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Spring Skin Must Haves

Winter is behind us and with it, the dry flakey skin. Having fresh, soft, healthy skin ALL over the body (not just the face) is important to me. During the changing of the seasons is the most important time to take care of it. Coming into spring the weather is getting nicer and the clothing a little bit more revealing. You want to feel CONFIDENT wearing your first dress of the season … not scared to show off your winter skin legs!!! Right!?

Two of my main staples that I reach for every season are a body exfoliator polish and a repair cream. I use the exfoliator and polish to scrub all of the dry skin off and get the blood circulating again. It buffs away all of the imperfections and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth!!! Then I use the ultra repair cream to intensely hydrate¬†the skin that hasn’t received as much love as it needs all winter because it’s been hidden!! I’ve rounded up must haves for you below that are easy to shop in store or online from Sephora ….
Sephora Spring Skin Must Haves Sephora Spring Skin Must HavesSephora Spring Skin Must Haves Sephora Spring Skin Must Haves Sephora Spring Skin Must Havesspring skin

1. Body Polish | 2. Ultra Repair Cream | 3. Body Oil | 4. Body Butter | 5. Grape Water Spray | 6. Firming Body Butter | 7. Coconut Oil Body Polish | 8. Charcoal Scrubber | 9. Brazilian Bumbum Cream


What are your spring skin secrets?!?! Do you have any favourite products?? Let me know in the comments below …



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  1. I love Fresh Age Delay eye cream from Sephora in the winter, Sisley (Holts) gommage to exfoliate, Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask, Caudalie Premier Cru cream with John Masters Pomegranate Oil (Whole Foods)….If you haven’t tried that Oil, you are in for a little piece of heaven!

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