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My Last Minute Haul Before Baby Girl’s Arrival

With baby girl on the way, I was DETERMINED to re-use as many items as I possibly could from Leo. In my mind, I thought we were pretty much set and ready to go for our baby girls arrival (check out this blog I wrote only a few weeks ago! LOL). But, it wasn’t until I started digging through everything, and putting everything away, that I noticed we actually gave A LOT more away then I had realized! I also quickly realized that, in fact, we need doubles of some items! Considering Leo is still in need of some stuff, I can’t really take it away from him to use for our baby girl! I have a feeling he’s already going to have his nose out of joint hahaha!

Thankfully, there weren’t TOO many extra items that we needed but there were certainly a few staple items that I had to grab!  While this came as a bit of a surprise, it actually ended up working out well as WestCoastKids reached out to us for a partnership PLUS they wanted to give back to Mamas for Mamas!! Double win!

The timing couldn’t have been better as Justin and I were taking a trip to Vancouver which allowed us to pop into their store on Main Street to stock up on a few last minute items!

Jillian Harris Baby Girl NurseryJillian Harris Baby Girl Nursery

When we arrived at their store I was over the moon with how carefully curated everything was. The quality of the products was nothing short of amazing and their customer service was incredible. I felt like I could have spent hours roaming around their store checking everything out.

PRO TIP: Shop for baby WITHOUT baby #1 or any babies. We had Nacho AND Leo and I found it hard to concentrate … I REALLY want to go back on my own and just browse, ask questions and learn, there are so many cool products in there I haven’t heard of, and not to mention, they’re also Canadian and LOCAL!

I ended up picking up another bassinet, which I hope was the right move … Mamas … thoughts?? We had the HALO with Leo which was amazing because it was so high and RIGHT beside the bed … but I found it really heavy and bulky and you couldn’t bring it around the house. So, I did buy a Moses basket and rocker from another website … but while it is very beautiful … I’m wondering how PRACTICAL it will be, it seems to not be that sturdy??? So at WestCoastKids, I picked up the BabyBjorn Cradle and hope its the winning ticket!!

We also picked up another travel crib. Ok, you HAVE to trust me on this one. When we got pregnant with Leo, Justin researched for DAYS which was the easiest and best travel crib. We had an old Graco one for Charlie (our nephew) and Justin HATED putting it away so he was REALLY invested. Actually, we ended up with 3 of them before Leo was born, and I timed Justin setting up and putting away all three and the BABY BJORN travel crib won by a LANDSLIDE!! So, I thought we would more than likely need TWO of these with two babies still in cribs and the amount of travelling we do (not always at a hotel too) … or am I wrong?? What do you mamas out there do? I mean, I know Leo won’t be using his for too much longer so once he grows out of it, I will end up donating his to Mackenzie and Luke (the Team Jilly Photographer) but in the meantime, I think they will both need one??

For strollers, we have the Bugaboo DONKEY2 coming which will be amazing to use for both kids as it comes with two seats. However, we also have the Bugaboo Bee currently … now, this only has one seat but I ended up picking up the Bugaboo comfort wheeled board that attaches on to the stroller for Leo to stand on, so hopefully, that will be good for quick trips to the mall or traveling!

I also ended up grabbing something that was more of a want than a need … and that’s the Mountain Buggy Bagrider! I thought this would come in really handy when we travel as we can haul Leo around on it, we won’t have to bring the double stroller, and it will be one less bag to check!! It’s certainly a travel hack if you ask me! LOL!

Jillian Harris Baby Girl NurseryJillian Harris Baby Girl Nursery

I  thought I would be using Leo’s car seat for our little one but when we were in WestCoast Kids they showed us Peg Perego’s new line with upgraded safety features so we decided to pick up a new one and we plan on passing along Leo’s to Mackenzie!! Yup, if you didn’t catch it on Instagram, Mackenzie (my photographer!), has just announced she is PREGNANT!!! So, you can well imagine who the next round of hand-me-downs will be making their way to!

Seeing as how both kids will be in diapers, we picked up a UBBI diaper pail for out little girls nursery, I absolutely love this diaper pail as you don’t have to buy specific bags to fit in the pail, you can use whatever you already have!! We also grabbed some things to use for cloth diapers as I really want to try this out … but I’m not sure how it will go so we’re prepared either way! LOL!

