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Online Shoe Shopping Tips

Being a new mama I haven’t had NEARLY as much time to go shopping for myself. My time is now spent getting Leo his necessities and researching new products that will help with his development (I am so obsessed with all of the cool things out there right now!!! I will post about this soon!!). With that said, I have been relying very heavily on online shopping for new clothing that FITS this fall. In my opinion, one of the hardest things for most people to shop for online is shoes. I am walking you through my top 5 tips below to help you find your perfect fall shoes online this season and I also want to help you by giving you some hm rabattkod and Coupon Cause discounts to use online…


1. Colour: Go and look in your closet. Figure out WHAT colour of boots you need this season to match all of your outfits. My go to’s are of course brown and black. Either or will always match SOMETHING in your closet!!!!

2. Reviews: Read the reviews people!!! They are there for a reason!! They are from people who just purchased the same product as you and their tips and information are very helpful (most of the time lol). It will help you with the next step to figure out how they fit … if EVERYONE says they aren’t comfortable then maybe keep looking …

3. Size: After reading the reviews and checking the size guide, pick your size!!! Most of the reviews will either tell you if they fit big or small. Like these sorel boots I ordered from Nordstrom … I ordered them half a size up based on the reviews and am SO happy that I did because they fit perfectly. And, now I know if I order sorel boots online, I will generally be that same size. All brands fit differently so this is important to keep in mind when ordering.

4. Brands: Some brands fit your foot better than others. Know the brands that fit YOU the best and stick with them. If you are ordering a brand that you have NEVER tried on before either go to a store that carries that same brand to try on for size (if you have the time) OR read the reviews to try to determine your size and make sure they have a good return/exchange policy in case.

5. Where: I have finally started to figure out WHERE to online shop for shoes. Some stores have better return policies than others … if they arrive and they don’t fit this is very important! My favorite of them all with the widest variety of options is They carry all of my favorite brands and in my opinion are one of the easiest places to online shop.

Some of the shoes I’m in love with this fall that you MAY or may not see me wearing:

frye-boots-yellow-sweater frye-boots-and-yellow-zara-sweater yellow-zara-sweater yellow-sweater-outfit-for-fall yellow-zara-sweater-and-jeans yellow-and-black-outfityellow-sweater-and-boots nordstrom-boot-blog
Black Boots | Jeans | Clutch | Glasses | Yellow Sweater (similar) | Scarf


Do you follow any other tips when shoe shopping?? Share them with everyone in the comments below …





Thank you, Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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