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Online Shopping 101

Have you ever ordered something online and been so excited for it to show up on your doorstep only to end up disappointed? Welp, it happens to the best of us! Sure, online shopping can be convenient (where else can you shop in your PJ’s with a glass of wine?) but there’s definitely an art to finding that perfect little dress on the dot com. So… what’s a girl to do? Follow my simple rules to help navigate you through your favourite sites and save you from a case of buyer’s remorse.

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If there’s one rule you follow, make it this one! The times I’ve been most disappointed in my late night purchases was when I didn’t read the fine print. Knowing the fabric, fit, product details and even washing instructions can make all the difference. I mean no one wants a jersey/spandex dress or a blouse they have to dry clean every week! And remember, not all brands fit the same!!! Most sites have a sizing chart so make use of it! Tip – measure some of your favourite fitting pieces in your closet and use those as a reference when looking at sizing charts. 

Also reading the FAQ never hurt anyone!

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Before you rush to the checkout, shop around. There’s SO many online stores out there that you might just be able to find what you’re looking for at a better price. SCORE!!! I love for comparing prices and even finding similar styles. Just keep in mind that if you do find what you’re looking for on sale it’s usually final… another reason rule 1 is so important

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With everything going digital these days online shopping is getting easier and easier. Most companies offer perks and incentives to help keep the shopping process as painless as possible. Look for sites with free shipping/returns or ones that offer a promo code (usually when you sign up for their mailing list) for a percentage off your first order.


This rule is pretty simple but being Canadian I’ve fallen victim to it a few times. ALWAYS check the default country and currency! Some shops can be a little sneaky and won’t display the currency until checkout so just make sure you pay close attention. Not to mention if you’re shipping out of country be prepared to pay duties. There’s nothing like thinking you’re spending $80 and then seeing your credit card statement for $130…



Being someone who’s always on the go I love online shopping for it’s convenience… BUT sometimes it’s so easy that it gets you in trouble #guilty. When you’re getting ready to complete your purchase make sure it’s something you REALLY want/need. If you already have 9 leopard scarves do you actually want another one… or could it be those 3 glasses of wine talking??? If you can’t make up your mind, sleep on it! If it’s meant to be it will still be there in the morning.

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Ready to shop? Here are some of my go-to online stores or check out what I’m lusting over on my Shop page or what I already have in my closet. My favourite online shopping tool of all is If you don’t know what is … all you need to do is 1. simply sign up online -> 2. like my instagram photo if you want to know the clothing details on it -> 3. receive a direct email with all of the details so that you can shop it!!! If you’re confused or have any questions … let me know in the comments below!!!

My favourite online stores:
Topshop | Nordstrom | Aritzia | Shop Bop | Forever 21 | Bauble Bar | Chicwish | Goodnight Macaroon | Joe Fresh | Urban Outfitters | Privilege Clothing


Happy online shopping my loves!!!



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  1. Jillian you are such an ass kisser when you need to be and a complete BITCH to your Instagram followers.The way you snap at your followers is disgusting.I know they are “free to leave” as you put it.Your Instagram followers help raise you profile and give you access to unlimited opportunities and freebies.By telling them to leave you are being a BITCH .I know you should not have to put up with abuse.However you seem to snap at anyone who doesn’t compliment you.I guess all that surgery you had on your face went to your head.Let me guess,your chin disappeared overnight.And for god sakes quit linking to shit on liketoknowit that are not even close to shit in your photo.If idiots want to pay you a commission to get access to the clothes you wear,at least be honest to the poor suckers.I only had my “NOSE” done “I SWEAR”………

    1. This is my first time visiting this blog of Jillians and I just want to let you know how rude your comment was for no reason at all. You don’t want to hear something walk away, you don’t want to see something close your eyes, and if you don’t want to view then delete her off of your social media but don’t come on here and take some overbearing anger out on her blog. No one appreciates it and I bet you a penny (wouldn’t give you more then that) that Jillian will read your comment and smile feeling blessed she’s not you.

        1. For real though like what is their negative comment going to do? Nothing. Like I said they are what’s wrong with this world. People are so negative anymore but that’s why I love to follow you!! You are so positive and have such a peaceful energy about yourself. Keep it up girl we all love you! XOX

    2. People like you deserve whatever you get in life, karma is a powerful thing! Jillian gas helped The Make a Wish Foundation, my brother having cystic fibrosis I know all too well what a difference a wish can make! What have you done?! I assume from your lack of decency not a whole lot and someday you may want someone’s kindness, a quality Jillian possesses which you clearly to not. Have a moliculum of human decency or shove off! Jilly is awesome!

    3. Sad for you. Maybe you’re just jealous that Jillian gets to live a successful life, doing what she loves, and looks great doing it! I bet if you had half the positivity she has you would succeed at life…
      Being someone who’s just here to be mean for absolutely no reason, is not a good look. Hope you find some peace in your life!

      Thanks Jillian for always looking out for us! I have so many new favorite shopping sites, thanks to following you! Keep up the great work…wish I was at Blogpodium today! xoxo

    4. You really sound insane, insecure and jealous of Jillian. Clearly you’re weirdly obsessed with her because if you didn’t like her as much as you claim you wouldn’t be trolling her blog. Work on yourself hunny 🙂

      PS Jillian, I love your blog! You are so talented, funny and beautiful!

  2. Love this post! The 3 glasses of wine GETS ME EVERYTIME! Thanks again for being the best!
    Instagram: @ashdonielle

    And PS. Chinnychinchin is RUDE. Some people…keep doing what you are doing…we LOVE IT! xoxoxo

  3. Number 4 is a big one. I’m from the U.S., but I recently moved to Canada, and I had no idea you had to pay duties when you order something from outside Canada. I ordered a dress online that was $80, and when it arrived I had to go to the post office to pay another $35. It was a rookie move for sure.

  4. Thank you Jillian! Great article, lots of good tips! Living in a remote area all I do is ONLINE shop! I especially appreciated the comment on “sleep on it” so true! Enjoy Honolulu!

  5. Jillian, love the tips!! You have the best style, I love seeing your outfits and have put your Maui travel tips to good use too 🙂 Just ignore the rude cyber bully, you are fabulous and I love following your Instagram and like to know it.

  6. Jillian, love you on love it or list it, you and Todd are so funny!!! love your style as well, you have so many good fashion ideas!! 🙂

  7. I just read what that woman “chin whatever” can’t believe how mean she is. I don’t understand that there are still people who are so mean to other people! Don’t worry Jillian, you are way above people like her….have a good day!!

  8. I would also add: if there are reviews on the item, read them! many times there are helpful tips like sizing up or down but also if the item is much different than pictured ( a blouse or skirt that ends up being sheer when you didn’t expect it, for example), wash/wears poorly etc. Reviews have often done the trick of helping me with something I was on the fence about, both to purchase or not to purchase.

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