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What’s Next For Kaitlyn and Shawn?

Obviously the only way to start this blog is by congratulating Kaitlyn and Shawn on their engagement!!!!!! And also on getting through such a whirlwind of a season of The Bachelorette. I’m sooooo happy for you two poopers!!!!

So, when I first heard that Kaitlyn was going to be The Bachelorette it was through mutual friends. A lot of people said that I would love her, that we would be friends, that there were things about us that were very similar and well here we are!!! They were right on so many levels and I’m flattered now that I’ve gotten to know her.

Just watching her through this season she never disappointed. Even when she effed up and right until the very end of the final rose I became more and more impressed with her authenticity and the way that she was true to herself till the very end. She never made any excuses or apologies about who she was as a person which is extremely impressive and something that I admire.


I am SO thrilled for her and Shawn. My biggest wish for them is that they are able to get through the next 6 months to a year of their life. Speaking from experience … this part can be just as difficult as being on the show. I remember being in this position and while I’m positive that Shawn is a much better guy than “my choice” … it’s a lot for them all at once. Dealing with potential rumours, gossiping and the fact that the cyber bullying doesn’t stop just because the show is done. But with the right support from friends and family and the right balance in their relationship they will be just fine! Focusing on the positive aspects that this opportunity has brought to them and completely shutting out all of the negative is key. Oh hell what do I know. My relationship didn’t go anywhere, I’m the last one to give advice!!! Hahaha!

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Anyway….What’s next for Kaitlyn and Shawn?!? Well I’m HOPING what’s next is that they are able to focus on being a couple and building their relationship off screen. I can’t wait until they come back to Canada and Shawn gets to meet Kaitlyn’s family and friends and that he gets to meet the “rest” of her!!! And I’m SOoooooo excited to get them both out to Kelowna and on the lake and get to know the two of them together!!!! (Beer Pong whooooottt!!!!!)


NOW … in regards to the actual episode … on the same level while I’m really happy for Kaitlyn and Shawn and I do think that she chose the right guy … I never did have anything against Nick. Nick wasn’t the MOST popular person in our household and I know a lot of you think Nick is a jerk and comes off cocky, but he does what he wants and takes risks and I’m totally cool with that.

Yes, there were times that he acted very immature and handled certain situations very poorly … but I feel that way about everybody on the show!!! I’m telling you … I’ve been through this process TWICE before … no one can keep their head screwed on straight through the entire thing. And yes you do start going crazy!!! There are times that you will be off kilter and won’t make the right decision according to what the public sees. But especially this last episode .. I saw that Nick was legitimately in love with Kaitlyn.


People used to say to me and still do … that Wes the “bad boy cowboy” from my season was there for all the wrong reasons. To this day I do believe he went on the show for the “wrong” reason … but I still had feelings for him. Regardless of WHY he was there it doesn’t stop a relationship from forming. I remember the feelings I had for him and they were REAL … and yes he’s still a good friend of mine. Heck, I can’t even tell you why I went on the show!!! What kind of a human being goes on a TV show thinking that they will JUST find love!?!? Of course they are going on for many other potential opportunities and are taking a huge risk while doing so!!!!

No, I am not 100% sure why Nick went on the show and yes there is a huge possibility that it was for the wrong reason … but I do know that in the end he did have feelings for Kaitlyn and that in itself is a good enough reason. If he didn’t take this once in a lifetime chance to get to know her and test the waters he would always be left wondering “what if”. I thought that maybe at one point during this season I would see the bad side that everyone else saw … but I still have respect for him and I hope that he finds love or is successful or whatever he was looking for.


And I feel bad for Kaitlyn having the pressure of having to make this decision because YES it is possible to be in love with 2 people at the same time. And yes you will break someones heart. Unless you live in like Utah and it’s acceptable to have several relationships … you have to eventually make a decision and move forward.

