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My New Schedule: Featuring Team Jilly Workouts

As some of you may know I’ve gone through a little bit of a work/life balance revamp, I’ve been all over the map for the last 5 years and now that I’m on a hiatus from Love It Or List It Vancouver I’ve noticed a huge shift in my time and quickly realized I needed to sit down and revamp my schedule. I LIVE by my schedule and if something ISN’T in it, chances are it’s not going to get done!! I needed to make sure I was not only being efficient and productive Monday – Thursday but that I was also getting some down time each week PLUS getting my workouts in!!

This year is the FIRST year I’ve actually been able to get a gym pass because with all of the travelling I was doing previously it was SO hard for me to sign up anywhere … not to mention actually make it to a class!! LOL! I’ve been eyeing up Oranj Fitness for a while and I’m happy to say that I have a pass now and I ACTUALLY GO!! The reason why I chose Oranj is because they’re local, I loved their customer service and the fact that you could pre-order a smoothie to be ready and waiting after your workout (they don’t have wine, I tried … but Earls down the street does!), they have a variety of different classes to tone your bod (I’m in love with their Barre classes!) and kick up your cardio but most importantly they have daycare for Leo!! It’s a cute cozy little boutique daycare. Annnd daycare for Leo means no excuses for this mama!! LOL!! Uh oh …

Jillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly Workout

Another really important thing I scheduled in going forward is Team Jilly workouts!! Each month the girls and I like to get together early in the morning and get our sweat on together, it helps clear our minds, makes us feel AMAZING and we are known to sneak a few (hundred) giggles in within the hour.

After class (and depending on the day) we typically like to grab a coffee and a breakfast wrap or a glass of Rose (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere …) and some appetizers and talk some biz! It’s a great way to break free from our regular routine, focus on all things and more importantly, catch up with each other!! What can I say … we like to talk …

218A6008.2IMG_5261Jillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly Workout218A6068.2


Jillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly WorkoutJillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly Workout-8Jillian Harris Oranj Fitness Team Jilly Workout-9

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Typically we like to schedule Team Jilly workouts in on Thursdays because in the effort to make sure I was getting my Leo time in and giving myself a bit of a breather from work and a hectic schedule I made the difficult decision (can you sense the sarcasm here?? LOL!) to take Friday’s OFF!! And am I ever loving it!! On these days you can find me on the Earls rooftop patio gettin my Rose on. LOL! Kidding. Sort of …

What are some of your favourite workout regimes these days?? Do you find you HAVE to schedule in your workouts to get them done?? Share your thoughts (and ANY suggestions you have) below!!












This is not a sponsored post. However, we would like to thank Oranj Fitness for allowing us to experience your facility! 
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  1. Hi Jill,
    As a new Mom to a 9 month old I feel that I am FINALLY getting my groove back and on a schedule. I get up at 530 am, because my daughter typically needs a little breastfeed before she goes back down for another couple hours. Once she is asleep again I give my BF a kiss and head out to the gym or a yoga class. I like to throw in a yoga class once a week just to mix it up. And this has helped SO much with motivation for working out. It’s a day I can work out but also “relax” at the same time. Once a month I also go out with a couple girlfriends to the mountains (I live in Calgary so this is super awesome) usually Canmore or Banff for a little mountain yoga session and visit! Fitness has always been an important part to my health and wellbeing and as I became more pregnant and a new mom it became harder to incorporate that into my daily life, which left me feeling like I was in a slump. But I decided to change that! And the best part, other than feeling amazing, is that I have more energy to give to my daughter ❤️? Being a new mom is the most amazing thing, the feeling of love is indescribable – you get that with little Leo!
    Take care ❤️

    1. This is AMAZING, Victoria!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! I’m so happy you found your “groove”!! XOXO

  2. I LOVE seeing you at the oranj barre! Teaching you & your awesome team is always a great time. Looking forward to more in the future… & hopeful to rip it up on the bikes in one of my dance party/spin classes… ❤️

  3. Jillian that’s awesome .. nothing like feeling amazing after a good power workout …. keep it up girl …. suma suma suma time …….?☀️

  4. Today is my birthday and I have hired my spin instructor to host a special spin class tonight. It will be me, hubby and 6 of my best friends spinning to my requested playlist. This is the best gift I could give myself. Ready for YEAR#48!

  5. We too are in love with Oranj, and are lucky to have one in little Airdrie, AB – though I am excited to say, we get the benefit of Run – Wine -Yoga workshops ?? – next time on this side of the rockies,nyou should visit!

    Having the quality childcare component, beautiful studio, tonnes of variety for classes and most impotantly – the ultra personable and friendly instructors and staff – have turned me into an Oranj addict!

  6. Hi

    Love love love #oranjfitness especially Lindsay’s classes.

    Hope to see you there!

    Her Wednesday Barre class at noon is amazing. Your butt will thank you!


  7. Barre classes are amazing!! I’m in Vernon and go to Soul Studio and my fave is Booty Barre Sculpt. So good (yes, even the legs shaking and burning feels good – lol).
    Glad you are finding time for yourself and loving it! Enjoy and maybe you could come to Vernon to try out Soul’s Barre classes – they’re AMAZING and we do the same thing – either wine or Brunch after class 🙂 !! (
    Take care

  8. Awesome photo’s, I have been needing to get back into a fitness routine desperately and after seeing this post i think i will grab some girls and just GO for it!!
    Jill where is your “L” initial necklace from, i am obsessed with it in everything you post……??

  9. Hi team Jilly! I am looking for a new gym bag; something that can hold a pair of runners, my gym clothes and a water bottle, but that isn’t as big and bulcky as a duffle bag. Any suggestions?

    Thanks! xo

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