All of Leo’s bibs that we had previously were trashed … I have no idea how some of you mamas out there keep them so clean!! So we picked up a few new ones along with some new sleepers as we gave almost all of Leo’s away.

Jillian Harris Baby Girl NurseryJillian Harris Baby Girl Nursery Jillian Harris Baby Girl Nursery

Little Unicorn, Loulou Lollipop, Aden & Anais, and Lulujo blankets are my favourite baby blanket brands, hands down. These make for the PERFECT baby shower gifts! We had the XO one from Lulujo for Leo when he was first born and we also have the Aden & Anais dream blanket from when he was born and he still uses it! They just seem to get softer and softer in time so we thought it was only fair that they both have these … and not to mention, I want to bring baby girl home in the same XO blankie as we did with Leo. I also picked up the most adorable flamingo and strawberry blanket from Little Unicorn for our baby girl, along with the cutest unicorn doughnut teether from Loulou Lollipop.

Since we stocked up on multiple items for the baby girl, we felt as though Leo should get a couple of things as well, so we got him a new pair of Sorel boots for winter and a brand new bunny from JellyCat!

Jillian Harris Baby Girl Nursery

On another note, my furniture for the nursery STILL hasn’t arrived which enforces why it’s so amazing to shop locally … I’m sure had I ordered it from WestCoastKids that everything would have been here by now and baby girls nursery probably would have been set up! LOL! But until I get all of the furniture … I’ll be storing things all over her room for now!

So, between the last minute haul and what we have leftover from Leo, I think we are MORE than set now based on my idea of being super minimalistic with baby number two! Which I can fully admit … I failed at!! LOL! We honestly shouldn’t be short on anything at this point which gives me a lot of relief considering baby is just weeks away!






Source List

Juddlies sleepers (fleck and white)
Apple cheeks envelope covers and bamboo inserts
Kip & Co quilt and swaddle set (swans)
Little Unicorn quilt and bibs (strawberry)









Thank you WestCoastKids for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. It’s great that you got all these freebies and maybe if I was in your shoes I would do the same. But from the outside looking in, I think the number of duplicates you have is overwhelming and will just add more clutter…but that’s just me. Congratulations on your baby!

  2. Even if you’re not going to cloth diaper full time, use those applecheeks covers (without an insert) overtop of your disposables – it will save all those sweet clothes! We cloth full time but when travelling use this trick and it has saved us from a ruined outfit a few times!

  3. Great items. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could afford hardly any of them. My income wouldn’t support it. Happy that you can!

  4. Oh nice selection.
    You will be super happy with this bassinet, it is first super “design” and it seems light. I have two around my house (baby1 is 3 months old). As soon as she fells asleep or I need to rest my arms even for a few second, it is a secure spot.
    So glad to see that you try washable diapers, same here ! It wanted to start straight but was tired and kept on pushing the date, then we got a long and hot summer, no so applicable with so many layers! Using for about a month during the day and at home, the reason is that you must change them more often, not so practical when you are outside or at night. My baby was getting her butt a bit red.
    I do have advise for baby product if you want, although it is in French. You could make the moisturizer cream for baby2 butt, it works also for Leo. Then if baby gets red skin in the butt > use hydrolate calendula. For the body, almond oil is enough, bio…
    to reduce waste impact, my mum sew pads, little coton pad, one side bio coton and the other bamboo coton, I am sure a local brand does make it around your area. I wet it to rince baby butt or to put moisturizer.
    Also I bought mini towels that I leave near bassinet, bags, car seat, stroller… to wash often that makes sense…
    Regarding car seat and stroller, we bought one car seat that can be plugged to the stroller. Reason is that I live in city center and take often cabs, also it is easier to travel also to grandparents by plane (I am expatriate in Spain and French). So we don’t need to buy stroller and car seat for every location and no need to carry the car seat when we leave the cab. We do also have a baby carrier, not sure it is the correct word… it will not be the only misspelling or else in this long text. God I am sorry I wrote a novel. SO Happy to see that you are promoting the fact to reduce waste !
    Thinking of you for the last week in pregnancy journey 🙂
    A pity I am not local and would love to clone you here in Europe and use these valuable tips.

  5. The Nuna Sena aire travel crib (mini) could be a good option for the baby’s travel crib. It’s the only travel crib that has an included bassinet that folds up into the same travel bag.

