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How To Plan The Best Bachelorette Party

I have a confession to make …. in my next life I want to be a party planner. This dream of mine all started when I used to plan house boating trips for 30 some friends a few years ago. I found that it was a lot easier on EVERYONE if I just took it all on myself. I would tally everything up and keep track of what I was buying (enough for everyone) and we would all split the total cost at the end. That way no one is buying individual things or missing anything. I started this weekend off by making a budget. I thought about a price that was fair for everyone but that would still result in the most epic weekend ever. I took that price and multiplied it by how many girls were attending. That total was the amount of money I had to spend for the entire weekend. Everything I picked up I got 16 of … I find it’s easier to do it this way instead of the girls picking up items on their own. We created a spreadsheet to keep track of everything that was purchased as well as who was attending, who paid, if they had any dietary restrictions, any suggestions, special notes and their clothing sizes. This makes it EASY to keep track of!

One of the best decisions we made was choosing to go with Four Seasons Resort Whistler as our destination. Even though their price point may seem higher than most, the experience they created for us was absolutely priceless. As Maid of Honour, I know that I will go down in history for planning the best bachelorette party ever and I honestly owe it all to the Four Seasons Resort Whistler. When you trust and use a property like Four Seasons they will help you plan and help you make your weekend the most epic that it possibly can be, but if you don’t conformable renting a resort, you can also find plenty of Houses to rent for parties online . It may seem crazy to approach a resort like this but it is SO worth sending out the initial email asking … the worst thing that they can say is NO!!!! A lot of times these resorts have people on their team that can help you with all of the party planning which is a total bonus because they have connections with all of the locals and local companies. They will help you get deals and help organize your itinerary so that everyone is included. Once you tally everything together and pool all of your money together you might be surprised that you actually can afford it.

If you’re interested here is a little taste of the itinerary for the weekend … We started the weekend off by being picked up in Vancouver by VIP Whistler. They brought us right to the Four Seasons Whistler which is where the fun began. The girls opened up their personalized goodie bags which I’ll go into further detail with below. We then got ready for a meal created “just for us” at Sidecut Restaurant. Then it was off to dance the night away!!!! The following day brunch started in our room at 10AM …when Butlers in the Buff showed up!! They entertained us until it was time to head to Bungee Jumping. Once again the girls got ready to go out to Buffalo Bills where once again we danced the night away!!! Sunday was time to RELAX after we had brunch in the Sidecut outdoor tents we headed to the SPA!!!! Ahhhhhhh and then it was back to Vancouver!!!

If YOU are a maid of honour or are planning a Bachelorette Party … I am sharing with you 10 tips that I have learnt along the way that will help you plan the best Bachelorette Party EVER ….
Sams-stagette-30IMG_6546 IMG_6629

10 Tips To Plan The Best Bachelorette Party: 

1. SQUAD UNIFORMS: We opted to go with Brunette The Label “blonde and “brunette” sweaters. They were great because even though they were an investment we know that the girls will wear them again. When you pick your squad uniform, make sure that they will be worn again … or don’t invest in it!! We also got matching Birdies Slippers for all of the girls so that they could be cozy and comfortable when we were in the residences. And I can’t forget the Chelsea King Scrunchies … they were perfect for the morning after messy buns!! To finish the squad uniforms off we had my favourite lip crayons from Glo Minerals in colours to match!!
JH_BLOG_IMG_4542 JH_BLOG_IMG_6609 2. Colour Scheme: speaking of clothes every Bachelorette party needs to be strategic about what you’re packing. Once you have established your uniform come up with the colour scheme. I sent an email about two weeks prior to the event telling the girls to pack light, neutral, pinks and coral colours so that in pictures we would all coordinate. Your pictures will turn out better and there will be more “that’s a framer” moments. We carried this colour scheme throughout the weekend in the decor and props. We ordered Landeau Roses to match and scatter throughout the rooms … it left our room smelling fresh and looking pretty! We also had Logiix pink blue tooth speakers so that no one needed to worry about music all weekend long … and they matched!!!! And Coal And Canary personalized candles for us to smell like champagne with a logo just for Sammy!!!

