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Our First Family Holiday Cards

Hello there!!! It is snowing like crazy here in Kelowna today and it has me in the holiday spirit! LOL! If you saw my blog yesterday you’ll know that I chatted a bit about our FIRST family holiday card photoshoot … we dressed the part (Nacho included) and our photos turned out AMAZING!!

Ever since I can remember I have ALWAYS been jealous of family holiday cards, it might seem like a strange thing to be jealous over but I was pretty much single until I was 33 … and by that time I thought I would already be married with several children … LOL!! So needless to say, every time Christmas rolled around and one showed up in my mail I was a touch bitter about it.

Fast forward a little bit and I met Justin, we moved in together and we got Nacho … YES!!! This meant we could pull off a Christmas card … right?! LOL!! Well … things got even sweeter … as you all know, this past year has been unreal for us … we have little Leo, got engaged and renovated our first family home … and created our FIRST FAMILY HOLIDAY CARDS!! OMG … HALLELUJAH!!

We had our photos taken, once I had these in my hands I sat down at my computer, logged in to my Minted account and created our holiday cards … it honestly felt so surreal … like a dream come true!! Creating these cards on Minted was so freakin EASY … there were so many design options to choose from, I actually felt a bit spoiled … and then torn because I had THREE end results to choose from and I went back and forth for a bit (I mean, this is a big deal for me guys … LOL!!) before I chose “the one” … here are the options I was playing with …

Jillian Harris Minted Holiday Cards

“Height of Happiness” Customizable Holiday Cards

Jillian Harris Minted Holiday Cards

“Festive Plaid” Customizable Holiday Cards

Cute right?! I mean … how can you not just sit there and play around for HOURS when you have so many ridiculously adorable template, fonts, and colours to work with … lol. All said and done, I went with this one and I really think I nailed it …

Jillian Harris Minted Holiday Cards Jillian Harris Minted Holiday Cards

“Holiday Kisses” Customizable Holiday Cards

As soon as I got them in the mail from Minted I tore the box open and just stared at them, I was so happy with the design and the quality of the photos, I started writing some right away and then got distracted with Leo … and Nacho … and my work/life balance in general so chances are I probably won’t even get around to writing more until after I get back from my vacation in December … and who even knows if I’ll even get the chance to pop them in mail, but hey … I FINALLY have my first family holiday card, and I couldn’t be happier.

Jillian Harris Minted Holiday CardsJillian Harris Minted Holiday CardsJillian Harris Minted Holiday CardsJillian Harris Minted Holiday Cards

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Do you make family holiday cards every year??



Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love your cards! Funny question-what type of pen are you using? I’m always in search of a good pen for Christmas cards that doesn’t smudge ?

  2. We do a holiday card every year and we decided each year we would save one card and keep it for ourselves. We are eventually going to put them in a book of some sort so we can look back on each card. Our cards always represent the biggest milestones that happened in our lives that year.

  3. Your comment about being jealous of the family holiday cards felt like it was coming right out of my mouth. That was totally me too. I actually resorted to a picture of my dog with a cute holiday collar for my first custom holiday card but last year I convinced my boyfriend (of 5 years) to do one with me. So fun and I can’t wait to explore the ‘minted’ options this year (assuming he’s up for it again).

  4. Can I ask what kind of pen you use on these cards?! I’m also left handed and found my trusty sharpie pen keeps smudging on me! Thanks ♥️

  5. We do family Christmas cards every year! This year we are due with baby number 4. EACK! He’s coming so soon!!!!! So I think we willl be sending out New Years cards! I’ve used Mpix in the past, but am going to check out minted STAT!

  6. Love! The message fits the picture perfectly! We do Family cards every year. We are actually having our pictures done tomorrow for our Christmas cards.

  7. Yes! One of my favourite things to do this time of year! Had never heard of minted before! Going to check them out! Love your holiday cards ❤

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