Setting Sail in Stripes & Floral

Last week we climbed upon the Oriana Yacht and set sail around Vancouver. It was amazing. I have to admit … one of my favourite things to do in the summer is to go boating … but YACHTING is a whole new level of awesome!! The best part of all was finding out that you could RENT the Oriana Yacht out through Airbnb. Think about how much fun could be had sailing around to different islands with your friends and family…getting off and exploring with the scooters from on board?!? Ok, maybe that wasn’t the BEST part … the sunset was pretty unreal … but it was a close second.

I also wanted to share with you what I wore because it was SO fitting for the occasion. For any of you that are planning on attending a nautical, a boat, or on the water party … listen up!!! This dress is a must .. it looks like it’s 2 pieces, but it’s not. It is one amazing dress that is SO comfortable and easy to wear. They have perfectly paired and mixed patterns both stripes and florals which is hard to do if you try it yourself. It’s one of those outfits that you don’t have to constantly re adjust because it is just ONE piece!! This summer I have been all about the easy transition from day to night and this dress definitely takes the cake …

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photo credit: KK Law

Dress | Watch | Ring | Phone Case | Heels | Clutch

Well what do you think?!?! Where will be the first place that you give Airbnb a try??



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  1. Love this dress! The stripe/floral combo is perfection!! Would love it with a black and white stripe too! Anthropologie has one similar, but the floral pattern on bottom is navy with flowers instead of white…I like this one better.

  2. My hubs and I use air bnb all the time!! We also have rental properties on it 🙂 haven’t tried out a yacht yet but that looks amazing so I think we need to do it!!!

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