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My Summer Bucket List!

This summer my MAIN goal above everything else is to take the time to slow down! I feel like I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve barely had time to breathe so I can’t begin to tell you JUST how much I’m looking forward to quiet days at home with the kids, Justin, Nacho … and Peaches … ok, maybe “quiet” isn’t the right word. LOL! But you get what I mean!

Every year I like to share my summer bucket list and normally it’s pretty packed with things to do and see but I’m happy to say that this year, I’ve made a promise to myself to keep things LOW KEY and today I’m proud to share my (can’t come soon enough) mellow summer bucket list with you!

Jillian Harris My Summer Bucket List

1. Spend more time with the kids

This is my number one priority! I can’t WAIT to make them popsicles, swim in the pool, and get our hands dirty in the garden!! This is EXACTLY what summer is for!

Ps. Check out Leo’s favourite (and decivingly healthy!) popsicles, here!

Jillian Harris My Summer Bucket List

2. Get back on a workout routine

This has taken me a loooooong time to get back into but I recently started eating healthier (more raw foods!) and I’ve been hitting the gym here and there when I find time and it feels SO GOOD! It’ll be nice to get back on this regularly!

Jillian Harris Fave Spots in Kelowna

3. Have the girls up for a visit

Every year I have my best friends come stay with me for a weekend in the summer … well, now that we all have different routines and kiddos of our own, our schedules don’t align quite like they used to. So, this year, everyone is going to come up with their family on separate weekends and I’m really looking forward to this quality time with everyone!

Jillian Harris My Summer Bucket List

4. Get back into cooking again

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to get creative in the kitchen so now that I’ll have some free time I’m going to get back into cooking again and whip up some of our favourite recipes from our cookbook! Fraiche Food & Full Hearts is now available for pre-order!! I’m also really looking forward to harvesting my garden and fruit trees and using this fresh produce in the kitchen!

Jillian Harris Cashew Alfredo Pasta Recipe Jillian Harris Cashew Alfredo Pasta Recipe

5. Celebrate Leo’s birthday

Leo’s birthday is in August and he will be turning THREE!! How crazy is that?! Now to put my thinking cap on and come up with a theme for his party … LOL!!

Jillian Harris 3 Things to add to your Okanagan Bucket List

There you have it!! That’s it, that’s all … and I couldn’t be MORE happy about it!! What are some of your summer bucket list items this year?? If you’re planning a trip in the Okanagan check out my favourite spots in (and around!) Kelowna that I believe are “must-visits” and “must-do’s”, here!



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  1. Summer plans, eating more healthy, going to be looking for some great vegan places here in Toronto, getting back into working out and drinking more water. Also taking up ASL, maybe doing some pottery classes, and also getting back into water painting, taking pictures. Over all just taking time and care of and for myself.

    Kammy ❤️?

  2. WOW, I love this. It is so nice that you are slowing down a bit and enjoying the little and important things.

    This summer I also want to enjoy the outdoors more, walks, swimming, etc. I want to stay home more, stay local and just embrace summer when I can. We don’t have as nice of weather as you guys in BC, so the nice weather and taking advantage of it is very limited. I’m four + months pregnant, so I’m hoping to get a room ready and get ready to next come this fall.

  3. Oh I am loving these bucket list items and also loving that they are short term achievable for summer! Always energizing to know you have achieved personal goals!
    My Summer Bucket List is slightly adaptive of Jillian’s:
    #1 (is definitely) Spend some seriously devoted time making summertime memories with my big boy Archer and twin girls Chloe + Scout, hubby Luke and senior pupper Finnigan – camping, fishing, gardening, hiking, fairy houses, beach BBQs, and ending many days all smelling of lake water freshness. Also master Jillian’s presets and posting an excess of photos of my kids on insta!
    #2 Finish setting up my office space – I’ve started my master’s to become a Nurse Practitioner but need a tranquil and focused space where I can really dig into the learning process. So much office space inspo!
    #3 Establish a routine – I’ve entered back into an educational program, left my job to do it and now have to establish a new routine to include not only looking after my kids and household but also myself in regards to working out, eating properly and other self care.
    #4 Prep for a gorgeous en-suite Reno! – #creativeoutlet this winter we’re going to tear out our en-suite and refresh with whites, herringbone, wood and create a little slice of serenity in there!
    #5 Attend the Jillian Harris Mamas for Mamas brunch (this week!!!) with my gf!! – Can.not.wait!!! Can hardly believe I get to go! Feels like a win a super girly lottery!! So looking forward to a day of refresh, positive energy and inspiration!!

  4. Hi Jillian,

    Your summer plans sound terrific. There’s something to be said about slowing down the pace and spending more time doing things at home. Kelowna has a lot to offer. I know it well since I live roughly two and a half hours away. Enjoy your summer and fingers crossed we don’t get smoked out from those awful wildfires.

  5. Your summer plans sounds nice and relaxed as it should. It is good to take a moment and focus to yourself and your lovely family.
    I can’t wait to hear which theme you come up with for Leo’s birthday. I would suggest wild west-theme if I may. Leo would be perfect cowboy or sheriff. What do you think? 🙂

    I am planning to enjoy our short but hopefully not too chilly summer here in Finland with my family. We spend time at our summer cottage and I might even read a book which I have not done a while 😉

  6. Thank you for the list! I’m planning on taking my oldest to Kelowna this summer and I can’t wait to see those gorgeous views!! I think this trip just him and I will pretty special. 🙂

  7. Your summer plans sound amazing. Wonderful quality time with your family! I have two of your plans on my bucket list as well; to workout more and spend more time with my girlfriends.

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