works for you and your family! Xo ?

  2. I tried so hard to breastfeed with both of my kids but I just didn’t produce enough. I tried EVERYTHING and my body just said no. It was heartbreaking and I felt like such a failure. I no longer feel that way seeing as both of my boys are very healthy and you would never know they were formula fed if you weren’t told.

  3. Love this post. I had so many supply issues. My babe was one month premature, she had tongue ties, and my supply was avians. I was pumping every three hours (nights too!) and taking domperidone, milk thistle, fenugreek… you name it. Multiple lactation consultant visits per week and still very little milk was able to transfer from me to my babe. In the end I stopped attempting to breastfeed at 2 months and pumped for 6 months, four times per day to be able to feed my babe half of what she needed and supplemented with formula. I’m still disappointed it wasn’t what I hoped, but proud of what we still accomplished together.

    Love this post!

  4. I love listening to other women’s journeys because each is SO different! I exclusively pumped for 4 months…so my little guy got my breast milk for 6 thanks to my freezer stash. I always felt (and still do a bit) embarrassed telling people I pumped. But with a terrible birth experience and recovery and a NICU baby it just wasn’t in the cards for us at the time. And I’m ok admitting I NEEDED my husband to help with feedings. I think however you feed your child is best and every mom chooses the best path for their family. Awesome job on making it 8 months!!

  5. today is my last day breastfeeding so your blog post couldn’t come at more perfect timing! my son turned 9mos today and originally I wanted to exclusively breastfeed for a year, but ended up getting accidentally pregnant at just shy of 4mos postpartum, hcg effects milk supply and my IBCLC told me I’d see dips and “probably be completely dried up by 15-20wks”. I’m 20wks 5days and I am almost completely dried up. I am lucky and had an oversupply in the beginning (I donated 4,000oz to 2 families in need!) and was able to keep about 900oz in my deep freezer, so while my son won’t be nursing and won’t be getting 100% breastmilk, I’m happy he will get a mix of breastmilk and formula until he’s 1. he still comfort “nurses” but because he’s under 1, we have to supplement and make sure he’s getting what he needs. thank you for sharing your journey with Annie—I remember being pregnant the same time as you and looking forward to following along with what you and your babes are up to. xxoo Gabrielle

  6. Thank you for this post.

    My little one (my first baby) is almost 4 months and breast feeding from the get go has been an uphill battle – latch issues, supply issues, using a shield, weening off the shield, poor weight gain, and now we are supplementing with formula and that is a whole ‘nother game (what type? Boiling water, did we make enough? Making too much & wasting it?!). No one tells you it’s this hard!

    Your openness and honesty with breastfeeding has helped me immensely. Seeing your story helps me remember I don’t need to be perfect and that “fed is best’.

  7. You made a great work ❤️❤️ One thing that comes to my mind is that the amount of milk you get with a breastpump doesn’t tell how much milk your breast is producing. I breastfed my baby for 1year 3months and did never get anything with pumping (max. 20ml) and my breasts fellt empty after the first months but that doesn’t meant that theres no milk. This comment is for people who read this and maybe think about this kind of ”problems”.

    Every drop of breastmilk is gold so no matter how long you breastfeed ❤️ And its important to choose the way of feeding that makes all the family happy and not too stressed (for someone its formula and someone breastmilk).

  8. Hello from Finland!
    My youngest child is now 16 months and still breastfeeding him at evening after my workday and nights. I went back to work when he was 9 months (we in Finland have this luxury parental leave system). There was a change in supply at that time but I think it has helped that haven’t had nights away from him and he is really sleeping close to me all night long…

    I’ve always wanted to be able breastfeed the first year. I have four children total and one of them (second child) stopped by her self at nine months of age and with others we have needed to separate them to get us all better sleeps at night.

  9. I love that you tried your best to breastfeed as long as possible. Why didn’t you see a lactation consultant? I don’t understand why more moms don’t consultant with a professional IBCLC who is seriously trained in lactation unlike a general doctor or obgyn (or breastmilk supplement company). If you did, please talk about it.

  10. Hey Jill!

    Loved reading about your BF journey. I was only able to BF my son for four months and I cherished and miss that precious time!

    Can you let me know where you got Annie’s bib that kind of looks like a barber’s cape??? lol – I love it!

  11. Hi!
    Can you do a post on how you are weaning Leo off of dairy? My kids love drinking milk and eating cheese so it’s been a challenge for me to do this. Thanks!

  12. This story is fabulous! Thank you! I’m starting to wean and feeling emotional about it! Thanks again for sharing all that you do.

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