So…. this was one of my favourite seasons so far (other than mine lol) because more and more this show is allowing the Bachelor and the Bachelorette to change the rules based on their feelings and is allowing them to do what they want at their own pace. People may say that it is staged but I can see first hand that real relationships are formed, peoples hearts are broken and for that alone I think that it will continue to be a really successful show. Kaitlyn was a great Bachelorette .. she was so real, so transparent and I don’t think is even capable of being fake with the way that she wears her heart on her sleeve and says what she wants when she wants. I applaud her for making the show so awesome and so real this season.


Kaitlyn and Shawn once again … CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement and Shawn … I can’t wait to meet you!!!! I cannot wait to see how the next year of year life unfolds.


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  1. I’m very happy for Kaitlyn and Shawn but sad for Nick. He has proven himself to be mature and very level headed and has risen above all the negativity thrown at him. I think he was absolutely right to ask her why she let it carry on that far if she had already made up her mind. But he remained calm and still was able to be happy for her. ……though it was difficult for him to express it when Chris Harrison kept cutting him off!

    1. She wasn’t making a crack about Utah she was making a reference to the fact that polygamy is legal in that state. Get off her site if you feel that way about her.

  2. For me not being her friend, has to be the worst season thus far. I think every guy that got sent home was lucky. She seemed so immature and her laugh, and tears about her “mistake” didn’t come across as a caring person. But you see her through different eyes.

  3. Kaitlyn had a tough choice with 2 great guys (actually 3 great guys in Ben H). Felt really bad for Nick and the way he was stopped while pulling out the ring and going down on his knee. But I guess Kaitlyn just couldn’t do it sooner! Here is hoping her and Shawn make it!! He is so genuine and I really feel he has been through so much already, that he truly loves her and will be a great husband.

  4. Oh my…..Shawn is just such a meat head! So disappointed she chose him. He has no personality and seems to be flying a “vacancy” sign over his head. He was jealous, possessive and mean to Nick. I’m not saying Nick was the right choice for her either, as I loved Ben, but he didn’t deserve the tongue lashing he constantly got from Shawn. The fact that he would only refer to him as “The Other Guy” was so annoyingly immature. I liked Kaitlyn as the bachelorette but her choice is God awful! He brings nothing to the table.

    1. ALL those guys can do better than her, she keeps proving over and over that all the cyber bullies were right about her in the 1st place. Shawn is a meat head and she is an immature little girl

  5. Someone who appears as jealous and immature as Shawn is a huge red flag in a relationship. Good Luck Kaitlyn.

  6. Love your bachelorette blogs! Please say you will continue with them for bachelor in paradise? Reading them has become a Tuesday highlight! From a fellow Canadian!

  7. Jillian, people in Utah don’t have several relationships. That’s just a ridiculous comment make. Just saying…

        1. Agreed. It’s illegal in Utah. Most people can barely handle the 1 relationship that they have and frown upon having multiple husband’s or wives. The whole polygamy thing/joke is just as ridiculous as people thinking Mormons have horns. Where do people come up with this stuff?

  8. I do’t think it’s fair to insinuate that Nick was there for the wrong reasons. That could be said of any person who goes on the show. He seems like a genuine smart guy who held his head high even while being insulted. Shawn was mean, rude and even threatening to him and was so immature that he refused to call Nick by his name! He had no valid reason for his dislike of him and says he wasn’t jealous, when clearly he was. Nick was the only real threat that Shawn had.

  9. JMO, but the only time that Nick was immature was when he told Kaitlyn about the Eskimo brothers thing. Other than that, I felt like Shawn and Kaitlyn each acted immature and made stupid mistakes like 47 times each episode. I thought that they were good people but with Kaitlyn rolling her eyes at Nick at the ATFR…I don’t know.

