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How to Wrap the Perfect Gift

Even though our family won’t be exchanging gifts this year, one of my favourite things to do around Christmas time is to wrap gifts for my friends, family and the two lovely Christmas families that I sponsor!!!! Before I start wrapping, I like to set the mood … I start by tossing on my favourite Christmas music, (I’m a sucker for Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole) … light some candles (or, start a crackling fire … even better!!!) … and pour myself a glass of wine … LOL!!!!! Most importantly, make sure you have all of your wrapping necessities (don’t forget the scissors and tape … lol!!) and make sure to give yourself LOTS of space, so you can spread everything out!!!!

I love being able to get really creative with my wrapping and cannot get enough of all of the cute wrapping paper, tags and accessories out there to pretty up your packages!!!! Seen as how I won’t be doing much wrapping this year, I figured I would share some of my favourite tips and tricks with you!!! …


1. Gift Ribbon | 2. Mod Scissors | 3. Fabric Ribbon | 4. Naughty or Nice Card | 5. Twine | 6. Tissue Paper | 7. Gift Box | 8. Tape | 9. Stripy Wool | 10. Drawstring Pouch | 11. Gift Bag | 12. Gift Tags | 13. Wrapping Paper 

1. Wrapping Paper: Where do I begin?!?!  I’m such a fan of wrapping paper, there are so many cute prints out there which allow you to express your creativity and style!!! I LOVE simple, festive prints on wrapping paper but lately, I’ve also really been enjoying the simplicity of brown or crisp white wrapping paper!!!


Brown Wrapping Paper | Twine | White and Brown TwineGift TagsScissors

2. Ribbon & Yarn: Nothing is better than tying a beautiful bow on your wrapped present, and this is also the PERFECT time to add a little texture to your wrapping. Try using materials such as twine, yarn, burlap, lace, or different thicknesses of ribbon to spice up your work of art!!!!


Ribbon | Gift Tags | Scissors | Brown Wrapping Paper | Twine

3. Accents: It’s fun to add a little charm to your wrapping and you can do so simply by adding a little piece of greenery (add this either the night before or the morning of for a fresh look!!!), swap out name tags for photographs (a double whammy in the gift department!!!!), … or add pom poms, pinecones or even cinnamon sticks to the gift!!! Don’t be nervous to try something new and a little outside of the box … (see what I did there?!?! LOL!!!) …


Brown Wrapping Paper | Twine | White and Brown TwineGift TagsScissors


Photo Credit

Brown Wrapping Paper | Twine

4. Gift Boxes & Bags: As much as I love wrapping, let’s be honest … there’s certainly a point where I start to become impatient and just want to have everything done … LOL!!! So, when I hit this threshold, I know it’s time to bust out the gift boxes and bags (these babies are my BEST friends!!!!) … they’re certainly less time consuming and can look just as beautiful!!! You can easily dress up a gift box with some thick and stunning velvet ribbon and some gorgeous tissue paper!!!! Bada bing bada boom!!! … You. Are. Done.


Photo Credit

Velvet Ribbon | Rectangular Gift BoxRound Gift Box

What are some of YOUR favourite ways to wrap gifts??? Share them below!!! …

Happy holidays my loves!!!!



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    1. Yes!!! Me too!!! There’s so much you can do with it to pretty it up as well!!! The options are endless …. XO

  1. I love the same brown packing paper and gold washi tape, but I use pictures from last year’s calendar, or the front half of last year’s cards instead of photos to spruce them up, as to-froms, etc 🙂

  2. I do brown paper, with a coloured ribbon on top. If I have time, I add a homemade ornament. I attempt to pretty-handwrite their name on the paper to avoid losing tags with toddlers running around the tree.

  3. I just like the useful information you provide to your articles. gift packing idea is really awesome. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here frequently. Thanks for sharing.

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