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The Bachelorette Recap: Never Ending Drama in the Netherlands

Good morning everyone! Easton here, and I’m back with another recap of the Bachelorette!! Things are starting to get serious and very emotional at this point in the season!! There were a lot of hard goodbyes this week but also some serious feelings were expressed in the relationships taking them to the next level! So, let’s get right into it, shall we?!

Jed’s One on One

It’s pretty clear that Hannah and Jed have a serious connection! When they’re together it seems so easy and natural but I have a feeling that he’s not the one for Hannah! What do you think!? A part of me thinks he just came on the show to promote his country singing career! LOL!! He seems like a good guy and I’m sure he does have feelings for Hannah but I don’t think he will be the one at the end!! I was also so shocked that Hannah told him she was falling in love with him, were you?!

Tyler’s One on One

Okay you guys, if Hannah isn’t falling in love with Tyler … I sure am! LOL!! WOW, he’s so freaking cute! How funny was it that he was so scared of riding the horses?! He was so nervous! LOL!! I think that Tyler and Hannah are very similar when it comes to being open about their feelings, they both hold back, but when they do open up I think it makes their relationship that much stronger! I’m definitely rooting for Tyler to be the one at the end of all this!

I mean, just look how cute they are together …


I was not expecting Connor to be sent home when he went to visit Hannah!! He was such a sweetheart throughout the whole show, but I do understand that Hannah felt their relationship was not as strong compared to everyone else!! Wahhh! It’s getting so hard to watch all the good guys leave while Luke P. is still in the house! ?

Mike’s One on One

Mike and Hannah had such a good date so I was very surprised that it ended with him being sent home!! Was anybody else?! This was so hard for me to watch, I could literally feel Mike’s heart being crushed and it just about killed me!! ? I always really liked Mike from the very start and it was so sad to watch him leave! The way he handled himself was so respectful and shows how good of a man he really is!!

I could totally see Mike being the next Bachelor, and I think he would be amazing, don’t you guys think?!

The Group Date

This was a very awkward group date LOL!! Luke P., of course, had to go running his mouth again to Hannah and create some more drama in the house! I’m still in absolute shock that Hannah has kept Luke P. around for this long because she does have a good head on her shoulders, but NOT when it comes to Luke P., that’s for sure.

Watching Luke P. explode at Garrett was so childish that it actually made me laugh out loud! What the heck was with him throwing the bologna on Garrett?! LOL! Who does that?!  Then to top it off Hannah sent Garrett home instead of Luke P., are you KIDDING ME?? I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

Jillian Harris bachelorette Recap

HOLY smokes you guys next weeks episode looks SO intense it seems like Luke P. might have FINALLY used up his last strike!

Until then!



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  1. Honestly…do you think they are keeping Luke P around for the drama? She can’t be that naive can she? It has made this season almost unbearable to watch.

  2. I think Hannah and Jed got it on in a windmill based on the upcoming scenes at the end of the show! Looking forward to seeing Hannah actually tell Luke that and shoot him down hard. This week,, again, I fforwarded through all scenes with Luke in them because I just can’t even look at him anymore, let alone listen to him. I wasn’t surprised she let Garrett go though. It seemed clear to me for weeks that he, Connor and Mike were all in the “friends zone”. I’m just really hoping this blow up with Luke is coming next week so we can finally be rid of him and enjoy the last couple of episodes. I want to focus on the great relationships she has cooking with Peter, Jed and Tyler and forget that Luke ever existed.

  3. I bawled my eyes out on Mike and Hannah’s date! He would be a great bachelor choice but my money is on him being on BIP!

    I really want her to pick Peter <3 And then Tyler can be the next Bachelor!

  4. Hi Jillian on the Bachelotte I thought the connection between Hannah &Jed were evident a good one butI also knowhe ditched his girlfriend on acccount of the show but I still think she should with Tyler

  5. Surely the producers are making Hannah keep Luke P. around for the drama…otherwise what is she thinking?!

  6. I also was surprised that she told Jed she is falling for him! I agree also that Tyler is so cute and I think they are great together. I was not surprised that she sent Mike home – i felt they had more of a friendship than anything else. While I don’t like Luke P, I also think that Garrett is a jerk and did not feel that he tad true feelings for Hannah. I felt it was more about winning for him. She may choose someone at the end but I do not think she will find her happliy ever after with any of these guys 🙁

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