  10. I don’t agree,that Nick wasn’t there for the right reason.He is great and genine guy and he really care for Kaitlyn.He took big risk going to the show,after the backlash he got last season.I don’t have problem that Kaitlyn pick Shawn. Its her life, but she should send Nick home earlier,if she knew he wasn’t the one.She knew it was his second season ,and he left heartbroken last time.I think he handled the break up and After the final Rose ceremony very well.She was very cold towards him,when the only things he did was falling in love with her.I get it that she is engage to Shawn ,but she should show Nick more respect..L

    1. Last thing I saw Kaitlyn and Shawn interview at GMA,when they were both laughing at Nick that he got heartbroken.It was very bad move from both of them.She was crying at the Man tell ALL about cyberbulling,and now she is saying terrible things about Nick in every chcance she got.I lost a lot of respect for both of them.Im glad,she didn’t pick Nick cuze he can do much better then her.Shawn and Kaitlyn deservet each others.Lets see for how long they are going to last.Aly Fedowski did great interview with Nick, its on her blog.Please check out its worthy to watch it.Today she is going to posted second part of this interview.

  11. Jillian- I’d love to hear your thoughts on the fictional show “UnREAL” on Lifetime… does any of it ring true to your experience?

  12. As a fellow Vancouverite and woman, I adored Kaitlyn from the get-go and would’ve had her back 100%, regardless of who she chose in the end. But in the last 36 hours I’ve lost all respect I once had for her. And Shawn. Between the way she treated Nick at the AFTR, and the way they’re laughing/mocking Nick on their apperances … it’s gross, trashy and classless. She’s proven herself to lack the very basics in empathy and compassion, and Shawn is right there beside her, egging it on. Nonetheless, good luck to them, but I’ve unfollowed/unsubcribed, etc. and won’t give the time of day to anything she does or is involved in from this point on.

    Thank God for women like Ali Fedotowsky … pure class all the way with a geniune video interview with Nick on her blog. Amazing. SHE is exactly what we need more of in this world.

    1. I agree with you.I like Aly too.i saw the great interview with Nick.I hope he find true love .He is great guy

      1. today at Gma was interview with Nick.The guy who did interview told Nick that Kaitlyn and Shawn were making fun of him and Nick was shockt. He said that Shawn enjoyed making fun of him all the time,and he doesn’t understand why he wanted to talk about him all the time if he doesn’t like him.Shawn also twitted yesterday that next year is also Bachelorette and Nick can go to the show,and 3 time is always charm.But after 1 h he delate it this twit

    2. I think you are all forgetting the fact that Ali Fedotowsky sold her story to people when she and Roberto broke up making herself look like the princess and him like the bad guy just so she can make a couple of bucks!!! I’m sorry but no she is not better than Kaitlyn.

      1. Almost ALL of the Bachelor(ettes) sell their stories and cash in on their 15 minutes if they can; Ali selling her story to People after the breakup is par for the course for leads in this franchise *yawn* … looking forward to Kaitlyn’s version regarding Shawn in a few months.

        Ali didn’t sit on national television as the poster child for vicitms of mean tweets and cyber-bullying one week, and the very next week, sit on the same stage and numerous national television platforms the following morning and roll her eyes, mock, laugh at, make fun of a man she told she loved, who loved her, and almost proposed … with an a$$hole by her side who wouldn’t even acknowledge a fellow human by his name.

        I hope Kaitlyn jumps off her cyber-bullying soapbox … she has no right to be a spokesperson for something so important. Her and Shawn are just as bad, if not worse, than the people who wrote the tweets she was crying over a week ago. Best she stick to shilling curling wands on her blog.

    3. Well, you will be seeing her plenty because she is trying to become the LA version of Jillian. Her website is created exactly like Jillian’s except not nearly as classy. She comes across as a little desperate to stay relavant. That and the fact that she sees herself as a relationship expert is really annoying!

  13. Yeup, sad Shawn and Kaitlyn are laughing at Nick’s tossing of the rings. Not good at all! Especially for Kaitlyn!!!

    1. They were not only laughing at Nicks tossing ring.They were also at Entertainment tonight,and they were laughing at Nick that he got his heartbroken again.Nick was also day latter at Enterrtainment and they show him Kaitlyn and Shawn interview about him.He was so sad and very dissipointent.with how both of them handled all situation.He said he wish them well,and they both deservet each other.I hope Nick is already moving on.He can do better..

      1. yeah it’s so disrespectful of them both, but at the same time she is trying to cover up the fact that she slept with him to Shawn, it’s like maybe if I make fun of him Shawn will forget all about it, but in the end she is just looking like a disrespectful immature little girl and Shawn is so desperate and jealous the way he was acting on the show. Both need to grow up.

