Versatile Dressing

Most of you ladies know me by now and you know that I am ALL about versatility when it comes to my closet. I am always on the go so I need outfits that I can wear from one job site, to the next dinner to the next meeting, to nursing Leo. Being a new mom … I would be lying if I told you that I’ve been wearing jeans every day since my pregnancy. I haven’t … I definitely haven’t lol!!! I have been switching between leggings, jeans that feel like leggings, sweat pants and dresses SANS pants. It has been ALL about comfort for me AND versatility.

I recently found what I like to call the “secret weapon pants”. I gave them this name because I SWEAR they must be every mom’s secret weapon to surviving post pregnancy and still looking cute. In reality, they are leggings … but better. They are SO comfortable, tuck you in nicely, fit to all of your curves and look great with all of my outfits. Not to mention, they are easy for this busy mama to dress up or down on the fly. Pair them with booties and a cute blouse for dinner (like I did here) or a sweater and runners for  your errands for the day. Whatever your preference or wherever your day may take you, you know you will be comfy AND stylish!!!

I ordered these ones online at Bloomingdales. I’ve linked them for you here … but they offer SO many different styles, fabrics, and colors that I love I thought I would show you some of my fav’s below. If you don’t want just plain black leggings this season … you’re in luck:

jill-and-leo-in-spanx jill-holding-leo-with-spanx jill-holiding-leo-in-spax jill-kissing-leo leo-sitting-on-jill-in-her-spanx-on-the-roadjill-and-leo-in-leather-spanx - versatile dressing

What do you ladies like to wear on a day to day basis?? Are you legging lovers like me??? Let me know in the comments below …







Thank you, Bloomingdales for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Jillian, I LOVE these leggings but, ladies, I just HAD to tell you that I picked up some warm, fleece-lined leggings today at Costco and they are actually AWESOME. 2 pairs for $14.99! Costco can definitely be hit and miss but this is a big hit. Nicer on the wallet than the leather ones that’s for sure.

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