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Sneak Peek at My New Place

Hi guys, I’ve been so busy moving into my new place and it has turned out to be a pretty slow process. Even though it’s a new home, I have all sorts of ideas for improvements I want to make. I want to do a built-in office just outside of the kitchen and I have maple cabinets but want white ones (although it seems silly to replace new cabinets doesn’t it?).

I just did some landscaping and got the patio ready for fall, but I am already SO excited for spring and it’s not even winter yet! My current big projects are painting stripes in the entryway (thank God for my dad) and finally getting my closet sorted out because I am STILL living out of boxes!

Decorating-wise I haven’t done much but this little vignette, but its already starting to feel like home.


One thing I’m absolutely LOVING is how close I am to my family now. My parents are over daily, I see my cousins almost every day and Granny comes over for coffee on Fridays and stays till mid-afternoon- it’s just awesome! When you are in need of DC plumbing services, Call Jiffy.

No matter what it looks like, home is where the heart is! 🙂

What home improvement projects are on your agenda right now?


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