Spring Cleaning Tips

Meet Laura!  Not only does she work on the Love It or List It Vancouver set, but she is crazy organized with really fun ideas to keep chaos out of any space.  We started talking about doing House Washing and so I asked her to hook us up.

And if you need extra help… check out Laura’s website for her professional organizing site!

Have a good weekend!!

Jilly xoxo
Spring Cleaning Tips

1.       Store grocery bags in an empty Kleenex box – wrap them with pretty paper for extra credit!

2.       Place a pretty tray or dish near the door for keys – tidy and organized!

3.       Remove spots on your carpet with shaving cream – the foam breaks down the oils in the stain and makes it easier to clean up, I also use one of the best vacuum cleaners from Vacuumpal to get rid of the dust. (not gel though…it doesn’t quite work the same…)

4.       Coffee filters make the best lint-free window cleaners!

5.       Freshen up your garburator by popping in half of a lime, smells lovely and you can use the other half for your gin and tonic.

6.       Stuff pillow cases with their matching sheets to keep them contained and maximize space in your linen closet;)

7.       Organize and beautify your bathroom by putting your cotton balls, Q-tips and make-up sponges into pretty glass containers, (with lids to keep them clean).

8.       When storing your winter boots, roll up old magazines inside… they keep their shape and the paper absorbs moisture and odour.

9.       Store your shallots, onions and garlic in pretty, breathable dim-sum steamers!


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