        1. I didn’t sleep with Nick and I think that him throwing the rings like a spoiled brat was hysterical.

          1. Let’s see you have your heart broken on camera and see if you will be a model human, what he did was a natural reaction and PS he was tossing the rings at the producer who was sitting on the other end of a long limo. You really shouldn’t judge situations you have no idea about.

    2. I was really disappointed in their behavior and it actually made me like them a little less despite the fact that I was so happy for them. That was so childish of them.

  14. I wish them happiness, and the same and so much more for Nick. I don’t exactly remember my opinion of Nick on Andy’s season, but whatever it was it sure has changed to that of respect and compassion. He’s a great guy, and I love his family. I think whoever ends up with him will be deserving of his capacity to love.
    As for Kaitlyn and Shawn, they’re good together, but unfortunately did not catch the whole interview, cuz I couldn’t quite figure out what was so different about Shawn…and then it hit me…as plain as the nose on my face, or, should I say his!!! I don’t like his new nose!!!! He probably had just gotten it done, cuz he had a lot of make up on to hide the bruising I’m sure!!! I DO NOT LIKE HIS NEW NOSE!!! I’m so disappointed in him, and it has altered my opinion of him, a little.

  15. I am extremely happy for both Shawn and Kaitlyn. From the get go I was team Shawn. I couldn’t really stand Nick in Andi’s season so when I saw him on Kaitlyn’s, I was not happy. I don’t doubt that he had feelings for her and that she had feelings for him, but they were no where near as strong as her feelings for Shawn. If Nick and Kaitlyn were meant to be together, they WOULD BE TOGETHER. I think she liked the idea that she knew Nick beforehand and had already established a deep friendship with him, making it easy for her to fall for him even more. But if you watch last few episodes, especially when Nick met her family, Kaitlyn didn’t seem convinced that he was the one. Also, when MULTIPLE people from MULTIPLE seasons have something negative to say about someone, it usually means that person isn’t who you think they are. Do I think Kaitlyn should have stopped Nick during his proposal speech sooner? Yeah, I do. But we don’t know what she was thinking at that time. Until you put yourself in that situation, you don’t have the right to judge someone. As for her sleeping with Nick, people who date non-exclusively do it ALL THE TIME. She was in the moment with him and was feeling things for him and she thought that taking it to the next level was the right step for them. However, when you wake up and you are thinking about someone else besides the one next to you, that means your heart isn’t with that person. Lust and Love are two completely different things but can also seem very similar to a person. As for her poking fun at Nick about the ring toss? I would have done the same thing. He looked like a child doing that. But again, I’ve never been in that kind of situation, so I don’t know how I would handle it either. All I can say is that everything happens for a reason and I sincerely hope Kaitlyn and Shawn beat the odds and live happily ever after. They are probably my favorite Bachelorette couple to date. Congratulations to you both and I hope your love for each other never runs out!

    1. Making fun from somebody who got heartbroken its not classy.Shawn got the girl and still talking about Nick on national tv.A lot of people who did interview with Shawn and Kaitlyn were very disippointet with their behavior toward Nick.I can tell you ,if Kaitlyn will pick Nick over Shawn,he will probably act even worst then Nick. .Nick said in interview that he toss this ring to the producers,who was filming him in the limo.

    2. Shawn and Kaitlyn are happy, they have each other and they made it through a tough season, making fun of a man at his worst and in pain is just a horrible thing to do. really inhuman. It was completely unnecessary especially since they both made peace with him at the ATFR segment. That was wrong.

  16. I agree with previous comments – it was disappointing to hear Kaitlyn and Shawn poking fun at Nick throughout their media tour. Juvenile, tacky and so unnecessary. You’d think they’d rather spend time talking about their relationship and what their future holds. It goes back to the old adage: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  17. I don’t believe there relationship will last as she’s too flirty and he’s too jealous. I didn’t like Nick, but to poke fun of him is wrong and childish

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