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The Perfect New Years Cocktail

Morning loves!!! Yesterday I shared with you simple (and budget friendly) ways to decorate your home for New Years … and today (as promised) I would love to share with you some sure-fire crowd pleasing cocktail recipes … because let’s face it … you can’t have a rockin New Years party without some adult beverages!!!


What would a New Years Eve party be without Champagne?!?! There’s nothing more satisfying than popping those bottles and pouring that bubbly to toast the New Year so that’s an obvious necessity!!! I also like to buy an extra bottle for mimosa’s the next morning, they pair perfectly with New Years Day brunch aaaaand they also make for a fantastic hair of the dog … LOL!!!!


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And how about a standing ovation for the simple and elegant idea below?!?! … All you do is fill up a champagne flute with your favourite bubbles and then add a rock candy swivel stick!!!! How easy and cool is that?!?!


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However, if you would like to step up your bubbly game this year, check out these ideas … cue the drool!!!!! First off, I came across this Chambord Bellini recipe … in a pitcher combine Prosecco and Chambord Liqueur and add fruit such as raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, etc for a light, refreshing and oh sooo festive cocktail!!!


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This cocktail caught my eye immediately … it’s ALMOST too pretty to drink ( … almost …) and the ingredients are to die for!!! It’s all in the name; Blackberry Thyme Champagne Cocktail … OMG. This one would certainly win over your guests!!!!


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For the vodka lovers out there … this Cranberry & St. Germain Pitcher Sparkler looks divine and not only does it look pretty but it’s also extremely simple to make as well with only four ingredients in the recipe!!!


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To make the perfect cocktail and host the best New Years party EVER check out the items below to make you the hostess with the mostess!!!!


1. Champagne Flute | 2. Pitcher | 3. Coasters | 4. Mule Mug | 5. Shaker | 6. Bar Set | 7. Cocktail Napkins | 8. Swizzle Stick | 9. Jigger Set | 10. Whiskey Stones | 11. Cocktails Recipe Book

Tell me, what’s YOUR favourite cocktail to sip on when ringing in the new year?!?!



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    1. You can make sparkling water sooo delish by adding some of your fave fresh squeezed juice and sliced fruit!!! Add fresh mint for a pop of freshness as well!!! XOXO

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