  6. Love this post!! Such a special time for you and your sweet family!! Curious about where to purchase the Pom Pom basket? Adorable!!

  7. I had the baby bjorn cradle and travel crib for my kiddos. I loved both! However, the cradle was shorter than my bed and it was kinda PITA to lift baby in and out at night. The travel crib is AMAZING though! Super easy to set up and tear down and seems to be comfortable for the kids!

  8. We are due at the end of Oct and have bought the Applecheeks diapers as well! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them!

  9. Hi Jillian, I also have a boy and a girl 26 months apart (we’re just about half a year ahead of you)!

    With regards to the travel crib, we ended up buying my son the “Kidco Peapod” for our trips this summer. We didn’t want to buy a second playpen, and liked this option because it gives him his own space. It took a little bit of getting used to the first time we used it, but overall was a success for us! (We bought the larger size, so hopefully we can use it next summer too).

    All the best to you as you prepare for number 2!!

  10. I did cloth and had the hardest time with leaking!! I was changing his cloths with almost every diaper change., and trust me I googled it to death to see what I was doing wrong! Lol. I used rumparooz, AIO’s for about 3 months before I quit. They were are so cute!

  11. That bassinet is the best!! It will be lower than your bed, but I found that if I just dangled my hand down I could rock it with just one finger until baby drifted off again, the design is nice and streamline as well, its worth every penny if you ask me. I also have the Bjorn travel play pen and agree that its the best ever! So easy to set up and so light – my travel tip is that I always stash a couple extras in the bassinet bag when I run out of room in my luggage 🙂

    I do shop at West Coast Kids often because they have great selection, but they need to fix their entry in the Calgary location – no one can get a stroller through the door! haha so ironic.

    Congratulations Jill! So excited to see you become a Mom to a little girl – you have it all Mama! Enjoy.

  12. I love the 4moms Breeze pack and play!!! The set up and break down is so easy…. with one push of a button you’re golden!!! It comes with a little bassinet/changing station which is great too especially when smaller. And it probably is smart to have two because I don’t think they recommend putting two in one of those, at least for sleeping? And it’s always good to have extras to leave with the grandparents or other person who might watch the kids a lot! It also comes with an easy travel bag. I literally can’t say enough about it!

  13. I had a Moses basket and did not like it. I had the jolly jumper rocker for it too, and my little guy refused to sleep in it! Luckily I had a baby nest my mum made me and he slept in that on the couch. I think next time around I’ll go for a more stable bassinet. 🙂

  14. Why is everything always the top, most high end brand? I mean I know get this stuff for free,, which is awesome, but not all mammas can afford such luxury’s items. I even feel wrong about putting such expensive things on my registry. Would love to see more affordable, but still high quality products most people can aford.

  15. Congratulations! I think your blog is lovely and you have such a fun spirit! Was wondering where that darling swan blanket is from (with the one black swan) – it caught my eye. Can’t wait to see how you decorate the nursery!

  16. Congratulations on baby number two! My wife and I are huge fans of yours! You are so down to earth! Good luck on delivery and we both look forward to future shows!

  17. We traveled to Europe with our Dock a Tot for our daughter when she was an infant. It was super easy to take apart and assemble at our destination, plus its parts easily fit in a suitcase, so no extra bags. We also use the Nuna Sena, which is crazy easy to set up and take down. Once out of the bag, it’s assembled in 10 seconds, and it can be folded with the bassinet insert. Total game changer for us. Happy baby travels!!

  18. Where are the little covers over diapers from for your little girl. We have new baby girl and love them. Thank you

  19. Hi Jillian!!
    All baby girl things are adorable!! I love seeing all these small companies creating beautiful baby clothes. I just wish I knew about them when my baby girl was a baby (she’s 12 lol). Congrats to you and your family 🙂 Side note, I was wondering where you got your dress? Nordstorm??
    All the best

  20. Hey Jillian! Love this haul! So perfect for my baby girl that is on her way in a couple of months. The link to the swan blanket and swaddle is going to a cloud quilt. Could you share the swan link? I can’t find it on the site.

    Thanks and best wishes as you wait for baby girl!

  21. Hi! I saw your Moses basket and loved it on Instagram. Mind sharing where you found it + rocker?
    You said you weren’t sure how practical it was, would you not suggest it?
    Love you and this fantastic blog.
    Congrats momma!

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