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Our Family Holiday Card Photoshoot

Near the beginning of October we had planned for Mackenzie to come over to help us with our family holiday card photoshoot (stay tuned for these details tomorrow … lol!!) and the exact same day we had planned to take them an order of new Joe Fresh winter gear showed up on our doorstep … the timing really couldn’t have been better … so what did we do?

We tore that box open and layered up in our winter gear and headed to the open field near our house to snap some pics … but the hilarious thing about this shoot is that it was actually one of those HOT fall days (remember this same thing happened to us when we went to the pumpkin patch?! LOL) … so as we were all layered  up (Nacho included … lol) we were starting to sweat buckets so Mackenzie worked her magic and we quickly peeled off a few layers … like the good ‘ol puffer jacket I had on below! LOL!

Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas

I mean how cute are these outfits?? They actually worked out PERFECTLY … I loved how Justin and Leo were matching … can you tell by all of the photos below?? LOL!! I couldn’t get over how adorable they were together. This is a great father/son gift ladies … and this men’s jacket was really great quality (and warm!!) … I don’t know why, but I always feel like it’s tough to find a good winter jacket for men so this one is definitely a steal!! And before you even ask … yes, it’s FAUX FUR!!! WOOHOO!!!

And Leo’s boots!! Are you kidding me?? So freakin cute!!!

Jillian Harris Joe Fresh ChristmasJillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas Jillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas

Oh and we certainly can’t forget about Nacho … LOL!!! OMG … we really wanted Nacho to look festive so the knit snood (aka the infinity scarf, in my mind … lol) and the trapper hat (which was actually meant for Leo) were unreal … we couldn’t stop laughing and he rocked them like a champ!! Once again it’s Nacho stealing the show in our holiday cards! LOL!

Jillian Harris Joe Fresh ChristmasJillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas

I really liked my outfit too … the quilted puffer jacket is super cozy and it’s so reasonably priced ($30!!) annnd, it comes in FOUR colours … ladies, I know how much we all love it when awesome items come in multiple colours … LOL!!

Also … that freakin touque with the faux fur … c’mon now, so adorable … and it comes in four colours as well! SCORE!!

Jillian Harris Joe Fresh ChristmasJillian Harris Joe Fresh ChristmasJillian Harris Joe Fresh ChristmasJillian Harris Joe Fresh Christmas

Toque | My Jacket | My Shirt | My Jeans | Leo’s Jacket | Leo’s Pants | Leo’s Shoes | Justin’s Jacket | Justin’s Sweater | Justin’s Pants | Scarf | Trapper Hat

Can you guess which one we used for our Christmas cards??? Take your guess below … I’ll share the FINAL photo with you in tomorrow’s blog!!








Thank you Joe Fresh for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Jillian,

    You are all so photogenic that it is hard to choose. However, my #1 pick is the one where you and Justin are kissing, and my #2 pick would be the one where you are all sitting and Nacho is looking at you.

  2. Yay! I was so excited to spot this new post. A favorite subject of mine! I’m up early nursing my baby, and these gorgeous photos gave me a lift.

    Love them all, but I’ll guess the third-to-last photo, where you, Justin and Nacho are looking straight on and Leo is laughing and looking to the side a bit. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!!! Hoping to see lots more Christmas photos of your sweet fam. I always love how you trim your tree and wrap your presents!

  3. I think the one with you and Justin kissing! Leo looks adorable! Holding the wreath makes it perfect for your Christmas card!

  4. Hi Jillian I think you picked the photo with Nacho looking into your eyes! I love that one and you all look amazing in it.

  5. Hi Jillian.

    Thanks for posting toques with faux fur. Do you know how many stores are carrying toques now that have real, raccoon fur as the pom pom!!? It makes me sick – to be honest. If you and your team have some time before Christmas, could you do a post that features warm winter wear – toques, mitts, scarves, reading socks, boots, moccasins, coats etc. that contain faux fur trim. It’s getting difficult to find in the stores. Sources gladly welcome! Thanks so much Jilly!

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