3. Entertainment: As immature and sexist as this might sound … Butlers In The Buff was one of the best investments we made this weekend. A lot of the girls didn’t know each other and it was a great way to break the ice and break down barriers. They kept the girls entertained for over two hours and it was the perfect addition to a lazy morning in the hotel. They served us food and drinks and even organized some pretty hilarious games. If this isn’t your cup of tea … I recommend doing something else that’s fun, funny and goofy to start the weekend off!!! We also decided to go Bungee jumping with Whistler Bungee and it was a great way to spend time together and go outside of our comfort zones. It’s a huge adrenaline rush and you HAVE to add it to your bucket list!!! We ended the weekend off at the Spa in the Four Seasons and it couldn’t have been more perfect to sit back, relax and be pampered … it gave us all some time to unwind after all of the festivities!! I recommend organizing at least one thing per day and everything else will fall into place.
JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-77 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-82JH_BLOG_bachelorette-party JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-106 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-68 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-129 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-130 JH_BLOG_Sammy-bachelorette-buttlers1 JH_BLOG_sammy-bachelorette-buttlers JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-142 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-189 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-192 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-182sams-bachelorette-bungy-jumping JH_BLOG_sam-bachelorette-pool-party JH_BLOG_IMG_6630 JH_BLOG_IMG_6525 4. Accommodation: We were lucky enough to stay at the Private Residences at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into staying somewhere together instead of renting individual hotel rooms. It ends up being a similar price point to multiple rooms split amongst the group. It is fun being able to be all together all the time for the weekend. It makes waking up and getting ready that much more fun and you feel that much more connected throughout the weekend.
JH_BLOG_IMG_6737JH_BLOG_IMG_4178IMG_4136 5. Food: Going buffet and family style for your meals is a great way to save money. We bought groceries for snacks and to tie the girls over in between meals. We stocked the fridge FULL of the Juicery Co juice for mix and a healthy jolt in the mornings. We called Sidecut restaurant in advance and organized a set menu to choose from with family style sides. All of our other meals were buffet style and “shared” making it easy peasy for everyone. Make sure you ask everyone if they have any food allergies PRIOR to the event so that you can make adjustments if necessary.
JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-60 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-59 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-63 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-62 JH_BLOGbrunch-sams-bachelorette 6. Alcohol: We decided to share a bunch of alcohol instead of “every man for themselves” which in the end I think was a great idea. We kept it easy and stuck to Martini Asti Sparkling Wine, Bombay Gin, and Grey Goose. It was perfect because both mornings we were able to have a Caesar Bar and a Mimosa Bar and no one needed to worry about who’s alcohol was who’s.
JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-10 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-12 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-66JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-61 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-135 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-54 7. Professional Photographer: We hired our friend and photographer Kristin Sarna from Studio 86 to join us for the weekend and it was great because no one needed to worry about taking pictures. If everyone throws some money in together it ends up being an inexpensive cost in return for memories that will last a life time.JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-14 8. Transportation: I would TOTALLY recommend booking transportation to and from your location. We booked with VIP Whistler and it was perfect because no one needed to worry about whose vehicle you’re bringing, whose driving or pitching for gas … instead, you can just split it and it works out close to the same price!!!
JH_BLOGIMG_6647JH_BLOG_IMG_6831 9. Organize: I recommend organizing everything in advance so that you can relax and have fun during the weekend!!! If you’re lucky enough maybe the amazing team at the Four Seasons Whistler will help you with some suggestions too!!! Printing out itineraries for the girl is also a cute and inexpensive touch … but it will save you from being asked at all times what time the next event is at!!!
JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-24 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-20 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-16 10. Goodie Bags: I love making goodie bags for Bachelorette parties and other special events so that the guests have something special and memorable to bring back with them. We went ALL out on these ones and fully stalked them with everything that I LOVE and already use …. Here is what we included…

bachelorette party guide1. TruMarine Collagen | 2. Logiix Speaker | 3. JHxMA Necklace | 4. Sunglasses | 5. Kapuluan Coconut Oil | 6. Brunette The Label Sweater | 7. Glo Minerals Lipstick | 8. Chelsea King Scrunchie | 9. Coal and Canary Candle | 10. Martini Asti Sparkling Wine | 11. Grey Goose Vodka | 12. The Juicery Co Juice | 13. Landeau Roses | 14. Birdies Slippers

JH_BLOG_IMG_4199JH_BLOG_IMG_4133JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-36 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-40 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-44JH_BLOG_IMG_7149 JH_BLOG_Sams-stagette-199

We were really lucky that we were able to partner with some great brands and great friends and got discounts on many items but that doesn’t mean that you can’t too. Every time I went to book something I always asked for a group rate or if it was the best discount they could offer us. It’s important to negotiate with everyone on everything to save the pennies where you can. Do your research and instead of buying the $50 heart-shaped sunglasses find the $1 ones!!!

Thank you from the bottom of all of us girls hearts to everyone who helped us plan this and make it the most epic Bachelorette party ever!!





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  1. Okay this looks like a solid weekend… but your budget must have been extremely generous (or a lot of this was comped for you if you promoted it?). I liked the tips for the small inexpensive touches that made it special, but as someone who is currently planning a bachelorette party I found that most of this was very unrealistic :'(

    1. Couldn’t agree more with your comments. Looks amazing, but the budget is likely unaffordable for the average person and/or group.

      1. Totally agree. It seems as though most people who start out as an average person and then find success through fame begin to forget what the average person can truly afford. Still enjoy the blog, photography & Jillian herself!

    2. I wonder the reason for not sharing the budget? I mean if you say everything you’d done and we could call and get the pricing – what’s the difference?

