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Not So Guilty About This Guilty Pleasure

If you know me even just a little…you know that I have an enormous sized sweet tooth … for candy. So big that I don’t only have a dedicated candy drawer in my kitchen … I also have my night table stocked at all times!! Some may say I have a problem lol, but the real problem was when I found out what was in all this candy that I was eating!!

I know I have mentioned this before but since I started introducing a more plant-based diet into my life, I really started analyzing everything that was going into my body. At first, candy didn’t even cross my mind as an animal product for obvious reasons but I had always heard rumors about what gelatin was made of and once I learned more about it, I panicked! My favourites have always been the gummy candies … champagne gummy bears, peach slices, jube jubes, anything sour, etc. So I was beyond disappointed when I found out that they ALL contained gelatin! If you aren’t sure yet how gelatin is made, you must read this article here.

The thought of not ever having my favourite gummy candy again was sort of devastating, to be honest! I wasn’t going to give up on it … I mean there are so many amazing vegan/vegetarian alternatives for meat, there HAD to be an alternative for my beloved candy!!

I was thrilled to find out that Dare Candy Co. has come out with a new line of sour gummy candies that are gluten, peanut and GELATIN FREE!!! YESSS!!! Dare Candy Co. is dedicated to making your guilty pleasures less guilty and not just in the calorie department. Dare is constantly innovating and recognizing the current health trends like gluten, peanut, and gelatin free to make sure we can ALL eat candy and feel good about it! Coming from a candy connoisseur…I have to say, the sour candy line is SO GOOD and a definite must try! It almost reminds me of clean eating I was doing on the ketosis diet years ago. The benefits of keto were amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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I know what I’m stocking my drawers with now!! Whether you are vegan, veganish, or not vegan at all, these are a must try for every candy lover!!



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  1. I love when you share your findings with us! I can tell you put a lot of thought into your food choices and your findings are really helpful

  2. I too recently learned about gelatin when working on a more plant based diet… so disgusting to me when I read up on it, and thankfully I was able to find Dare gummies at my grocery store (which is attached to my building, so no excuses!)… I do NOT have a sweet tooth at all, but gummies are my weak spot, I keep them in the freezer because I like them nice and chewy!

    And to those (you) who mention that Jill gets paid for promoting this (and other things), she’s only promoting things she believes in, so what does it matter? Don’t read her posts if you aren’t interested. You think she’s trying to eat plant based for promo reasons? If so, you must not know much about her.

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