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A New Christmas Tradition is Born

Over the last month, I know I’ve been sharing lots of gift guides with you in hopes to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier this Christmas … aannnd I know some of you love shopping JUST as much as I do, it’s FUN! But, I’ve been feeling like the last few years have been a mad panic to run around and buy a bunch of people who already have everything, MORE things… and it’s not quite as gratifying as it used to be….

Some of you remember last year, I cut back on Christmas gifts and sponsored two families through the Kelowna Food Bank. It really was THE best gift of last year (besides the little bean that was growing in me of course!!!)

With Leo being so young still, and not knowing the difference at the moment, I really enjoy spending less money on our family and having the opportunity of spending it on those who REALLY need it!!! So, when the opportunity arose to sponsor a couple of families again this Christmas, I was BEYOND ecstatic and eager to do it all over again … and this was the EXACT moment I knew that a brand new Christmas tradition was born!!!


A few of our amazing partners and brands caught wind of our project and wanted to help out and give back this year!!!! From gift certificates for groceries to organic baby food, warm clothes to wear, new eyeglasses … to some amazing makeup for the deserving mamas, I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of all of the brands who didn’t think twice about lending a helping hand!!! And so, with the help of some of my favourite brands together we were able to ensure both of these families will have food in their tummies and gifts for their little ones under the tree this Christmas.

Because of the overwhelming response from all of the brands I wasn’t able to spend as much as I thought I was going to have to on both of these families (which normally is a good thing, but I had a specific budget in mind and has my mind set on spending it!!) so instead I decided to match the donation amount from each company in cash and donated it to the Kelowna Food Bank.

I certainly couldn’t have been able to support these families to the extent I was able to this year without the help of some of my favourite brands!!! A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of the amazing companies that made this so successful for the families in need!!! In no particular order, I would love to recognize them below!!! …


I will admit, I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit this year UNTIL Friday rolled around and I made my first delivery to the families … my heart was exploding with love (and may have even grown 10 sizes too big …) and I was BAWLING like a baby!!! I can’t even begin to explain how surreal it feels to help out those in need … oh my goodness … my eyes are starting to water just writing about my experience …

It’s still not too late to give back this year, there are so many small ways you can give back on a daily basis that will make a huge impact on someone. Simple things like buying someone a hot coffee, donating some of your spare change to the Salvation Army, smiling at a stranger, etc. Not only will spreading the cheer warm your heart but doing so will also leave a positive impact on others.

For additional ideas, make sure to check out my five easy ways to give back here and for some ideas that cost nothing at all, take a look here!! What are some of your favourite ways to help out those in need?? Comment below!!!



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  1. What about spreading the giving instead of overloading a few families? It’s great and all you are doing this, but a lot of us do the same thing WITHOUT sponsors paying for the majority of the items. Many of us pay for the things out of our own pocket. I think perhaps spreading those sponsored gifts to many different families and charities would be then benefitting more people in need…..
    Like Mother Theresa says, there is no such thing as a selfless good deed. You do go a bit overboard in the letting everyone know what you are doing and “donating” – sometimes the best good deeds are the ones where someone doesn’t need the Instagram/snap/blog/Facebook “recognition”. Just a little something to ponder.

    1. If you read the post you’d see that Jillian herself matched the donations in cash to the food bank. Why not take advantage of a social media platform being a person in the public eye and use it to give back? One person can make a difference, which is what she’s expressing in what she chooses to do at Christmas.

      Don’t like it? Don’t follow.

      1. Why not just do it an not post about it? It’s one thing to bring awareness, and another to need personal recognition for exactly what you did. Absolutely make the donations. Volunteer. Post about the causes but skip the details
        about what you gave. It’s tacky. And makes people who maybe can’t donate as much feel like what they did waaant good enough. We don’t need to “outgive” each other.

  2. You enjoy spending less on your family?!!!! Ummmmmm aren’t you redoing and remodeling an ENTiRE house? I would argue that’s hardly spending less. #getreal

    1. This is such a horrible thing to say. Jillian is donating her own money and using her celebrity status and contacts to do something positive for the world. Doesn’t everyone deserve to use the money they earn to create a beautiful life for their family? Most people don’t go the extra step to do something nice for their community as well. Shame on you and all the negative responders for not recognizing that. There is enough negativity in the world… can you not appreciate the kindness and love that she is demonstrating? #getreal #getalife and #getdonating yourself.

  3. Thank you for your kind heart and genuinely lovely spirit. You are a shining example of how we should all feel and act, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year. <3

  4. Way to go Jillian. Merry Christmas to you and your adorable family. Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.

  5. Jillian, don’t listen to a word of those negative comments. Maybe they’re just jealous or unhappy they didn’t win anything in your 12 days of giveaways! Which was also so generous! Xoxo Merry Christmas to you! And keep it up up up!!

  6. Hi Jillian, I can’t speak for anyone else, but my understanding is that your business model is that of an Influencer which is why you talk about what you do….. in detail….. in addition to being a genuinely good person, keep doing you! Those who matter get it, those who don’t, never will.

    Influencers are a huge part of social media and brand marketing,so much so, large labels have coined the title of Influencer as a marketing source to their benefit, so when people knock someone for that, on that someone’s blog about lifestyle etc. Well, it doesn’t make much logical sense eh! May your hearts be Merry and Light. #peace

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