    3. Of course a bachelorette depends on budget. Some people may have a budget of $50 each and some $500. Ive been part of planning, and invited to bachelorette parties that have been everywhere from a night out at a club, to a weekend in kelowna and whistler, to a 4 day weekend in Napa Valley. Pooling money and buying in group form does make things easier and more expensive items more attainable sometimes but all in all, this weekend looks epic! I think its posts like these that can give you ideas, and maybe your scrunchies are from Claire’s instead of Chelsey. ;-))

      1. EXACTLY!!!!! Thank you Bree 🙂 It’s to give you ideas of what and how to do it … it doesn’t need to be all about the money!!

    4. Yeah… I bet if I calculated it all up it would be in the $2000-3000s per person. It would be nice if Jillian shared the actual budget so people can have realistic expectations. And I bet that most of it was provided free of cost for advertising purposes so that suckers like us will dish out $$$ to have the same items. The blonde/brunette sweaters alone are 80$ each x 16 = over $1200. I bet the goodie bags are over $500 each. Looks like a fun weekend though… the nude butlers are hysterical.

  2. Jillian! Can you tell us where you had the SQUAD tank-tops made? Was it local or did you find a shop on Etsy? Thanks!!

  3. Did you get a lot of freebies? Would be nice to know your actual budget each? It did look like a great weekend though 🙂

  4. I LOVE this! It’s funny I just wrote an almost identical post haha I also found it easier to organize and pay for everything on my own, printed off itineraries, came up with a theme and put together fun goodie bags! It was the best bachelorette weekend! Great minds think alike 😉

  5. I love this!! This sounds soo fun. What would a budget like this per person be? I would love to plan a weekend like this, but I am not sure what an appropriate amount for each person to pay for a weekend like this would be. Thanks!

  6. Does anyone know what kind of camera + lens Jillian uses, her pictures are always so pretty!

  7. Definitely not a realistic budget for most Bachelorette parties as 1 night at the Four Seasons Private Residences costs about $6000! I would love to know what the budget actually was because it looks like a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the great ideas Jill! I’m currently planning a Bachelorette party for my best friend and will definitely be implementing some of these tips! Love is in the details <3 xo.

  9. Amazing! I did something similar a few weeks ago with one of my bride-to-be girlfriends. 8 of us flew to Florida, pooled resources and had an amazeballs time. We started planning – and saving – about 6 months in advance, so we had time to build the added costs into our own budgets. It was also a vacation for many of us (4 nights away) so totally worth it. The only thing missing from our bachelorette getaway was those fab blonde/brunette sweatshirts. Making a mental note for my future MOH 😉

    Thanks for sharing Jilly. Looks like a fantastic weekend!

  10. I have to say, my MOH planned the most amazing Bachelorette party ever and it started with a Pure Romance Party. The best in bath, beauty and “relationship enhancement” products as well as lingerie. The sales rep came, and did a very entertaining demo. Guests were invited to purchase gifts for the bride and the bride go all of the credits from the party. It was really well done. Then we hit the bar!

  11. What a fabulous weekend! I am so jealous! In regards to comments about the budget – I think the purpose here was to give ideas about details to those planning a Bachelorette party. While I agree – this budget probably isn’t in most people’s range, it doesn’t mean you can’t take great ideas away from the post. I love the tip about having one thing planned a day and letting the rest flow. Sometimes overplanning can exhaust the guests! Thanks for the great post, Jillian!

    On a side note – I LOVE the glominerals lipstick color you are wearing in your Insta picture with the bride (the one in the heart sunnies). Is that color named Sorbet? I am trying to match and I BELIEVE that is it! 🙂

  12. I want to be your friend! This looks like an amazing weekend!!
    Most of my friends are already married, but we are planning a weekend in Vegas for next September so maybe I’ll borrow some of these tips for an even more special trip.

  13. Hey Jillian,

    Love your maternity style!! I was wonder what jeans you are wearing on your whistler weekend? Im also pregnant 🙂 thank you!

  14. Thanks for sharing! I am currently planning my sisters bachelorette and wish there were more blogs about bachelorettes…I am only 24 and this is my first planning of a bachelorette weekend so its been tricky to figure out what is needed and how to organize! I have read this blog three times now and keep getting more ideas from it to include or make my own at my sisters bachelorette!! I also feel like its tricky in your case and mine when you have a lot of girls coming! We have a group of fifteen coming and keeping everyone happy is going to be a big feat…How did you do that?
    Thanks again for the help!!

  15. We had Butlers in the Buff this weekend and I highly recommend it!! If you’re in Whistler, JP was a gem ??

  16. What is the brand of the pink sandals that you wore? I love them and am looking for shoes for my wedding and those look perfect!

  17. Hi Jill,

    I love the idea of the heart shaped sunglasses, but I also don’t want to spend $50 each. Where can I find these $1 you speak of!? Thanks so much!

  18. Hey Jill,
    We had my besties stagette party in Whistler. FOMO Entertainment organized the whole thing! Highly recommended!

  19. Brunettes are the best! Great clothes and glasses 🙂 I wish I had a party like that, beautiful ladies, food, and fun with friends!

  20. Hey Jillian! Just wondering when you when (month) – it looks cooler in some photos but like summer when you’re by the lake. We are looking into Whistler in late March and wondering if it will be too chilly (except for skiing of course). Thanks!

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